"Whoever catches is the end of it!"

"Don't bother me, just promise to embarrass me."

Zhaolin instructed.

"Yes, big brother!"

The two nodded emphatically and responded in unison.

Regardless of Qi Tiezui.

Anyway, the dog's eyes at this moment are extremely hot.

He followed Zhaolin step by step to the present.

From a small village.

Orphans who live in abandoned caves and don't even know whether they will live until next year!

So far, take the entire Qinggangshan as a territory!

Even, the nine doors that I didn't dare to think about before.

To do things at the moment, you have to worry about your own face.

Especially the eighth master of the nine gates, Qi Tiezui, such a character, actually called himself a brother and brother!


The dog knows it in his heart.

All this is led by the eldest brother!

Looking at Qinggangshan getting better and better, this is happier than the dog egg marrying his daughter-in-law!

"Put your hat on."

"Go ahead....."

Zhaolin called dozens of dead soldiers to follow.

Pulled the dog's beveled hat that has remained unchanged for ten thousand years.

Then he went back to his room.

"System, give me an assessment!"

Finding a chair and sitting down, Zhaolin took out the artifact in the whistle coffin, and called the system with a thought.

[Ding, valuation begins.......].

[The bronze sword of the Three Emperors belongs to the XX Dynasty antiques and can be directly exchanged for 10,000 silver dollars].

[Qingming Sword belongs to the XX Dynasty antique, which can be directly exchanged for 10,000 silver dollars].

[The Night Pearl belongs to the XX Dynasty Antique and can be directly exchanged for 20,000 silver dollars].


[Two bronze swords, one night pearl after evaluation, a total of 40,000 silver dollars can be discounted].

【Personal account balance 340,000 silver dollars】


As the system sound falls.

Zhaolin calmly looked at the [Medicine] column!

Today, Mao Zombie made him realize.

Their own three-dimensional properties, really... It's rubbish!

It is no exaggeration.

Finally, Mao Zombie slapped that slap.

If it weren't for the embroidered shoes to resist themselves.

Zhaolin will definitely not survive!

Thinking of this, his gaze gradually cooled.

He wants to surpass the nine gates and create a force that no one can match.

That will definitely be a lot of fights in the future!

The rice dumplings and all kinds of demons and monsters will only get stronger and stronger.


It is imperative that you bring yourself up in three dimensions!

to keep yourself safe.

Without thinking much, Zhaolin looked at the potion.

[Power Potion]: Allows the user to increase strength by 5 points. Purchases are payable at $10,000

[Stamina Potion]: It can increase the user's stamina by 5 points. The purchase costs 14,000 silver dollars

[Agility Potion]: Allows users to increase agility by 5 points. The purchase costs 16,000 silver dollars

"How did it get more expensive?"

Look at the price of the potion above.

Zhaolin couldn't help but frown.

When I bought it myself, there were no more than 10,000 potions of all kinds!

But now it's more than 10,000.

The agility potion is as high as 16,000!

Lying groove, this is too expensive!

【Ding, there is a discount for the first purchase. 】

Perhaps hearing Zhaolin's doubts, the system automatically answered.

"Okay, let's buy two each!"

[Purchase successful, a total of 80,000 silver dollars].

【Personal account balance: 260,000 silver dollars】

After getting the potion, Zhaolin immediately withdrew from the system store.

Had an experience.

This time, Zhaolin quickly injected all six potions into his body.

In an instant, the blood boiled.

The furious potion continued to wash over Zhaolin's body.

Zhaolin closed his eyes and carefully felt the changes in his body.

As the three-dimensional improvement of the body.

The longer Zhaolin needs to digest!

This time, a total of six potions, directly let him dry until noon!

Wait until you open your eyes again.

At this moment, earth-shaking changes have taken place in Zhaolin's body!

Most obviously.

The whole body becomes extremely light.

And the body seems to have endless strength!

"The system opens the personal panel!" Zhaolin called out inwardly.

Then a translucent yellow panel came to mind.


[Age: 19 years old].

[Power: 25].

[Stamina: 20].

[Agility: 20].

[Personal Warehouse: Desert Eagle, Thermal Imaging Drone X4, Unlimited Bullet akX999+].


Looking at the three-dimensional attribute, Zhaolin nodded with satisfaction.

If that furry zombie was still alive last night.

Now he can guarantee the bottom with his five or five, or stabilize the pressure!

Just as Zhaolin admired the three dimensions.

The door was suddenly pushed open.

Then the dog, covered in blood, rushed in.

"Big brother..."


"The water locust is so eye-catching, dare to compete with them!"



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