Inside the Qinggang cottage.

"Big brother."

"The list of statistics has been made."

"Wang Ba shell has a total of 2901 shells, 6109 rifles, 20 field guns, and 8 boxes of grenades."

"In addition, we also found thirty pairs of porcelain, gold and silver jewelry in Zhao Laoer's basement, ten chests of gold and silver jewelry..."

"Qi Tiezui valued the gold and silver of these porcelains, which amounted to more than 700,000 silver yuan."

"He doesn't know how to do these rifles, and he doesn't know how much money he can estimate!"

"This is the statistical list."

Saying that, the dog handed over the list in his hand.

He added.

"These things are in the warehouse in the north."


Zhaolin nodded.

Looking at the list full of dengden, he was slightly surprised in his heart.

Don't say it yet.

This Zhao Lao Er has hoarded a lot of assets!

There are more than 700,000 silver dollars in gold and silver porcelain alone!

And so many guns ....

These assets are almost three times as many as Yue Qiluo's tomb!

Good fellow, when bandits earn so much money ?!

Zhaolin couldn't help but sigh in his heart.

But he also knows.

Now we are approaching the end of the year.

These gold and silver should be prepared to pay tribute to the little devil!

But who would have thought that Zhao Lao Er had been preparing hard for a year.

Didn't wait for the little devil.

Instead, it cheapened itself!


Zhaolin didn't think much about it.

And then go to the north warehouse to check.

I have to say that the dog egg is still very talented in cleaning the battlefield.

All kinds of things are sorted and neatly arranged in the warehouse.

Especially fragile items such as porcelain.

Each is carefully wrapped in a thick layer of plastic paper.

"Nice job!"

Zhaolin looked around and praised: "By the way, have the remaining bandits in this village been cleaned up?" "

"It's all clean."

"The dead man cooperated with the thermal imaging drone and turned the entire village upside down."

"It can be said that within a radius of three miles, there is not a single living creature except for our own people!"

"And, according to your meaning, eldest brother, most of the earthen houses and wooden gates in this village have been destroyed."

"Only a few warehouses, kitchens, and places for us to live!"

Speaking of this, the dog paused for a moment.

I saw him scratching his head and saying, "Big brother." "

"I just sent two hundred dead soldiers to the back mountain to hunt some prey."

"For today's dinner!"


Zhaolin looked at the dog with some surprise.

"You guy is quite thoughtful, even thinking about dinner?"


Zhaolin patted the dog's shoulder.

I couldn't help but look at the ruined village that had been bombed by drones.

He weighed it up and spoke again to the dog:

"Wait for tomorrow, you and Qi Tiezui bring some people."

"Go to Changsha City and find more carpenters and bricklayers."

"Let them rebuild the cottage."

"Remember to build a few more large warehouses."

"Aim for completion within a month!"

"Also remember, the materials are all good."

"Qi Tiezui, he is not bad at money!"

"Qi Tiezui..." The dog's face showed a dazed look.

But as if realizing something, the familiar treacherous smile resurfaced.

"Big brother, I understand what you mean."

"Okay, just get it, you go first!" Zhaolin smiled and spread the dog's egg apart.

Then, look at the warehouse and wave your hand.

The warehouse, which was originally filled with gold and silver porcelain, was emptied in an instant.

Immediately after, Zhaolin moved his heart and said: "System, all valuation!" "

[Ding, valuation begins.......].

[The white-glazed pan pot belongs to the XX dynasty antiques and can be directly exchanged for 32,000 silver dollars].

[Carved night tour chibi cup belongs to the XX dynasty antique, can be directly exchanged for 59,000 silver dollars].

[The white porcelain phoenix head bottle belongs to the XX Dynasty antiques and can be directly exchanged for 80,000 silver dollars].

[Double hook deformation dragon pattern jade belongs to the XX Dynasty antique, can be directly exchanged for 110,000 silver dollars].

[Several rifles, statistics can be exchanged for 250,000 silver dollars].


[40 antiques, gold, silver, weapons after some assessment, a total of 1.05 million silver dollars]

"1.05 million?"

Zhaolin shook violently.

Although he had already prepared mentally!

You can wait for the system to be evaluated.

Zhaolin was still shocked fiercely!

This has completely exceeded his original expectations!

But then again...

One bandit leader has 1.05 million assets.


Let the water locusts killed by Chen Pi, will there be more?!

After all, the current water locust is the fourth master of the Nine Gates!

Come to think of it, this guy is only a lot more than Zhao Laoer!

"It seems that it is necessary to follow up on the matter of Chen Pi."

Zhaolin thought so.

The assets of the water locust, he is bound to get.

Naturally, no one else will pick peaches.

Then he said in a deep voice: "The system redeems all of these." "

[Ding, the exchange is successful, and the account balance is 1.05 million silver dollars].

[Ding, congratulations to the host, complete the achievement of depositing millions, the system rewards the lottery once].

"Another draw?"

Zhaolin frowned slightly.

He found that this lottery page was completely different from the previous one.

Moreover, the contents of the prize pool have changed a lot!

Put it most bluntly.

Prizes for this draw.

Totally crush last time!

It seems that the rules of the lottery are 100,000, million, 10 million......

And the more you reward, the better!

"System lottery!"

[Ding, the lottery is over, congratulations to the host for drawing 100,000 AKs, as well as unlimited bullets].

[Note: 100,000 AKs with unlimited bullets have been put into the host's backpack].



Look at the system pop-up congratulatory words.

Zhaolin was dumbfounded!

The brain went blank.

Compared to 1 million silver dollars.

These 100,000 AKs with unlimited bullets.

The shock and value is incomparable!

After all, just one unlimited bullet is enough to completely kill 1 million silver dollars in seconds!


Slow down the god's Zhaolin, strike while the iron is hot, and set your eyes on the dead man again.

Now, the Qinggang cottage has been beaten.

But the village with few buildings is like a large stadium.

300 of their own dead soldiers, put here.

It's just too little!

It gives the feeling of being vast and sparsely populated.

So Zhaolin is ready to buy another 700.

Make up a 1000 integer!

After a while, 700 dead men were successfully purchased.

Subsequently, Zhaolin bought anti-terrorist combat uniforms and jungle daggers one after another....

After the discount, a total of 750,000 yuan was spent.

Personal accounts were again sharply reduced to 300,000 silver dollars.

Looking at the decrease in the amount of money in the account, Zhaolin did not feel much distressed.

As for the remaining 300,000.

He is not ready to spend now.

After all, he now has 1,000 people under him.

Don't save some money just in case, it's really not okay!

After doing all this.

Zhaolin exited the mall satisfied.

Just when the order was given to let the newly bought 700 dead men go to Qinggang Mountain.

Suddenly there was a hurried voice of a dog behind him.

"Big brother..."

"Just now the dead man caught two sneaky people in the back mountain."

"I originally wanted to kill directly."

"But one of them said that his name is Zhang Qishan and he must see you."

Zhang Qishan?

Zhaolin frowned and muttered.

I always feel that this name is very familiar.

Lying groove, isn't this Zhang Dafoye?

"What's going on? The dead man tied up the Buddha?! "


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