Ignoring his little brother, Zhaolin opened the system store.

A dazzling array of firearms.

Even, the Sky Bird Mothership appeared at the top, as well as various genetic enhancement potions!

Just for this price....

Zhaolin glanced at it a few times, and then decisively crossed out.

Can't afford it!

With 500 texts in his hand, he can't even afford the cheapest submachine gun!

However, this time opening the system store, Zhaolin also noticed a rule.

If you want to buy something in the store in the future, you can buy it using antiques in addition to gold and silver money.

As for the value of antiques, they need to be automatically assessed by the system so that they can be directly exchanged for coins.

In other words, as long as any one of the old nine gates is caught.

Your own path to empire is just around the corner!

Without much thought, Zhaolin clicked on the list of pistols.

Now he only has 500 texts all over his body, and the whole list, the pistol piece, is lit!

Soon, Zhaolin saw a Beretta M92F pistol at the bottom.

Of course, Zhaolin who is a master of firearms knows this.

Its advantages, high shooting accuracy, good gun maintenance and low failure rate, magazine capacity of up to 15 rounds!

All the advantages that a pistol should have have have already been met.

Moreover, the first purchase only needs 300 yuan!

I glanced at the expectant gaze of the dog beside him.

Zhaolin finally clicked pay.

[Ding, between the first consumption of the host, the gun crit triggers X5].

[The host gets a total of 5, Beretta M92F pistols].

Hearing the mechanical sound of the system in his ears, Zhaolin was ecstatic in his heart!

Originally, I was still worried, I had five younger brothers, but I could only buy one.

But who knows, this problem system will be solved!

Not bad!

Zhaolin, who was full of joy, finally bought another 100 wen bullets.

After all, their own Desert Eagle is an unlimited magazine, but these five Beretta M92F pistols are not.

After doing all this, Zhaolin withdrew from the system with only 100 texts left.

Then, in front of everyone, as if by trick, he directly took out five black pistols.

"No, one for each of you, these are matching bullets."

"In addition, these five pistols were credited by me with a person in advance, and the 500 wen I received today may not be divided equally!"

Zhaolin spread the pistol on the table and did not tell everyone about his system.

"Big brother, what are you talking about?"

"That 500 Wen, we didn't think about the equal division, everyone is orphaned, how much do you usually take care of us, can we not know?"

"If you talk about money in the future, then you won't treat us as brothers!"

This time, the rare lack of flattery on the dog's face was gone, but he said righteously.

The same goes for the other four.

Looking at the serious expressions on everyone's faces, Zhaolin did not speak, but just took out the instructions for use.

After letting the five of them study, they walked out of the house alone.

In these turbulent times, there were many orphans in Zhaojia Village.

Zhaolin and the dog egg four are the best ones to play since childhood.

It can be said that eating, drinking, and Lasa are all together, and even sleeping in the same cave every day.

Although Zhaolin has crossed over, this love can really be felt.

Today, all five have pistols.

In this day and age, it can be regarded as having some self-preservation capabilities.

However, Zhaolin was not very happy.

Because he has seen the old nine gates, he knows that the little devils who lose their humanity in the future will definitely invade here.

At that time......

With just a few pistols, it is estimated that he will not survive the next day.

Although there is a system, Zhaolin has infinite possibilities.

But to put it bluntly, in this poor and white Zhaojia village, when he rises, the little devil's gun head is on the head!

"No, continue to stay in Zhaojia Village, myself and the four of the dog will definitely not end well."

"You have to go out and accumulate money quickly!"

"Even if you encounter danger outside, it's better than waiting for death slowly!"

At this moment, Zhaolin made up his mind.

Originally, he wanted to go out when he had a machine gun or submachine gun in his hand.

But now, when he thought of the little devil, the sense of crisis in Zhaolin's heart rose.

After making up his mind, Zhaolin returned to the cave.

"Dog, you guys can use guns, right?"

"Yes, just open a safety bolt, and then pull the trigger."

"It's not difficult, but it may not be accurate." The dog scratched his head with a smile.

"Okay, just shoot."

"Tonight, everyone go to bed early. Tomorrow, let's go to Changsha City, and the eldest brother will take you to make a name for yourself! Zhaolin said in a deep voice.



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