Huo Sanniang was anxious and angry, and her body seemed to tremble slightly with anger.

She couldn't have imagined it anyway.

The other party is just meeting him for the first time, and he will ask himself so impolitely!!

Moreover, Zhaolin's naked eyes are too bold!

What did he take himself for?

"Our Huo family is not without men!"

"But the family is a matrilineal clan, and the status of women is dominant."

"Are you satisfied with this answer?"

Huo Sanniang said word by word, and then, don't go overboard, try to restrain your anger in your heart.

"Very satisfied!" Zhaolin pouted, but said with some pity: "What a family, the future is bright, but because of this, it hurts..."

In fact, really speaking, Changsha Nine Gates is still the largest territory of the Huo family.

Moreover, the number of people in the Huo family is also the largest!!

With the advantage of numbers, accumulated over time, the wealth of the Huo family is endless.

But it is such a rich and large family, but it can only rank seventh in the nine gates!

And this ranking........ It's only a little higher than Qi Tiezui's bachelor!

It's really embarrassing.

However, this ranking is also inevitable.

Because the Huo family has always been a matrilineal clan, they have found another way in terms of inverted fighting.

This family only raises women.

Moreover, women have not slept in beds since childhood, but just find a stick to hang upside down on it to sleep.

This is also to better exercise body flexibility.

In this way, you can move freely through the tomb, regardless of the size of the opening.

Of course, because of the physical structure, men cannot practice.

Over time, men can't fight, can't earn money, and their status is getting lower and lower.

In this era of chaos, no matter how big the family is, if they are all female stewards, it is not enough to see!

Therefore, the Huo family was photographed in Lao Qi, which can only be said to be expected.


Looking at Huo Sanniang's figure, Zhaolin seemed to have thought of something and spoke again: "Kindly remind you." "

"The Huo family is quite good in this position now."

"Don't think about what you have."

"Be careful, lose all your property."

"Also, collect your ambitions."

"Only when you match your own ability is you worthy of ambition."

As Zhaolin's words fell, the expression on Huo Sanniang's face became extremely wonderful.

"What do you mean by that?"

"It's not interesting, a few words of advice." Saying that, Zhaolin ignored Huo Sanniang.

According to the original work, Huo Sanniang only ranked seventh precisely because she was unwilling.

I want to take the family to the next level.

So that you are blinded by ambition and do things that you regret.

In the end, he stepped down from the position of the Huo family as a family member to end all this.

Of course, Zhaolin gave her advice, and there was no other meaning.

It's just that compared to the next family master, Huo Sanniang's big leek is better cut!

Seeing that Zhaolin did not continue to take care of himself.

Huo Sanniang hesitated, then did not ask again.

I don't know why, Huo Sanniang always felt that she had no privacy in front of Zhaolin.

Especially those few words of advice.

It seems to be said in my own heart!

"No, I have to find a time to talk to Zhaolin properly."

"He must know something!"

A fine light crossed Huo Sanniang's eyes.

And Zhaolin on this side did not pay attention to Huo Sanniang, but looked at Chen Pi with interest.

At this moment, a better solution came to his mind!

"February Hong, you apprentice has to take good care of it!"

"I didn't take the initiative to provoke him, but he came to rob me."


Seeing that Zhaolin gave the steps, February Hong immediately said that he would take good care of the tangerine peel!

In fact, there is no need for Zhaolin to say, he will take care of it!

After all, this apprentice of his own is too uncomfortable!

Moreover, it seems that since accepting Chen Pi as a closed disciple!

February Hong felt like she was cursed!

The thief is unlucky.

First, the girl was inexplicably sick.

And then he was asked by Zhaolin to take ten high-quality goods!

So much so that now I can't deal with customers!

And all this, thinking about it, seems to have the figure of Chen Pi!

Just as February Hong recalled the unfortunate things she had encountered in the past few days.

Zhaolin spoke again: "I'm not an unreasonable person. "

"This time Chen Pi robbed me first, I want a compensation that is not too much."

"Not too much!" February Red said categorically.

In fact, from the very beginning, his heart was ready to bleed!

After all, it's not the first time I've dealt with Zhaolin!

"Hmm." Zhaolin nodded in satisfaction and then said, "So Chen Pi, you went to kill the fourth master of the Nine Gates-Water Locust." "

"Then give me all the assets of the water locust."

"What about the two of you, write it off!"

Killing water locusts?

February Hong muttered, and her face was full of shock after reacting: "What? "

"You let him kill the water locust?"


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