[Ding, after the system evaluation is completed, the jade necklace belongs to the Tang Dynasty antiques and can be directly exchanged for 6,000 silver yuan].

[Note: In view of the host's initial exchange, an additional 10,000 silver dollars will be given].

A mechanical sound of the system sounded in my ears.

Zhaolin was a little stunned: "A jade necklace is worth so much?" "

"What if.."

"When I find the ghost seal and the snake-eyed copper fish in Chen Pi's hand, how much will it be worth?"

Zhaolin's thoughts turned quickly, and at the same time, his eyes also glowed green.

These things, but all of them are money!!

And as the most precious thing in tomb robbery, they are definitely worth a lot of money!

However, the current Chen Pi has not learned the real inverted fighting skills from February Hong!

That snake-eyed copper fish should not be on him yet.

"Forget it, don't rush first."

"When the time comes, pit him again, can't you just take it?!"

Zhaolin pondered, and then set his eyes on the account balance.

It impressively shows 16,000 silver dollars.

"Get rich!" Without saying a word, Zhaolin immediately purchased all three potions.

[Ding, buy three bottles of potions, spend a total of 15,000 silver dollars].

【Account balance 1000 silver dollars】

After exiting the system store, Zhaolin clutched three bottles of syringes similar to those of a hospital.

"This thing is an attribute-boosting potion?"

Zhaolin looked at the flowery green potion in his hand and sighed secretly in his heart.

He knows by introducing it above.

Blue potions correspond to strength, yellow corresponds to physical strength, and green corresponds to agility.

"Big brother, what are you holding in your hand!"

At this time, the dog egg came over suspiciously, looking at him obviously very curious about the potion.

"Recently, my body has been a little weak, get an injection!" Zhaolin said indifferently.

Then, he picked up the blue needle in the three and plunged it straight into his thigh.

As the elixir slowly entered the body, Zhaolin closed his eyes and carefully felt the changes in his body.

Slowly, a warm current flowed to the limbs.

At this moment, his hands involuntarily clenched, and his entire body seemed to have endless power.

Feeling the changes in his body, Zhaolin struck while the iron was hot, and punched the remaining two potions into his body.

"The system opens the personal panel!" Zhaolin called out inwardly.

Then a translucent yellow panel came to mind.


[Age: 19 years old].

[Power: 15].

[Stamina: 10].

[Agility: 10].

(The adult three-dimensional attribute is 5).

[Personal Warehouse: Desert Eagle Semi-Automatic Pistol].


"Not bad, physical strength and agility are directly twice as high as adults!"

"Especially the strength is 15!"

Zhaolin looked at the panel and couldn't help but sigh.

"My current self, if I am detained by Chen Pi again, it should be easy to get open, right?!"

"No, he wants to hold himself back, it's not so easy to do!!"

Changsha City, Hongfu.

"Master, did Senior Lady tell you anything today?"

Chen Pi carried the tea, with a little apprehension and uneasiness on his face, and walked into the study.

"Didn't say anything."

February Hong took the teacup casually, and now he is still having a headache for several people in Zhaolin, and he has not noticed the abnormality on his apprentice's face.

"Oh yes..."

"Chen Pi, you have been running to the Fengxian Tower more recently, and check the details of those six people."

"But remember, don't let those six people notice you."

"Master Wei is really not sure of the identities of the six people now, and he currently does not know how to get along with them if there is a conflict with them."

When he said this, February Hong's brows were still tense.

Apparently, he had a headache about this!!

"Tangerine peel... Chen Pi...."Even shouted twice, but his apprentice did not respond.

February Hong looked up, only then did he notice the apprehension on the latter's face.

"Chen Pi, are you hiding something from me?"

"Master..." After hesitating for a long time, Chen Pi seemed to have made up his mind, and said, "Those six people took the initiative to find me today. "

"And then?" February Hong frowned.

For some reason, he felt that this thing was not simple!

Chen Pi hesitated, and finally concealed his knowledge of Zhaolin and directly said the girl's condition.

"The person at the head is called Zhaolin, and he said that Shi Niang didn't have a wind chill."

"It's infected with a virus, which can be fatal..."



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