"What did I kid you?"

Zhaolin turned his head to look at Chen Pi puzzled.

But at this moment, Chen Pi was like a crazy bull, rushing over and pinning Zhaolin against the wall.

It all happened between calcium carbide sparks, and Zhaolin didn't even know what was wrong!

After the dog egg was initially stunned, after reacting, he quickly stepped forward to pull Chen Pi away.

But the latter is like a big mountain, the five dog eggs used all their strength to breastfeed, and they were stunned and did not pull away!

In a hurry, the dog pulled out a gun and put it on Chen Pi's temple: "Special, let go of labor and management!" "

But Chen Pi didn't seem to hear it, and ignored the other party.

"Zhaolin, you put away the jade necklace but didn't do anything?"

"What kind of disease does my senior lady have?!"

"Also, why did you wait for me to scrape together enough goods for you before you could take out the medicine?"

"My senior lady is here, what if something happens?!"

Chen Pi's eyes were scarlet, and his whole body trembled because of the excitement.

Especially those hands that are like crab tongs, they can't move like they are welded to Zhaolin's body!

The latter struggled hard, but let alone break free, there was not even a hint of loosening!

Seeing that the other party's emotions were getting more and more excited, Zhaolin took a deep breath, adjusted his mentality and cursed:

"Are you a fool?"

"The medicine to save your senior lady doesn't need to be bought, the northwest wind can blow, right?"

"Also, didn't I say that your senior wife is not sick, but infected with the virus?"

"You don't want to get high-end goods and let me buy medicine now, but instead have a temper tantrum with me?!"

"Labor and management are used to you?"

Listening to Zhao Lin's angry scolding in his ears, Chen Pi slowly calmed down.

Squeezed Zhaolin's hand, and at this moment it was also much relieved.

After pushing away the tangerine peel, Zhaolin directly gave him a punch: "Ten high-quality goods for medicine!" And don't question whether I'm pitting you. "

"If you want to believe it, you can believe it, if you don't believe it, you can take it directly!" 01

"Don't make it, labor and management are particularly rare for your jade necklace?"

Zhaolin also had a temper at this moment, and without saying a word, he directly threw the necklace to Chen Pi.

"I..." Looking at the necklace in his hand, Chen Pi completely calmed down.

Yes, whoever buys medicine must not spend money.

Zhaolin first asked for high goods with himself, which is fine.

Moreover, he did say that Shi Niang was infected with the virus....

Hey, why was I so confused just now!

After figuring it out, Chen Pi couldn't wait to slap himself.

Originally, five high-priced goods became ten, didn't this make trouble for yourself?!

However, regretting it now is useless.

Chen Pi did not hesitate, decisively lowered his head and said sincerely

"Shobayashi... I'm sorry. "

"Ten pieces of high goods, I will definitely give you as soon as I get off the fight."

After speaking, he handed over the jade necklace in his hand.

Zhaolin took the necklace angrily, and then turned away without looking back.


At night, Changsha City Center, Fengxian Building second-floor box.

"Big brother, that kid from Chen Pi is weird! Why is it so strong? "

"The five of us can't pull him!"

As he spoke, the dog's face was full of shock, apparently not yet recovering from what had just happened.

And here, Zhaolin, who was playing with the jade necklace, couldn't help but frown after hearing it.

Indeed, the power that Chen Pi had just erupted was not at all something that normal people could burst out.

It's like a special gene mutant....

Zhaolin was silent, but when he thought about it, he was abrupt.

Chen Pi is one of the combat power ceilings of the Nine Gates!

And this is not an ordinary world, it is a tomb robbery world with ghosts like corpse turtles!

Even, the Zhang family can live forever!

In addition, there are nine doors for others who do not have a craft.

In contrast, Chen Pi is more powerful and has better skills, and it seems that there is no problem.

After all, the worldview is like that!

Can....... This is also too much of a blow!

An ordinary person himself, even if he has a gun, but playing with Chen Pi and these people, how can he say that he suffers a loss?

It's like a mage meets an assassin!!

Once you are approached, isn't it just death?

No, you have to mention your three-dimensional properties to the top!

Otherwise, you can't play with the people of the Nine Gates!

Thinking of this, Zhaolin decisively opened the system store.

Click [Other List] and find various attribute-boosting potions on it.

[Power Potion]: Allows the user to increase strength by 5 points. The purchase costs 5000 silver dollars

[Stamina Potion]: It can increase the user's stamina by 5 points. The purchase costs 4000 silver dollars

[Agility Potion]: Allows users to increase agility by 5 points. The purchase costs 6000 silver dollars

"Groove, so expensive??"

Looking at the silver dollars needed to purchase later, Zhaolin had a capital look on his face in shock.

Just when Zhaolin was worried that he couldn't afford it, the sound of the system sounded.

[Ding: The host is detected to hold antiques, which can allow the system to evaluate the offer].


"Could it be this jade necklace?"

Zhaolin glanced at the necklace in his hand, and then directly handed it to the system for evaluation without saying a word.



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