"Hey! Ships ahead! Please wait a minute——! Very politely, the captain of the pirate ship with the pirate flag shouted to the speedboat in front of him.

It's just that...... This pirate ship has blocked the straight course of the speedboat, and it must be politely stopped....

You are the one who stands in my way and blocks my way, why do you say things like "Ship ahead, please wait a minute"?

Ling Yuqi couldn't understand what the other party thought.

Klockdar also didn't understand, but when he saw clearly the pirate flag hanging on the other party's ship, he felt a little familiar and fell into a moment of contemplation.

He was sure that he had definitely seen the banner of this pirate group before....

Just for a while, Klockdar couldn't remember, this

pirate group, what kind of pirate group - the speedboat stopped at the side of the Tesilo pirate ship in a moment, Ling Yuqi in normal conditions, then looked at the pirate ship, the old man who had just spoken up, quite politely asked: "What's wrong?" Uncle.

Without waiting for Tesilo to respond, Klockdar next to Ling Yuqi pouted at Ling Yuqi's words, looking up at the sky with disdain.

When I think of her being in darkness, as if she is sinful and evil, she is not so literate.

If in that state, when encountering such a pirate ship blocking the way, Klockdar was convinced that she would absolutely cut off the ship with a sword like herself, without giving them the slightest chance to explain.

Because Klockdar, who was blackened by magic, thought so in his heart at this time.

But inexplicably, this woman's blackened state faded, her hair and clothes changed, and her personality and breath also changed greatly.

Although she had more emotions than when she was blackened, this breath on her body at this time... Perhaps because of the influence of evil magic, Klockdar did not like it very much, but he could not say that he hated it.

And for Ling Yuqi, who has changed his personality now, he is literate and polite, he is a little scoffing.

But Klockdar did not dare to show it on the surface.

Because he was afraid of being beaten....

Klockdar, who did not know Ling Yuqi's blackening mechanism and the cause of her mood changes, did not want to provoke her at this time.

If you make her angry and you are beaten in vain, it will be uncomfortable....

At least you can't be beaten in front of outsiders, so you are also a person with a head and a face... Wait a minute! Why do I keep thinking about getting beaten? Can't I fight back and beat her?

Although my strength is not as strong as her now, but it is still a long time, and there is not a trace of hope, why is there no idea of resistance?

The influence of this force... Is it so powerful?!

Forcibly change my will... Is...... It's kind of scary——!

Klockdar, who thought of these things for a while, frowned with some headache, and even forgot to think about the identity of the pirate group opposite.

But it is also because he is extremely confident in his strength at this time, and he does not think that this pirate group with only a trace of impression in his mind can turn over what kind of sky.

Ling Yuqi didn't know what was in Klockdal's mind, but when he sensed the breath of the old guy on the other party's pirate ship, the corners of his eyebrows frowned slightly.

And Tesilo, who had white hair, an old face, and looked fifty or sixty, faced the capable and sassy beauty on the speedboat, and asked kindly: "Little girl, you... How did this ship come about? Compared

to the beauty, he felt that the speedboat was more important, not to mention that he couldn't move some crooked thoughts at this time.

As for Tesilo's question, Ling Yuqi pondered for a while

, "This, ah, well... It's a. Still gave a response.

But Tesillo was stunned by this answer.

Prostitutes? Is it the I have in mind?

Ling Yuqi didn't continue to talk about it, she just frowned slightly, looked at Tesilo carefully, and secretly thought about something in her heart.

Tejillo, on the other hand, naturally understood that the other party did not want to talk about it.

Of course, he will not be stupid to think that the other party relies on the speedboat of the prostitute.

So, he turned to ask, "That little girl, can you sell us this ship?" The price is negotiable. "

It doesn't matter if you can't ask for a way out, you can just ask for the body."

That's what Tesilo thought....

As a pirate, he shouldn't have been so talkative.

If you meet something you like, grab it and it's over.

And Tesilo's character is more inclined to rob by force.


The pirates recruited this time are more adventurers who yearn for freedom.

And when recruiting them, Tejillo used the same type of persona.

If he exposed his cruel character, the people on this boat he recruited would have to run away....

Although he also knows that the identity of the group of guys he recruited is actually not simple.

Tesilo boldly guessed that these guys might all be members of the Revolutionary Army.

Although he has been the emperor of Domi Island for so many years, he is not stupid, otherwise the slaves on Domi Island would have been killed by him Huo Huo.

For the sudden appearance of so many local residents who wanted to venture out to sea on an ordinary island on the Great Voyage, Tejillo only felt suspicious.

And on the great route, the only people who can come up with this means are the navy, the world government, and the revolutionary army.

Tejillo knew that the Navy and the World Government would not move themselves for the time being.

So, this group of guys is the game given to them by the revolutionary army -

but because of his confidence in his own strength, Tesilo does not care about this.

Anyway, when Domi Island is recaptured, these guys will become their own slaves.

He also just used these guys to deal with the Whitebeard Pirates and the people who stayed on Domi Island....

As for whether Whitebeard will come to attack him again after he recaptures Domi Island.

Tesilo felt that he wouldn't.

Because Whitebeard is already old ....

In the previous battle, although his strength was not as good as Whitebeard, after all, he was also a hegemon on the sea, and he could clearly feel the weakness of Whitebeard's body.

Compared with the growing aging and weakening of Whitebeard, although Tejillo's strength has declined very seriously over the years, he is still very healthy physically.

Although it was not able to recover to the strongest state it once was, its strength was also restored at this time, enough to face the Whitebeard Pirates, anyone except Whitebeard.

But in his old age, his endurance is not as good as before.

That's why he came to the Great Voyage to recruit a group of cannon fodder to help himself.

At the same time, fill the number of slaves on the island of Domi ....

As for the identity of this group of guys? It doesn't matter.

As long as it is not the navy, not a white-bearded person, it does not matter.

When the time comes, after repelling the people of the Whitebeard Pirates on Domi Island, this group of guys will only have one identity, that is...


Now, Tegelo should actually drive the boat to the New World as fast as possible, and should not stop because of anything in the way.

Because, more than ten years of arrogance and domineering, even if you forcibly disguise, the breath on your body is difficult to hide.

Obviously smiling kindly, but always making people feel inexplicably disgusted....

But he really couldn't ignore this speeding boat.

After all, Tesilo had not eaten the Devil Fruit and did not reject seawater.

How happy it would be to have such a speedboat and let himself race on the sea -

so he obeyed his desires and stopped the speedboat.

As for the rest of the pirates on board ....

If it were not for the order, the revolutionary army who followed Tesilo would have wanted to leave this pirate ship full of hypocrisy.

And in addition to these revolutionary armies, there are still some ordinary pirates who yearn for freedom, or adventurers....

They were fooled to the ship by Tesilo and Hector in the name of traveling around the world, and by the way, in the name of One Piece.

The purpose of the revolutionary army's trip was to rescue this group of guys who had been coaxed by Tesilo and to rescue the people of Domi Island.

Everyone has ghosts in their hearts, but they all stay safely on the ship for the purpose hidden in their hearts -

although the people on this ship have very different purposes in their hearts, but...

Ling Yuqi and Klockdar on the speedboat didn't know.

Even if you know, you won't care about that.

Regarding Tesilo's purchase of the ship, Ling Yuqi immediately refused: "Not for sale."

Tesilo wanted to continue, but was persuaded by a fishman next to him: "Since she doesn't want to sell, then let's not embarrass people, Captain." "


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