Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 91: I don't know how?

Chapter 91 I don't know what to do?

She is not afraid of the other party's search, only fear that things are too big.

When Gu Ning returned to school, she still had five minutes to go to class. However, from the outside to the classroom, she usually walked on the fifth floor for a minute, so Gu Ning used it directly.

When I rushed into the teaching building, suddenly someone blocked the way. If it wasn't for Gu Ning, it would have hit it.

When he saw that he was blocking Qin, the look of Gu Ning immediately gave birth to dissatisfaction. He was about to leave when he was around.

"Gu Ning, can we talk?" Qin Hao hurriedly called.

Gu Ning didn't return his text message on Friday. He didn't send it again, but his heart was still inexplicably worried about her. So after all, I couldn’t help it. On Saturday, I sent a text message to Gu Ning again.

The results can be imagined, but still did not get a reply.

Later, Qin Yu directly called Gu Ning's phone. Only then did he know that Gu Ning had blacklisted his phone, and he was so angry that he didn't know what to do, and then decided to ignore it.

By Monday, he did not see Gu Ning, he wanted to ask Mu Ke, but he was embarrassed to ask.

This morning, I heard Gu Ning said that Gu Ning had threatened her mother in the mall yesterday, and that she had just seen Gu Ning’s going to school.

"We have nothing to talk about," Gu Ningping said in a waveless way, it is necessary to bypass the Qin dynasty, but it was blocked again by Qin 峥.

Gu Ning's indifference made Qin couldn't help but anger, with a bit of anger saying: "Gu Ning, you don't want to be so ignorant, I just heard that you were driven out of the old house and want to help you."

"I don't know how to help me, help me?" Gu Ning laughed when he heard this, but he smiled very ironically and looked at him contemptuously. "Hey, Qin, do you tell you that you are conceited, and Also conceited to the right and wrong."

"You······" was so humiliated by Gu Ning, Qin Hao suddenly became angry.

He clearly wants to help her because of her kindness, but she says she is conceited.

Obviously, Qin has not understood Gu Ning's words.

"Excuse me, why don't I know what to do? Just because I have nothing to say to you? And, where do I need your help? To help someone who doesn't need your help, and to say that others don't know how to be good, don't you think Is it very inexplicable? If you are sick, remember to treat it early, so as not to get sick, and you can't cure it again." Gu Ning is also not polite, directly humiliating.

"Gu Ning, you······" Qin Hao was so angry that his entire face was red, and his eyes burned with anger.

"I will provoke me again, I will be rude to you." Gu Ning threatened, and then directly bypassed the Qin dynasty, and left.

Qin Lan wanted to continue to argue with Gu Ning, but when he heard the threat of Gu Ning, Qin Yu could no longer speak because he was indeed threatened.

At the same time of jealousy, the heart also gave birth to a strong sense of shame, so that he could not wait for the lesson to teach Gu Ning to vent his anger.

But at the same time, he did not want her to do something, it was a tangled emotion.

In the stairs, Gu Yuzheng was chewing on her teeth and looked at her with all her eyes.

Obviously, she saw and heard her conversation with Qin.

Gu Ning didn't pay any attention to her, but when she passed, she showed her a provocative look.

When Gu Yu saw it, he couldn't wait to tear her up, of course, just thinking about it, but because the reason is still there, knowing Gu Ning's power, he dare not go forward.

However, why? Why? Qin Lan actually said to help Gu Ning, he is now her Gu Kai's boyfriend!

Did Qin Hao like her because of Gu Ning's changes?

No, it is impossible.

What if Gu Ning has some changes? Isn't she a poor woman? How can not match Qin Qin.

Qin Lan turned and just saw an angry Gu Yu, and his heart screamed badly. He hurried forward and explained to her: "Hey, don't think too much, I just feel embarrassed about the previous things, so I just want to help her. And nothing else."

"But she is already okay!" Gu Yu retorted, this is not questioning Qin Yu, but just dissatisfied with Qin Yu to help Gu Ning.

"She is already fine, but things are like this. After all, it is caused by us. You know, I am not the kind of cold-blooded person. For you, I have done something against my conscience. Do you still believe me? Your true heart?" Qin Yu said with a grandiose voice, but also a pair of deep feelings for Gu Yu.

Qin Lan said that Gu Yu was so good, but he was still not convinced: "I will not talk to her again in the future, and she will not be helped. She was driven out of the old house, and she was taken by herself."

For Gu Yu, Gu Ning is self-defeating, because she is not self-righteous and does not feel that she has anything wrong.

"Well, let's go to class quickly, let's go back to the classroom!" Qin said, and the voice was not easy to perceive, even Qin Qin himself did not notice.

Gu Yu did not say anything, but he was resentful to Gu Ning.


Going home from the next night, Gu Ning did not find out that he was stared by Leng Shaolu.

Although it was a big evening, and one of them was wearing a school uniform, it was very mixed, but Leng Shaolu could still recognize her at first sight.

When I saw that Gu Ning didn’t go to the bus station and didn’t take a taxi, but when I was running, I was afraid of frowning, surprised and confused.

Although I know that Gu Ning is very talented, but on a big night, when a girl runs home, isn’t it just a matter of course?

Leng Shaozhen clearly came to Gu Ning to get back the gun, but inexplicably worried that her safety came, so that she temporarily forgot her purpose, and all the way to act as a flower ambassador, all the way.

It was not until the arrival of Fenghua Haoting that Cold Shaoxie reacted.

She lives in Fenghua Haoting?

Leng Shaoyu wanted to go to Gu Ning to shoot, but she saw her say hello to a middle-aged man, and then went in together.

Leng Shaozhen thinks that it is Gu Ning's father, but no matter who he is, there are people around Gu Ning, he is not good to come forward.

Therefore, I had to follow it first to see where she lived, so it was convenient to find her.

The middle-aged man that Gu Ning met was Jiang Xu, Gu Qing and others wanted to eat fruit, so he came out to buy it. When he was ready to go back, he just happened to meet Gu Ning.

On the road, Jiang Xu and Gu Ning said about the rent. The rent for the rent was set at just 500,000 yuan. He signed it for five years and the rent was paid once a year.

Because the facade is a bit messy, the homeowner needs to do some cleaning, and the rent starts from next Monday.

And now it’s Tuesday, there are still five days.

Now, Jiang Xu still has to do a lot of things, register for the license, contact the manufacturer, shop decoration, employee recruitment and so on.

(End of this chapter)

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