Chapter 81 explains

When I saw the spacious area and the elegant atmosphere inside, everyone was stunned again, and I dared not walk in again, so I did not move in the door.

Although they said that they have not been so spacious, the house is decorated so tall.

Apart from the brand and quality, Gu Qingxiang is also so beautiful, more spacious than this.

However, when they go, they still feel that they can't get enough. Even if I went in, I don’t know where to stand, sitting, it’s like sitting on a needle felt, not comfortable.

If they are not forced to do so, they really do not want to go to Gu Qingxiang's home.

Naturally, they do not welcome them and dislike them.

"My own family, don't be restrained, come in and sit down! I tell you what is going on." After Gu Ning put things down, he went straight to pull Gu Man and Gu Qing and dragged toward the living room.

Gu Qing is still a little bit shackled, Gu Man has been a lot more comfortable, because she knows that this house is Gu Ning to buy, their house, really do not have to be strict.

Although she did not know why Gu Ning bought such a expensive house, Gu Ning explained it immediately, and she did not need to drill the tip of the horn.

Jiang Xu and Jiang Xinyue also grinded and followed.

"Sit down!" Gu Ning greeted, but a few people did not dare to sit, it seems that they are afraid of sitting on the sofa dirty.

"Sit down!" Gu Man was calmly sitting down, and let them sit down together.

A few people sat down, but they were very uncomfortable.

"Yi, my uncle, you can still remember what I said last Sunday. When I have a good time, I will let you live a good life." Gu Ning asked.

Wen Yan, Gu Qing and Jiang Xuyu looked at Gu Ning, and did not respond to what was going on.

Of course, they naturally remember Gu Ning's words, but what is the relationship between them?

Obviously, they did not think that Gu Ning could have a good time in such a short period of time.

Gu Ning said the words of Gu Man before, and listened to Gu Qing’s family of three stunned and stunned, and could not return to God for a long time.

Save people, 10 million, also do jewelry business······

"I said, I have a good time, it will let you live a good life, now I have a good time, so I will let you live a good life. I bought two sets of houses, exactly the same as this set, just the direction It’s not the same, it’s in the right door.”

"This is my and my mother. The opposite is your family. Because I didn't tell you in advance, I didn't get the documents. The procedures have not been done. You will take your account and marriage certificate tomorrow, we will go through the formalities. After that, you can stay directly, they are all finely decorated, you can buy some daily necessities later." Gu Ningdao.

For a long time, for a long time.

"I, I am not a dream!" Gu Qingcai reacted, but still can not believe, and then just licked Jiang Xu's thigh, painful Jiang Xu could not help but scream, and thus reacted.

Gu Qing asked: "Is it painful?"

"Do you know if you look at yourself?" Jiang Xu said resentfully, can he call it without hurting?

Gu Qingyi’s glance at Jiang Xu, she was reluctant to marry herself! Otherwise, how can I go to marry him!

“噗嗤” Gu Ning and Gu Man couldn’t help but laugh.

"Sister, this is true, but Ning Ning said that I will tell you when I buy a house, so I have not said it." Gu Man explained.

"But, but the house here is not cheap! One hundred and sixty flat, but also finely decorated, it must be tens of millions!" Gu Qing said inexplicably.

They are only low-educated and poor, and they do not mean that they are falling behind and do not understand anything.

In fact, this is also Gu Yun's doubts.

Gu Ning hurriedly explained: "I am not going to be a jewelry business? Going to G City this weekend is to see jade raw materials. But! The jade raw material skin is wrapped in stones, piles of piles, do not know which There are jade in the stone, so it is generally a gamble. We used to go! It depends on who opened the jade, and bought it from the other side, but it is difficult to open the jade, because several of the hundreds of stones have jade. I don't know if it feels good or luck. I think that five of them are pleasing to the eye, and they spent tens of thousands of dollars to buy it. It was really selected by me, and the selected stones were actually inside. There are three emeralds, and they are all top grades. Selling a jade like an apple will earn more than 20 million. So I have to buy a house for 10 million, and I have 20 million left! The two remaining jadeites, one for Muco, one, I will use to make some jewelry for you."

They just slowed down and were once again stunned by Gu Ning's words.

what? More than 20 million?

They are the first to hear that making money is so easy!

It’s been a long time since then, and the talents are slowing down again.

"Ningning, you are too courageous, gambling stone you dare to play." After the reaction, Gu Man reproached, more worried.

She knows the gambling stone, a poor, a rich.

It’s too dangerous to either get rich overnight, or lose money, or go bankrupt.

"Mom, you can rest assured that I am measured." Gu Ning hurriedly appeased.

"You······" Gu Man simply doesn't know what to say, but still chooses to believe Gu Ning.

Gu Ning made money, and Gu Qing’s family was happy for her. However, Gu Ning sent them such a valuable house and let them suffer.

"Ningning, I know your kindness, but this house is too expensive, we..." Gu Qing said, this is the rhythm of rejection.

"Two, from small to large, you have helped our mother and daughter how much, my heart is very clear. I don't say anything to repay, but we are a family, can I be too good, will you watch your sadness?" Then what is the difference between me and the white-eyed wolf!" When Gu Qing refused to say it, he was interrupted by Gu Ning and sent his heart from the heart.

"Yeah! Sister, we only have each other now, what else do you want to see! Do you want to take me and Ningning as an outsider?" Gu Man also followed.

One sentence is only one another, and the mood of everyone is suddenly lowered.

Yes! They only have each other.

The only **** Gu family disliked them and crowded them out. They only had each other.

"Okay, good." Gu Qing finally promised, and moved to a mess, full of tears.

"Mom, will I live in such a good house in the future?" Jiang Xinyue cautiously asked, looking forward.

Although she is not abandoning the simplicity of her family, who does not want to live in a good place!

The appearance of Jiang Xinyue makes Gu Qing's husband and wife feel a glimpse of their hearts, blaming themselves for not having the ability, and not letting their daughters not get a better living environment.

(End of this chapter)

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