Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 62: Want to get credited?

Chapter 62 Wants to Repay?

At this time, the interpreter master went all the way, and everyone kept their breath, staring at the machine of the stone master.

However, after the cut out part is peeled off, the yellow and white stones are exposed, just like the surface, there is no green color.

Suddenly, everyone expressed disappointment, and it turned out to be green.

"No, impossible, impossible..." The most unacceptable thing is that Li Zhenzhen is really, it is obviously the old pit ice kind of jade, how come there is no more!

"Cut, cut again..." Li Zhenzhen shouted in madness.

Master Shishi continued to cut, but it was still a stone of white flowers.

Li Zhenzhen seems to have been soaked in the soul, standing there silly, motionless.

Lost, she lost.

"Miss Li, you lost." Gu Ning reminded.

Hearing the voice of Gu Ning, Li Zhen really looked at her, did not speak, but looked at Gu Ning's eyes full of haze.

Gu Ning smiled lightly, didn't care, didn't rush to remind, but turned his eyes to the wool that he was grinding.

"Out of green"

The exhilarating sound of the sound, only to see a slight purple luster on the surface of the wool, but because the window is small, the color is not obvious.

After a few dermabrasion, the color gradually appeared, it was light purple.

"This, it won't be violet!"

"What? No!"

As soon as I heard the violets, everyone was shocked and dumbfounded. Do you want to be so shocked!

"No, no, no...." Li Zhenzhen was not stimulated, and the nerves began to confuse.

"It won't be green!"

"If it is really a violet, then the little girl's luck is too bad, three pieces of wool, there are two sorghum."

It is said that everyone is looking at Gu Ning, and the look is full of worship. Of course, there is also envy and hate.

When the interpreter completely grinds the wool and washes away the powder of the appearance with water, a piece of violet-colored emerald glass is emitted into the eyes of everyone.

"Violet, it's really a violet, and it's still a glass of violets." The stone-handed master's hand shakes so badly that the heart can't stand it.

He solved the stone for most of his life, and for the first time solved two sorghums in succession, especially this violet.

Red, green and purple are expensive, violet is the most expensive variety of jade, and the purple of this jade is very pure, it is a very elegant purple, elegant color is like haze, as if the purple gas is coming, full of Implied beauty.

The most excited is the boss, and excited to want to faint, but not happy, but heartbroken.

He knows that this batch of wool is of high quality and has a high green rate, but he can't think it will be so high.

Today, the wool of the stone is only a dozen pieces, but there are four pieces of green, one piece of middle, one piece of top grade, two top grades!

If he opened it himself, then she would get rich.

But regret does not help, because he does not have the courage to open all the wool! If there is green, then it is the real blood!

Although the glass type violet and the old pit glass grades are the same as the top grade, the price is more expensive than the old pit glass, because it is rare.

Therefore, as soon as the opening, the person who shouted the price shouted from 30 million.

"Forty million"

"Fifty million"


"70 million"

In the end, this violet was bought by 80 million, and the person who bought the violet was Qin Yifan.

Li Zhenyu didn't want to fight, but he couldn't argue. After all, Li's capital is no better than Qin's, and if he calls it again, Jade will not stop the price.

Qin Yifan is not rich in money! It took a hundred and thirty million yuan to buy two jadeites.

In fact, taking out this billion to 30 million is almost the limit of Qin Yifan.

Although there are also more than a dozen billion yuan in Qin's assets, it is the fourth-ranked wealthy list in the F city.

However, the Qin family's industry is not only one of the "Emerald Cui Xuan", but also what kind of hotel catering, and many industries involved. "Yi Cui Xuan" is only a sideline that has been uploaded by the ancestors and is reluctant to close before continuing to operate.

Therefore, the Qin family's liquidity is not very plentiful.

Although this is 30 million is the limit, but such a good jade, if you do not buy it, I really missed it, I don't know if there is any luck in the future!

For Gu Ning, Qin Yifan has not appreciated it so easily, and has already admired the five bodies.

Whether Gu Ning is luck or not, it is the true truth. It is the last word.

Then, it is to sign the contract transfer.

"Right, the 10 million that Miss Li lost to me, also transfer the money together!" Gu Ning reminded, although the tone is indifferent, but listening to Li Zhenzhen's ears, it is so harsh.

"Gu Ning, don't be too much." Li Zhenzhen was somewhat out of control, and his face was distorted by anger, as if he had suffered a lot of grievances.

Gu Ning is speechless: "Excessive? How do I overdo it? The bet is that you agree. Do you want to pay the bill?"

"You······" "Looking at the account, she thought, but she still cares about her own reputation. If she is worried about it, she will be sent a bad reputation.

"I transferred to Miss Gu!" Although Li Zhenyu was not reconciled, but in the end it was said to be good. If it was true, it would have a bad rumor and a bad influence on the business of the Li family.

"Brother·····" Li Zhenzhen’s subconscious call is not to stop, but just not willing.

But whether Li Zhenzhen really wants to stop it or not, she will probably be affected if she talks more nonsense. So when she heard out, she was immediately warned by Li Zhenyu, and she was so scared that Li Zhenzhen immediately snorted.

For their affairs, Qin Yifan has always been on the sidelines, and will not help Li Ning to plead with Gu Ning because of the good relationship between Li Zhenyu and his brother.

Because he knows that even if Gu Ning loses, they will not let go of Gu Ning.

Therefore, he will not do such a thankless thing.

Soon, I signed the contract and turned it into a good account.

"Gu Ning, you are really amazing. Three pieces of wool can solve two pieces of jade. Are you really just pleasing to the eye? Instead of having a perspective?" Qin Yifan is still excited, with a word, But the truth was poked.

Although knowing that Qin Yifan just finished laughing, but Gu Ning could not help but be amazed, then smiled: "I have always had good luck."

Qin Yifan looked at the remaining four pieces of wool on Gu Ning's cart: "It won't be, there are emeralds in these pieces!"

"That doesn't know," Gu Ning said.

"Right, it’s almost twelve hours, let’s have lunch together!” Qin Yifan invited.

(End of this chapter)

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