Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 58: Satire Gu Ning ignorance?

Chapter 58 Satire Gu Ning ignorance?

"The jade stone has many characteristics. We can judge the internal condition of the jade stone according to these characteristics. Because from the perspective of petrology, the jade inside the jade has a certain correlation with the color of the outer skin. The characteristics of "songhua", "strap" and "skull" are important features for distinguishing the internal conditions of the jade stone."

Li Zhenzhen came to the school, very professional, a pair of attitudes to teach Gu Ning knowledge, but the look of smug and disdainful eyes sold out her intentions.

Li Zhenzhen is playing the knowledge of Gu Ning to show off his knowledge and satirize Gu Ning's ignorance.

As I said, I watched the piece of wool on the Gu Ning cart, and then I couldn’t see it. “I’m looking at Miss Mao’s wool, there’s no sling, no loose flowers, no shackles, I’m afraid. It won't be green."

Because Li Zhenzhen really made a lot of professional remarks, he was immediately appreciated by many people around him.

"I don't think that this young lady is so young, she has such profound knowledge!"

"Yes! Now the young people, how many of them know the gambling stone."

Appreciated, Li Zhenzhen was more proud, as if she had let Gu Ningzhen down the general.

Li Zhenzhen’s family is also doing jewelry business, so he has been in contact with jade and jade since childhood. He also knows a lot about gambling stone. Once, he also produced a few jadeites.

However, it is still awkward, but overall, she still earned.

Li Jia’s jewelry did not rank among the top three brands, but it is still famous in G City.

Li's assets are around 500 million yuan, which is also considered a real giant, but it is far from the third-rate giants.

Moreover, the company assets under the name of Li Jia are not only unique to the Li family, but also shareholders!

Because Li Zhenzhen said that there is nothing wrong with this, Qin Yifan did not feel that Li Zhenzhen had any bad intentions.

"Miss Li said, but it does not mean that there will be no green flowers without saplings, slings and shackles. I think this piece of wool is pleasing to the eye. Why not try it?" Gu Ning said with a disregard.

Gu Ning admits that Li Zhenzhen is very professional, but if she is professional, she can judge which piece of wool has jade? Re-professional, is she her jade awesome?

She just saw this jade in the jade with a bad appearance, but she was really determined to be scrap, but whoever was frustrated, I knew it at a glance.

Don't say that she won't win and win, it is the most important thing.

Li Zhenzhen’s eyes flashed irony. It seemed to laugh at her earthen buns. The surface was pretending to be praised: “Miss Gu is really good?”

Although Qin Yifan is not optimistic about the piece of wool on the Gu Ning cart, it seems that Gu Ning is identified, and Gu Ning is not short of money, so Qin Yifan is also not well organized.

"Yi Fan, brother, let's look at the wool first!" Li Zhenzhen urged, she really did not want to be with Gu Ning.

"Gu Ning, not as good as us!" Qin Yifan invited the friendly.

"Yi Fan······" Li Zhenzhen hurriedly spoke and wanted to oppose it.

Only if she objected, she had not yet exported, and Gu Ning first refused: "No, the store is so big anyway, and I will look down when I look up."

"That's okay! Anyone who needs help, can call me." Qin Yifan did not insist, as Gu Ning said, the store is so big, looking up and seeing.

Gu Ning responded and pushed the cart to the side.

At this time, Gu Ning saw the woman who had just picked up the red emerald before her, and returned to the place where the wool was placed.

Obviously, there is a meaning for the wool.

Unfortunately, the piece of wool has been taken into the bag by Gu Ning.

The woman was disappointed and unwilling, although she also knew that the wool had a very low chance of seeing the jade, but it was a rim, but it was a late step.

Gu Ning ignored it and continued to watch.

Soon, two pieces of emerald wool were reflected in Gu Ning’s eyes. One was football-like, one had three-points of football, and the one-third of football was in a forty-year-old. In the hands of men.

Of course, Gu Ning is not going to grab it.

Gu Ning took out the piece of wool with jade in the pile of wool, and did not continue to stare at the piece in the man's hand.

She is not selfish enough to want to squander all the time, only because she is staring at the red jade wool, because the red emerald is rare, she especially likes it.

However, she has not yet solved it. She does not know whether it is a Chinese product or a high product.

Gu Ning went to another pile, Gu Ning got two pieces of green, although only apples are so big, but the jade varieties inside are rare and colored.

Continue to turn, and got a big chunk, two football-like.

Because Gu Ning intends to open two or three pieces of jade wool here, it is to cover up, and by the way, took two pieces of larger waste.

Gu Ning's young age is so eye-catching, and this pick is like a picking of cabbage is more eye-catching, have shook their heads and sigh, who's the daughter of such a defeat!

Gu Ning naturally feels the eyes of everyone, but does not care.

Gu Ning's hands are not small, and the price is not low, so it cost a total of 4.5 million.

After making a good account, Gu Ning saw that the man still looked at the wool, which made Gu Ning's snoring all committed, and there was an urge to remind the other party to buy it.

But she also knows that even if she reminds, others will not believe her, if a senior gambling expert is almost the same.

"Hey! Isn't this Zhou Zhouhong, the weekly boss of Zhou Fu Jewelry? No, it's the former boss, because now I am the boss of Zhou Fu Jewelry. How? They are all ruined, and there is money to gamble!"

A male voice full of enthusiasm, but full of cynicism.

Suddenly, it attracted many people's attention, including Gu Ning.

Zhou Fu Jewelry has a history of 16 years and assets of hundreds of millions. It belongs to the low-end brand and is not in the brand line.

The original family member Zhou Zhenghong, and now the family member Shao Ping, was changed six months ago.

The reasons for the change are different on the Internet, and the facts are hard to guess.

The man is dressed in a suit, holding a briefcase in his hand, and his body is slightly fat. He walks upright and leans forward. He is followed by several followers and has a full head!

It’s just that this man is insidious, and his eyes are swept away by a trace of viciousness!

Hearing this voice, Zhou Zhenghong, the man who wore wool, and did not buy it, was in a stiff, violently looking up, and saw the obese man who came towards himself. The look did not hide his hatred. Shouting at the teeth: "Shao Ping"

For Zhou Zhenghong's hatred, Shao Ping did not care, continued to sneer and sarcastically: "I heard that you want to make a comeback, but I see you! You still don't have to work hard, a little money or keep your son to school!"

(End of this chapter)

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