Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 533: Gu Qingyang has an accident.

Chapter 533 Gu Qingyang has an accident

"Tanghuang Group" can develop so powerfully that it is impossible for Tang Yunfan to rely on one person alone. It is impossible for a person to be strong, and it is impossible to prop up a group. It requires a lot of powerful people and partners. Therefore, Tang Yunfan’s men There are also many people who are powerful.

In particular, Tang Yunfan’s secretaries are all confidant and all of them are secretive. Although they are only secretaries, they are not lost to successful businessmen in business.

And being a boss is not a matter of personal involvement. It is just a decision on a big scale. Many things have to be handed over to the people who do it, and Quan Ming and Yan Yanlun do the most.

Therefore, even if there is no Tang Yunfan for the time being, even if there is no chairman for the time being, with the ability of Quanming and Yan Yulun, the "Tanghuang Group" can still move forward steadily.

However! With a principal, the military mind is more stable.

After the meeting, Tang Haifeng did not leave, but went to the chairman's office.

"More attention to Tang Deming and Fu Kaiyu" Tang Haifeng and Quan Mingqi, Yan Yulun said.

"Yes," the two should answer.

They naturally know that Tang Deming and Fu Kaiyu have different feelings, but only know that he has ambitions, but he does not know that he secretly colluded with someone to conspire.

And when Tang Yunfan was there, everyone was more jealous. Even if Tang Deming and Fu Kaiyu had ideas, they would not dare to act.

Before, there were ten people in the board meeting. It was because the other two people had different feelings and actions, and they were directly handled by Tang Yunfan.

As a veteran of the "Tanghuang Group", what have you paid for? Isn't the benefit you get from the Tang Emperor Group not enough for your contribution?

"Tang Huang Group" has been ill-treated employees and partners?

No, no.

Therefore, no matter how you pay for the "Tanghuang Group", as long as you endanger the interests of the "Tanghuang Group", you will get a deal and have no discussion.

G City, Gu Ning a circle shopping mall, it took two hours, but did not buy anything.

Gu Man and other people's physical strength is not as good as Gu Ning and cold Shaoshao, two hours, naturally tired, so Gu Ning is looking for a card cafe to sit.

I just saw the last coffee shop in the snowy city of Gu Ning, which is the coffee shop of Allen, so I went in.

Coincidentally, Allen happened to be in the store, Gu Ning and others just sat down and had a good drink. He saw them, and he came over and greeted with enthusiasm: "Oh! Gu Ning, you have come, for a long time. not see."

Seeing that other men are so enthusiastic about Gu Ning, it is a bit uncomfortable for him to feel cold, although he knows that they are just ordinary friends, and he does not see the look that should not be seen from the other side's look.

However, the cold and the shackles are just uncomfortable, and the surface has not been shown.

"Allen, hello." Gu Ning responded politely.

Allen's eyes swept over a few Gu Gu people, and then politely asked: "These beautiful ladies are your elders!"

Known as a beautiful lady, Gu Man is very happy, yeah! Who doesn't want to be praised!

Moreover, Gu Man is a few people who are quite outstanding.

"Yes!" Gu Ning responded, and did not introduce them one by one, because there is no need.

"You beautiful ladies, hello, I am Allen." Then, Allen and their polite greetings.

"Hello Allen" a few friendly responses to Allen Road.

"And this handsome man, is your brother or friend!" Allen did not ignore the cold and less, but just want to ignore, can not ignore! Because the other party is too outstanding, but also faintly hostile to him!

Allen is such a shrewd person, how can he not know how the other party’s hostility towards him was born!

"It’s my friend," Gu Ningdao.

"Gu Ning's friend, hello." Allen greeted Leng Shaoluo.

Although there are some unhappy Aaron's enthusiasm for Gu Ning, there is no emotional use, because the other party is ignorant of Gu Ning's enthusiasm.

"Hello," the voice of cold and low is not cold.

Regarding the attitude of cold and young, Allen did not care: "Then you talk, I will go first. If there is anything, please call me at any time. I am always at your service."

This meal in the coffee shop was relieved by Allen. Although Gu Ning was embarrassed, he did not insist on rejection. However, the cold and the younger are not good, and they have to pay the bills, making Gu Man and others speechless and helpless.

This child is too stubborn!

However, they all feel that paying is also appropriate.

Allen can't fight, it's very helpless, it can only be accepted, even the discount, cold and less.

After walking out of the coffee shop, it was only four o'clock. Then I went to Wenyulan's house. In the afternoon, I ate at Wenyulan's house.

Wen Yulan's family, Gu Qingyang is not at home, friends have gone out, only Gu Qingshi and Gu Yin Yin are at home.

However, when Wen Yulan and others were cooking, Wen Yulan’s phone rang, which was called by Gu Qingyang’s mobile phone, but it was a stranger’s voice: “Are you Gu Qingyang’s wife?”

Wen Yulan suddenly gave birth to a bad premonition. Is there anything wrong with Qingyang, even someone else called with her phone?

"Yes, I am, who are you? My husband!" Wen Yulan asked nervously.

Hearing this, Gu Qing and Gu Man did not understand Wang Wenlan, seeing her face is not good-looking, some worried, but the other party is answering the phone, they are not good to ask.

"I am the dragon brother of the Green Gang. Your husband Gu Qingyang has broken an antique vase worth 2 million in our Imperial Club. Therefore, you take 2 million to pick someone in an hour. Otherwise, we will be rude. It is."

The other party said, it hangs.


Wen Yulan heard the words, scared his brain, and his body was soft, and he almost stood still. Fortunately, Gu Qing hurriedly caught.

"What's wrong? What happened?" Gu Man and Gu Qing asked with eager worry.

"Qingyang, Qingyang has an accident." Wen Yulan looked pale and shivered.

"What? What happened to Qingyang?"

Gu Qing and Gu Man were shocked and asked.

Seeing Wen Yulan's reaction is so big, this matter is certainly not small.

Here, Gu Ning heard the words and immediately went to the kitchen.

Wen Yulan said with a trembling voice: "The caller said that he is the dragon brother of Qingbang. Qingyang broke a five-million-dollar antique vase in their emperor club, let me take two million in one hour. People, or else, or else······

Otherwise, Wen Yulan did not know, but he knew that the result was fierce and less. After all, the other party was a gangster!

Wen Yulan was so anxious to cry out.


Wen Yan, Gu Qing and Gu Man are also scared to tremble, let alone ordinary people, even if some people with status status, there is a great fear of hearing the gang, because the gang is to ask for money, what is wrong All come out.

(End of this chapter)

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