Chapter 45 Mrs. Gu Lao

However, the sentence added by Gu Ning has dispelled her psychological burden.

Her greatest wish is that Gu Ning is happy. Since Gu Ning wants her to do so, she will listen to her.

She won't do nothing, but now that she has the conditions, she can change her way.

"Well, the mother took this sick leave and gave her a job. After that, Mom will rely on you." Gu Man compromised, and the joke of the joke was willing, not feeling stubborn.

"Well, in the future, our mother and daughter will have a better life." Convinced Gu Man, Gu Ning thoroughly peace of mind.

In the middle and high-end residential areas near the urban area, Gu Yujia is a five-bedroom, two-story duplex building. The decoration is also relatively luxurious.

After the self-study next night, Gu Yu returned home and immediately complained with Lin Lijuan: "Mom, Gu Ning said that he would not apologize to me."

Lin Lijuan is already forty-five years old, but because of the money, the reason for year-round maintenance, it now looks like 30 people.

Lin Lijuan has a son and a daughter, the eldest son Gu Qingyun, 20 years old, is now a medical sophomore at the Beijing Medical College.

Daughter, it is Gu Yu.

"What? How is she so bold, isn't she afraid that she and her are not finished?" Lin Lijuan heard the words, full of surprise.

"Now she is bold! Today, I still have a fight with the school Haoran!" Gu Yu said, but he did not say that Hao Ran would like to be the boss, because she did not want Gu Ning to become excellent in the eyes of her family, so she Just want to discredit Gu Ning.


Wen Yan, Lin Lijuan was surprised again, and was shocked by Gu Ning's courage, even so big.

Lin Lijuan naturally knows who Hao Ran is, and because the other party's family is good, so he once told Gu Yu and he has a good relationship, maybe there will be help in the future!

Only she also knows the character of Hao Ran, not a close master.

After being surprised, Lin Lijuan smiled and smiled and succumbed: "Isn't this good? She offended Hao Ran, isn't it a loss?"

Lin Lijuan did not think that Gu Ning would play Hao Ran, so she concluded that Gu Ning had only been beaten.

"But ······" Gu Yu almost said that Hao Ran would like to take care of Ning as the boss, but fortunately he still resisted: "But, Gu Ning does not apologize to me, I am not willing."

"What happened? What happened to Gu Ning?" Not waiting for what Lin Lijuan said, the voice of an old woman came first.

Then, an old woman in her early 60s walked out of the aisle.

She is Gu Ning's grandmother, Mrs. Gu.

Mrs. Gu was raised well, and despite her sixties, she was still agitated.

Mrs. Gu’s wife is not only ideological and feudal, but also patriarchal and strong, but in the face of the powerful Lin Lijuan, she is still jealous and does not dare to confront her.

Although Lin Lijuan is also strong, but as long as Mrs. Gu does not interfere with her affairs, she will not be unreasonable to Mrs. Gu.

So in general, Mrs. Gu and Lin Lijuan, both of us, are still respectful.

Because Mrs. Gu’s wife went to relatives yesterday and came back today, so I don’t know about Gu Ning and Gu Yu.

"Grandma, Gu Ning used a plate in the cafeteria yesterday and beat me. I also apologized. She even said that she would not apologize. I am not willing." Seeing Mrs. Gu, Gu Yu immediately cried. .

"What? Gu Ning actually took the plate and smashed you, but also hit you, this wild species, too bold." Mrs. Gu said, suddenly angered.

To say who Mrs. Lao is most hated is nothing more than Gu Ning, because the existence of Gu Ning is a shame of Gu Jia, a wild species that even his father does not know who it is.

Therefore, Gu Ning hated the old lady, there is also a reason, because when he arrived, Gu Ning has been called the wild seed by Mrs. Gu.

"Yeah! Grandma, can you drive them out of the old house!" Gu Yu said pitifully, but the eyes were flashing.

"This······" heard the words, Mrs. Gu’s face was difficult, she hated Gu Ning, and hated Gu Man, but never thought about driving them out of the old house.

After all, she no longer hates Gu Man, Gu Man is her daughter, and she has some sympathy for her.

Of course, the most important thing is because the old man died when he died, so that Gu Man and Gu Ning live in the old house, not allowed to drive away. Otherwise, he will come back to find her.

The older generation of people thought feudalism, believed in superstition, and in order to seek peace of mind, Mrs. Gu had never thought of driving Gu Xiang and her mother away.

Seeing the old lady's face is difficult, Gu Yu also knows that this method is afraid of not working, so immediately changed his mouth: "Grandma, then you let Gu Ning give me a apology, as long as I am satisfied, let her go."

"Well, I will call Gu Ning and let her apologize to you." This time, Mrs. Gu did not refuse, said, immediately took out the phone.

However, because Mrs. Gu hated Gu Ning, she did not remember her number, so she could only call Gu Man.

Because it is only about ten o'clock, the sky is not too late, so Gu Ning and Gu Man are still not sleeping, the two are watching TV.

At this time, Gu Man’s cell phone rang, it was called by Mrs. Gu.

When Gu Man’s phone was connected, he hadn’t had time to talk. The phone number first came to Mrs. Gu’s roaring voice: “Gu Man, how did you teach the daughter, dare to use the plate and beat her? Wild species is a wild species, and there is no education at all. You let Gu Ning give apologize to you until you are satisfied."

It’s all the command is a tone, not to resist.

Because the voice of the other party was so large that Gu Ning could hear it clearly and clearly, Gu Ning didn't care, but the words of wild seeds made Gu Ning's face suddenly dark, and his eyes were faintly angry.

Gu Man knows that this is not Gu Ning's fault, so I heard Gu Ning being defamed and felt wronged.

Then the word wild seed was said from the mouth of Mrs. Gu, and it was a stinging heart.

Although Gu Man is weak, but also a short-protected person, bullying her, she can bear it, but bullying Gu Ning, she is not allowed.

Only this time, Gu Man is a complete outbreak, almost crying and roaring out: "Mom, Ningning is not a wild species, she is my daughter, even if you don't like her, don't marry her like this. Ningning didn’t have any wars at all, and the dishes were not hurt. Why do you only believe in the words of the sly side? Besides, even if Ningning really hits the cockroach, what about it? Ning is first, why should Ningning apologize!"

Mrs. Gu was obviously shocked by Gu Man’s reaction. It took a few seconds to react. Although she was surprised, she was more angry: “Gu Ning is a wild species, and my family will never admit such a granddaughter. Gu Ning must apologize to you, or else you will give me out of the old house."

(End of this chapter)

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