Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 44: And Gu Man confession

Chapter 44 and Gu Man confession

"Gu Ning mother, you don't have to worry, as long as you relax your mind, it will help you if you are sick. If you are in a bad mood, if you have a bad rest, it will affect your condition. It will be troublesome at that time. "Anzhen seized Gu Man's psychology, comfort, but also scared.

Wen Yan, Gu Man is really scared, in order not to let the disease seriously, spend more money, Gu Man try to calm down, do not think too much.

After dinner, Mu Ke and others left.

Before they left, ask Gu Ning if they want to go to the lesson.

Gu Ning didn't let them go, saying that he wanted to teach himself, and Hao Ran did not say anything.

There are only Gu Ning and Gu Man left in the ward.

"Mom, actually, I didn't tell you one thing. I originally planned to talk to you after the weekend, but now I have to tell you something like this." Gu Ning suddenly said with a serious look, let Gu The vines were nervous.

"This is the case. I saved a person a few days ago. He gave me a piece of jade to pay for it. Then I took it and sold it. I don't think that the jadeite was so valuable and sold ten million." Gu Ning said. , showing a look that I can't think of.

"What? Ten million?"

Wen Yan, Gu Man was so dumbfounded that he was stunned by the 10 million figure and wondered if he had got it wrong.

"Yes, ten million, so you don't have to worry about hospitalization and medical expenses. We have money now." Gu Ningdao.

"I was planning to go to the house in the past few days. I will tell you after I bought the house. Who thinks, this happened today. Moreover, I also plan to use some money to do business. Muko opened a jewelry himself. Shop, business is good, so I want to buy shares." Of course, the fact that the shareholding is naturally a lie, but there is Mu Ke as a shield, more able to convince Gu Man.

Gu Man has been shocked and stunned. He has no choice but to open his mouth and want to say something, but he can’t say anything.

Gu Ning continued: "And, after the last time I got to the end, my memory has become inexplicable, and I have never forgotten it. My previous performance was very poor, but now, as long as I have seen it. They are deeply imprinted in the mind, even if they are admitted to the capital city, there is no pressure. Now I have such a powerful mind, not doing business, it is simply a waste."

Finally, Gu Ning still does not forget to boast.

Suddenly, Gu Man cried, and did not know whether it was scared, or happy, or what.

"Mom" Gu Ning shouted nervously, she knew that this thing is difficult for Gu Man to digest, but this will be said sooner or later.

"It's okay, our family is dying, and it's really a good thing. Mom is happy, it's happy..." Gu Man is not only happy, but his mood is still very complicated, and the bitterness is the most.

Gu Ning is very happy to have a good meal, but Gu Ning is just a grown-up. The children of rich families have children living without worry, but Gu Ning has already thought about doing business.

Therefore, Gu Man blamed himself for being useless and failed to let Gu Ning live a good life.

"Yes, how do you save the person? Is there any danger! The other party gives you such a valuable thing, is it reliable? Will it cause any trouble later?" Gu Man asked in a hurry, in the end, still more Worried about the safety of Gu Ning.

"It's okay, the other party is a rich man, I don't care about this thing. And I met him today. He saw that I was in a hurry to take a taxi, or the hospital he sent me!" Gu Ning said, try to beautify each other. Let Gu Man feel more at ease.

However, Gu Ning did not make any mistakes. Although the other person's temper is cold, it does not seem to be a bad person.

Listen, Gu Man is relieved.

"Mom, the second family has been helping our mother and daughter all the time, so I plan to buy a house for the second family when I buy a house, and help them." Gu Ning said.

Wen Yan, Gu Man immediately reddened his eyes, and was very moved by Gu Ning's sensible things: "Good, good, good, Ning Ning knows the report, my mother is very pleased."

Gu Man’s most embarrassing, most grateful, is Gu Qing’s family.

She is doing well, forgetting who, and not, not forgetting Gu Qing’s family.

"But Mom, I also told you in advance, Gu family, I only recognize two families. As for Daxie and Sancha, how are they to us, you know very well, I have always kept in mind. So, even later We are developed, and if one day they need to help me, I will not help. As for the grandmother, although I hate her, but you are her daughter, there is also a responsibility to support, so I will not stop, but I will decide how much to give. If she is insatiable, I will not care about my family." Gu Ning solemnly said that she could not give in to this matter.

In fact, for many years, Gu Man was also hurt by other people in the family, so Gu Ning said that Gu Man is not excluded from the bottom of his heart.

"Well, Mom listens to you." Gu Man answered, and there is no reluctance.

Going to Gu Man’s answer, Gu Ning took a sigh of relief. She really worried that Gu Man was too fond of affection and affection, and forgot the previous crowding and humiliation.

"Right, buy a house, don't talk to the second, don't tell them after you buy it." Gu Ning confessed.

"Good" Gu Man should be.

"And, this week, Mu Ke is going to work in G City. I and Mihi have to follow, as a study. You can rest assured that I will take care of myself." Gu Ning went to G City, taking Mu Ke and Yu Mickey made an excuse just to make Gu Man feel at ease.

Gu Man is still worried, but it has not stopped.

She felt that Gu Ning grew up and had her own opinion. Since she had her own thoughts, she let go and let her go.

"Mom, I don't want you to work so hard anymore, so, Mom, you quit your previous job! I have money now, and there will be more in the future, so change me now to take care of you. You can go Beauty beauty, go shopping, buy clothes and cosmetics, dress up and dress yourself, then travel and enjoy life happily. If you can't help yourself, you can see what you are interested in, I can open a shop for you. Please look at it personally. If you are bored, you can go and have a look. If you don't want to go, rest at home." Gu Ning proposed.

Afraid of Gu Man’s psychological burden, Gu Ning added: “Mom, we are mothers and daughters, we are a family, mine, it’s yours, so don’t have any psychological burden. Because only you have happiness, good life. I will be happy."

Originally, Gu Man had a psychological burden. He felt that he had not let Gu Ning live a good life. He was already very embarrassed. He didn’t want to do anything, and let Gu Ning come to raise her.

(End of this chapter)

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