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Chapter 3459: Do you dare to swear then?

Chapter 3459 Do You Dare To Swear?

"Elder Lingchen." Leng Xiaoyao responded.

Then Li Mozhen and Ling Chen talked about what happened yesterday.

Originally Li Mozhen didn't pay much attention to the two people, but just mentioned Ling Chen yesterday, so he just talked with Ling Chen a bit, but didn't want to, Ling Chen did look dark after hearing this.

"They must report, they won't just let it go, but they know they are not your opponents, so they most likely have told Lingfeng that we colluded and let Lingfeng come forward. If this is the case, it is very When I was able to come out, Lingfeng had already come out. "Lingchen said, he did not blame Li Moyu, but just because of his knowledge of them, he felt that they would tell Lingfeng.

"I'm in the quarantine, and even if he comes, he won't realize that we are." Li Mo said, looking down on the two Jindan real people.

"Anyway, he already doubts me. It should be said that he has always doubted me and beware of me from beginning to end, so it doesn't matter if I know it. I have already deployed it, and I can do it at any time." Ling Chen said Ling Chen is naturally very active for him to push himself to the position of head.

Once he becomes the head, he controls the resources of the entire martial arts, and even owns a lot of resources.

Although there are many things that need to be managed as the head, not everything needs to be in charge. The martial arts are divided into various departments. Many things will be managed by some responsible persons. Only the big things will let the head make decisions.

If the door is closed, the elders will make decisions.

So even if you are the head, you still have time to cultivate.

"That being the case, today we will directly enter the Tiancheng faction as your guest!" Li Mo said, he could not wait to get revenge.

Although it is easy to kill Lingfeng in his current status, he cannot kill him directly. He has to let him confess his crimes in front of everyone, because only in this way, those disciples who died because of him will get rest in peace.

The deployment was because people worried about Lingfeng resisted, so they could be restrained.

"Okay," Lingchen answered.

After talking well, Li Moxu closed the quarantine, called Leng Yan and others, and went to Tiancheng with Lingchen.

After Lingfeng came to Tianshui Town and found no trace of Lingchen, he returned to the Tiancheng faction, because he did not want Lingchen to find himself following him.

But soon, someone came to report. Elder Lingchen brought someone to Tiancheng, and Lingfeng rushed to see it.

When it was seen that Lingchen brought back a group of monks of Jindan, Lingfeng's whole vigilant heart was instantly relaxed. It seems that this time he thought more.

Lingfeng ignored it and left.

Just after turning around, I felt an overwhelming horror of coercion and sent out, so Lingfeng was immediately shocked, and immediately looked at the person who sent coercion towards himself, seeing what he thought was monk Jindan, Lingfeng was angry. Endless.

Because the other party is not Master Jin Dan at all, but it is the true truth ...

It seems he didn't think much about it, Ling Chen really colluded with the Supreme Master and came against him.

"What do you mean by this Daoist?" Lingfeng asked angrily. Looking at Lingchen again, there was no meaning to stop them, and their purpose was obvious.

"It's not interesting, I just want to stay in charge." Li Mozhen said, he did not fully release the coercion, just to see that Lingfeng was affected by some.

"Hum! Leave me?" Lingfeng snorted, and it was clear that the other party was bad. "I don't know how expensive this Taoist is to stay with me!"

"I want to have a discussion with the head." Li Mo said, although he was indifferent, but in the face of Ling Feng, he could not help but hate.

"Are you a real fellow and a Yuanyuan real person? Are you sure you are not bullying?" Lingfeng said coldly, then looked at Lingchen: "Elder Lingchen, are you bringing someone back to take the throne?"

Many people also came because they felt the influence of coercion, just to hear the words of Lingfeng.

Although everyone was under the influence of coercion, they were only slightly affected because they were not directly targeted.

"Ling Chen, what do you mean?" The elder asked angrily.

The elder is a man of Lingfeng, and he has also participated in the operation of the former head, so he is more defending Lingfeng.

"Nothing, but this Taoist came to seek revenge, so let them solve their own problems," Ling Chen said.

Lingfeng was stunned, did it really come to seek revenge?

Ling Feng also knew that he had offended many people, so it was not impossible for someone to seek revenge, but he still felt that things were not so simple.

"I don't know what resentment I have with Daoyou?" Lingfeng asked.

"Lingyu." Li Moyu spit out two words.

It was said that Lingfeng and the elders had faced again and again, how could they never have thought that the other party came for Lingbi.

The other elders and disciples were shocked.

Some people originally suspected that Ling ’s destruction was related to Lingfeng, but they had no evidence. Over time, they forgot about it.

Because Lingzhang suddenly disappeared that year, no trace of his breath could be found in Guiyun Continent, so no matter who attacked him, he could not be verified.

Now someone came to the door. It seems that Lingfeng is really related to Lingbi!

"What does it have to do with me?" Lingfeng was unwilling to admit it.

"Your avatar killed, what do you say has nothing to do with you?" Li Mozhen sneered: "And, I am a ling ling's avatar, you say, who knows who is the poisonous hand to him?"


I heard that everyone was surprised. This man turned out to be the former head of the family?

And it was Lingfeng's clone who killed the former head.

No wonder he has evidence of not being there!

"Does Lingfeng need explanation?" Li Mozhen asked.

"It's you who slandered Ben's boss. He didn't attack the former boss. Who knows who offended the former boss will only suffer a poisoned hand." Of course Lingfeng won't admit it, even if the other party is Ling Ling's clone. so what? Nor was it what he said.

"Do you dare to swear then?" Li Mozhen said.

Ling Feng's face turned white, and he couldn't imagine that the other party should make him swear.

Swear, he was naturally afraid.

"Huh! Who do you think you are! Why should I listen to you?" Lingfeng said.

"You dare not swear, that's a guilty conscience, but I dare to swear," Li Moxie said, and then swears: "I Li Moxie swears here, if it is not Lingfeng's avatar to interrupt Lingling's promotion, leading to Lingying Destroyed, I was punished by Tian Lei. "

(End of this chapter)

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