Chapter 33 will not apologize

Gu Ning was laughed at, and he used his theory to rebut: "Oh! Then the same thing has passed, isn’t it all right?"

Therefore, why should he care about it!

Qin Xiao was dissatisfied, but there was no rebuttal, but Gu Yu was different. Now she is wronged, she can't take care of that much!

"Yes, and things are still big, Gu Ning, how dare you use the plate to slap me, do you think things can be calculated?" Gu Yu said, holding the plate on the table and going to Gu Ning .

The distance is so close, and not to mention that the people standing around her have no intention to stop, even if it is blocked, it is too late, just watch the plate and go to Gu Ningfei.

Although Gu Ning showed such a hand, most of them felt that she had the effort, but the distance was so close, so they did not think she could hide the plate that she had taken care of.

However, they have not seen clearly what is going on, they heard a bang, the broken sound of the plate, and then the scene in front of them, once again shocked everyone with wide eyes.

Gu Ning actually used his fist to greet the plate that was picked up, and also broke the plate directly with a punch, and Gu Ning’s hand was not hurt.

"Wow, it’s so handsome." Mu Ke worshipped Gu Ning and could not describe his worship of Gu Ning.

Everyone has also been amazed.

"You, you, you..." Gu Yu was really scared this time, violently withdrawing a few steps, watching Gu Ning in horror, as if watching a monster.

How could this be? How could this be? What does Gu Ning seem to have become so powerful?

"Gu Yu, I warned you yesterday, don't come to me, you don't listen, since you want to play, I will accompany you to the end." Gu Ning said coldly.

"You······" Gu Yu was scared by Gu Ning, but she did not dare to shoot her again, but she was still not convinced, viciously said: "Gu Ning, I must tell my dad and grandma, you bully I, I want my grandmother to drive you out of the old house and leave you homeless."

Gu Yu is favored by her family. If she insists, Mrs. Gu will really do this!

"It’s like we lived in the old house. We paid the rent and left the old house. We can’t rent it anywhere!” Gu Ning didn’t care, she couldn’t live there for a few days. .

If they want to leave the old house today, then she will go to the hotel with Gu Man first, and then buy the house immediately after returning to the G city on the weekend.

"Boss, you can rest assured, I can help you find a house." Mu Ke immediately stepped forward, said derogatory.

"You······" Gu Yu gas knot, his face flashed over the haze, bite his teeth and cut his teeth: "Good, very good, Gu Ning, then you will wait! I will make you regret it."

After all, he glanced at Gu Ning and turned and left. Even Qin and others ignored it.

Didn't let Gu Ning suffer, Chen Ziyao was also very unwilling. When he left, he also sweared at Gu Ning.

Qin Lan, Zhang Yiming and Fu Mingliang were also dull, and looked deeply at Gu Ning and Mu Ke, and they also left.

As soon as they left, the people onlookers were scattered. The mood of Gu Ning and others was somewhat affected, but then the grief and anger were appetite. After eating a meal, the mood was good.

After leaving, Gu Yu immediately called her mother to cry. Gu Yan’s mother, Lin Lijuan, was originally a powerful and short-protected woman. When she heard her daughter’s grievances, it was naturally a thunder.

Gu Yu also added oil and vinegar to say that he did not care about Ning, saying that Gu Ning hooked up with rich children and what he was doing.

Lin Lijuan immediately hanged the phone and sent the driver to the school to pick up and go home, and then called Gu Man over, a blame and humiliation.

Let Gu Man call Gu Ning to apologize to Gu Yu until Gu Yu is so old, otherwise it will not be played.

After Gu Man heard this, he was so dumbfounded that Gu Ning’s plate smashed Gu Yu and beat her? This is something she thinks is impossible, but Lin Lijuan actually called, it should not be fake.

However, Gu Man feels that things should not be as serious as Lin Lijuan said, and even if Gu Ning beat Gu Yu, it should be Gu Yu’s anxious to Gu Ning.

Gu Yi, what temper she doesn't know! From small to large, is there still less to bully Gu Ning?

Although she looked at her eyes and hurts in her heart, she is an adult who can't always care about a child!

But what makes Gu Man even more frightened is that Lin Lijuan actually said that Gu Ning also hooked up with rich children and practiced himself.

She does not believe that Gu Ning has done this kind of thing, but think of the current child, is it not the stage of adolescence, the beginning of love? So I am really worried about Gu Ning doing something that should not be done.

After hanging up the phone with Lin Lijuan, Gu Man immediately called Gu Ning and asked about the situation.

When Gu Ning received a call from Gu Man, they just walked to the grove.

"Ningning, just now your aunt called me and said, "You hit the dish and smashed it, and you beat her. What the **** is going on! Your aunt said, I want you to apologize, otherwise This thing didn't play." Gu Man asked anxiously over the phone.

Wen Yan, Gu Ning did not feel surprised, knowing that Gu Yu will return to the case.

"I threw the plate at her, but it wasn't embarrassing, because the plate didn't hurt her at all, just snapped on her head and stained her hair, face and clothes. However, I didn't Hit her. She has been looking for me three times and four times, humiliating me, just to buckle her a dish, it is light." Gu Ning said quietly, did not feel that something wrong.

"As for the apology, I am not wrong, so I will not apologize." For the issue of apology, Gu Ning's attitude is very cold.

Gu Manben knew that Lin Lijuan had seriously said things. Listening to Gu Ning said that it was really Lin Lijuan’s exaggeration.

When Gu Ning threw the plate, Gu Man couldn't help but feel sad and blame. If it wasn't useless, how could her daughter be so bullied?

It is a mother, and naturally she has to protect her daughter. Although Gu Man feels that Gu Ning has thrown a plate, it may be a little overdone, but she does not feel that Gu Ning is wrong.

Therefore, Gu Ning said that she did not apologize and she did not force it.

"Ningning! You have to take the college entrance examination, first study well, don't learn from people's love!" Gu Man originally wanted to ask her, Lin Lijuan said that she hooked up the children of rich people is not true, but She also felt that if she said this, she would certainly hurt Gu Ning's self-esteem, so she thought about it, and Gu Man was reminded by euphemism.

(End of this chapter)

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