Chapter 24 Mixing and Containing

"Yeah! I have to take them and put them on the school forum, haha..."

Saying, a boy immediately took out his cell phone and was ready to shoot.

Just did not start shooting, the original fight has stopped.

"Hey! How did you stop! Go on! Go on! I haven't shot yet!" the boy shouted anxiously and dissatisfiedly.

Gu Ning looked at the boy's gaze and walked toward him. He said with a smile: "Or, come and play with me, how?"

Put it on the campus forum, afraid that it will be less than one day, this thing will be spread! Unnecessary trouble, she does not want to provoke.

Hearing that the boy was in a stiff body, he thought that the male student was beaten by her. The boy’s back suddenly showed a coolness and his face was white. He quickly refused: "That, no, no, no. ·······”

Then immediately quit the old distance, for fear that he was also unable to resist the same as the male student.

No longer playing, the people onlookers will naturally be scattered.

"Boss, you are much more powerful than I thought, I really didn't read it wrong." Mu Ke's limbs were sore and the road was not stable, and the fart was going to Gu Ning, that was ecstatic. The appearance of it is not as good as Gu Ning, but in general.

Gu Ning, but laughed, but his heart flashed a sour.

For the average person, her current skill is very powerful, but for her, it is very weak.

Because she is now less than one-third of her previous life.

"You can't hurt!" Yu Mixi asked Mu Kedao.

When Gu Ning was so beaten, she naturally knew that Mu Ke would hurt, but he couldn't help but ask him if he looked at it.

"Of course, the pain is painful, but there is no pain in practicing martial arts! If you suffer from it, you can learn the skills!" Mu Ke said, although it hurts, he is happy.

At this time, Gu Ning also said seriously and said to Mihi: "Mich, it is not so easy to practice martial arts. It is only a matter of sorrow and pain. It is only a light one. If you want to practice a big man, you are bruised and bruised. , that's all common. Moreover, we must be able to persist and stabilize. Of course, a person's future good or bad is not based on things that can fight, but can prevent self-protection in certain accidents. However, if you want to practice, you should look at your personal wishes."

Yu Mixi is not a big lady who doesn't touch Yang Chunshui. When she was a child, she started doing farm work with her family. Farm work is a hard work. So, has she suffered a lot? Still afraid of suffering? Naturally won't.

As Gu Ning said, a person's future good or bad is not based on things that can fight, but can be self-protected in some unexpected circumstances.

The current society is so chaotic and has the ability to protect itself. It is still very important.

Therefore, Yu Mi did not retreat, but bravely received training.

Because Mihi has no foundation, he has to start from scratch.

Gu Ning did not ask Mickey to run from home in the morning because she was worried that Mich would be in danger on the road, so she asked Mishiti to come to school earlier and start from running.

At the beginning, Gu Ning's request for Mich was not too harsh, and he ran first and then looked at the situation.


Mu Ke asked Gu Ning to eat something that happened to go to Qin Yu’s ear. So when he was studying in the evening, Qin Hao came over and asked Mu Ke: "I heard that you have Gu Ning eating in the afternoon, why? ?"

Qin Lan did not know why he would ask Mu Ke about this. After all, he had already broken up with Gu Ning. It didn't matter. She had nothing to do with her.

But this unconscious move is often the most irritating.

"Nothing, just ask it when you come across it." Mu Ke did not tell Qin Hao truthfully, just casually perfunctory.

However, Qin Hao was obviously dissatisfied with this answer. The tone unconsciously brought a few questions: "When are you familiar with Gu Ning, how can I not know?"

Qin Yu’s question made Mu Ke unhappy: “Qin Wei, are you too wide? Why can’t I be familiar with her, and she is not yours now, I am eating with her, what is it for you? Things!"

Mu Ke is close to Qin Lan, but the relationship is just general. It is not good enough to call the brothers and sisters, so he will not deliberately care about his face.

Coupled with the importance of Gu Ning in his heart, he will naturally maintain Gu Ning.

"You······" Qin Hao has some anger, but I also realize that I really have a lot of control, so I didn’t say anything.

At 9:30, I studied at the next night.

Family conditions are good, there are special car transfers, no special car transfer, either a taxi or a bus.

And Gu Ning, neither taking a taxi nor taking a bus, she wants to run.

Although the area of ​​Gu Ning's family began to be rebuilt, there were few people, some were deserted, and it was not very safe, but this did not make Gu Ning afraid.

She is not the first time to go the night, and it is still in the middle of the night, the wilderness of the wilderness, it is even more unsafe! But Gu Ning has never encountered any danger.

But tonight, she lost her mind.

Because when I arrived in the deserted area, a black van suddenly stopped in front of Gu Ning, and quickly got three young men from the car, directly toward Gu Ningwei.

The three men had tattoos on their arms, and they were swaying and flowing.

"You, is Gu Ning!" asked the headed man, saying yes, but it was definitely a tone.

"Who sent you here?" Gu Ning was not afraid, asked without hesitation.

Although I don't know who the black hand is behind, the suspect has been roughly locked. Today, she is offended by Shao Feifei and Chen Ziyao. Therefore, these people are not sent by Shao Feifei, or Chen Ziyao.

"Don't you know that you have offended yourself?" a man sneered.

"There have been more people who have offended me. How do I know who you sent it!" Gu Ning said.

At this time, the three men found that Gu Ning was so calm, his face did not reveal the twilight.

It made them a little angry and angry, but also surprised.

"Oh! Little girl is really not too small, it is worthy of even the big family like Shao family who dare to offend." This is the direct exposure of those who hired them behind the scenes.

Shao Jia, that is Shao Feifei, Gu Ning did not feel the slightest accident.

"And then! What do you want me to do to me?" Gu Ning asked faintly.

"She wants us to ruin your innocence, then record the video and put it on the Internet!" The other party did not mind telling Gu Ning, because it was implemented soon, and told her not to tell her that it was the same.

(End of this chapter)

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