Chapter 23 is awkward and yelling

Yu Mixi heard the clouds and did not know what they were talking about.

"Oh! Just revealing a hand, you feel hidden, you are not afraid of your feelings wrong, I am just a three-legged cat, can't teach you?" Gu Ning did not directly respond to his words, but was interested Asked.

"Even if I feel wrong, but you are more powerful than me, it is undecidable, so I still want to ask you to teach me a few tricks. If you can, it is best to be able to directly worship you as a teacher." Mu Ke Looking at Gu Ning's gaze, it is that Gu Ning is a good man, and he has the ability to teach himself.

Yes! If an ordinary girl, or a three-legged cat, might knock a big man with one stroke? And then it is crisp and neat, the face is not red and not breathing.

This is it! Definitely a master.

For fear of Gu Ning's refusal, Mu Ke hurriedly added: "You can rest assured that I will not delay your study time. You can teach when you have time. Moreover, I will not let you teach, you want me. I have to pay a fee, let me do anything else, as long as I can do what I can, I will never postpone it."

Mu Ke’s tone is solemn, in order to express his seriousness and determination.

I have to say that Mu Ke’s eyes are still good, and Gu Ning is accurate.

Gu Ning still had some hesitation, but when he heard Mu Ke, he had an idea.

Just as Amway had made friends with her, she thought so.

She is now lacking friends, lacking connections, and Mu Ke’s family is not ordinary. Perhaps, he will really want his help.

She admits that she is selfish, but more because of Mu Ke, it is worthy of Gu Ning to pay.

So, Gu Ning said: "I can teach you a few tricks, even if you are a teacher, I don't need your remuneration, but if there is anything going to help you, then maybe."

"Really, really?" With Gu Ning's promise, Mu Ke was overjoyed.

"I have time when I am out of school. I can teach you a few tricks in a short while." Gu Ning said.

“Really, really?” Muko asked excitedly again, feeling that happiness was coming too suddenly, and he had some reaction: “Okay, good.”

Mu Kelian said a few good things to express her happy mood. If you don't realize what it is, Mu Ke is afraid to jump directly.

Then, Mu Ke had to ask Gu Ning to eat, Gu Ning did not refuse, with Mickey followed Mu Ke to the second floor restaurant.

Yu Mixi is still curious, what they are saying, but they are not easy to ask, they have not asked.

Although Gu Ning said that he does not need to be a teacher, in order to bring his relationship closer to Gu Ning, Mu Ke directly called Gu Ning as the boss.

Gu Ning couldn't help but wait for the black line on his forehead. How could it feel like he was calling the gangster boss? It was originally resisted, so it was good for Mu Ke to call her name.

But Mu Ke said that for their relationship to be close, it is either called Master or Boss.

Compared with Master, Gu Ning still prefers to accept the name of the boss.

After a meal, Mu Ke left the boss, the right one, and helped Gu Ning to pick up the dishes, but also poured water, and extremely diligent, causing a lot of people's eyes.

Even though Gu Ning was cheeky, he felt a little uncomfortable and screamed, and Mu Ke was settled down.

If Misch had already learned from their conversation that Mu Ke was so diligent because he asked Gu Ning to teach him martial arts, Yu Mi also absolutely believed that Mu Ke liked Gu Ning, and pursued Gu Ning. !

When Mihi knew that Gu Ning had knocked over a big man with a single stroke, he was shocked.

However, thinking of a paper group in Gu Ning today blocked Shao Feifei’s work. A matter of raising the hand to throw back the raw water bottle thrown by Shao Feifei, there was no doubt in Mitch, I believe that Gu Ning is so powerful. .

Suddenly, the look of Gu Ning also became hot and admired.

"Gu Ning, can you teach me a few tricks too!" asked Yu Mixi, looking forward to the look and pleading.

"Of course," Gu Ning responded quickly.

In fact, if it is ok, she hopes that Mi Xi can persist in practicing martial arts, not to mention how powerful it is, but it does not have the ability to protect itself.

Of course, although she hopes, she will not be forced to persecute, but also depends on the wishes of Mihi.

If it is only three minutes of heat in Mich, then forget it. If she really wants to learn, then the next step is absolute professional training.

After eating a good meal, the three went to the little groves because they didn't want to be disturbed and didn't want to bother others.

Since Gu Ning promised to teach others, naturally he had to come up with real strength, and let the other party be completely and absolutely conquered.

Therefore, when he shot, Gu Ning did not release water. In one stroke, he dropped Mu Ke to the ground.

Mu Ke was so slammed and fell, but it was not painful, but shocked.

Because Gu Ning did not release water, but with Gu Ning's current physique, limited force, plus grasping the size, it will be very painful, but it will not hurt.

But practicing martial arts, which is not strong in the body and scales!

On the other side, Yu Mixi was shocked and stunned. The worship in the eyes was even hot, and there was obsession. It was almost posted on Gu Ning. I don’t know if she thought she saw the beloved man!

It’s amazing, it’s just amazing.

"Not too fast to get up" Gu Ningchao is still lying in the ground, Mu Ke's attitude is harshly scolded.

Since you have to teach, then teach seriously and teach seriously.

Only a strict teacher can be a high disciple.

Gu Ning pays attention to quality and efficiency, so she does not allow to waste time in teaching them.

After being scorned by Gu Ning, Mu Ke stunned and hurriedly got up and treated it with more care.

To let the other party master the quick skills, let him personally feel and experience, so then Gu Ning is really playing against Mu Ke.

Of course, Gu Ning is not the kind of unilateral abuse, but the strength of Mu Ke, which allows him to learn the tricks and skills, but also let him experience the consequences of being called and skilled.

Therefore, Mu Ke was still crushed by Gu Ning, and his body was in pain.

Although Mu Ke was so screaming, he did not stop and refused to retreat. Instead, he became more and more frustrated.

Yu Mixi was so dumbfounded that whenever Mu Ke was hit and made a cry, she followed her body, as if the person being beaten was her.

Although there are few people in the groves where they are located, it does not mean that there are no ones, so the voice of Mu Ke also attracted the attention of several people around, and they came forward to watch.

When I saw a boy who was knocked down by a girl, several people were surprised. Several boys were even more excited.

"The trek, the female classmate is too great! The male student has no room for resistance!"

(End of this chapter)

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