Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 19: Chen Ziyao’s shame

Chapter 19 Chen Ziyao's shame

"I came to ask you for this meal, secretly telling you that I got the money. I said that if you want to buy something to share with her, you will have bad luck, so you can't refuse it." Gu Ning took it out again. The excuse of picking up money, a serious nonsense.

"Really, well, this time you please, I will ask you that afternoon." Yu Mixi heard that he was not suspected, and she also heard that she had to share the money to buy food with her. Otherwise there will be bad luck, so there is no rejection.

There are two floors in the cafeteria. The first floor is the public canteen. The food is cheap and affordable, but the taste is average. Because of the big pot of frying, the color and flavor can't be taken care of, as long as it is cooked.

The second floor canteen is a small restaurant. Like the restaurant outside, it is a small stir-fry. If you want to eat anything, it will be something, but the price is relatively higher.

In the public restaurant to eat, two or one is only three or four, but a small speculation on the second floor, it will cost ten dollars.

So when Gu Ning said that he was going to the second floor, Mi Mi was shocked and hurriedly refused to say that eating on the first floor would be fine.

However, Gu Ning simply did not listen, and took the lead to go to the second floor. Mishe had no choice but to keep up.

Although the restaurant on the second floor is not as large as the first floor, there are many people, because there are many rich people.

When Gu Ning and others came up, there was a discordant female voice coming from: "Yeah! I didn't read it wrong! It turned out to be Gu Ning in four classes. Isn't she very poor? I can't afford to eat even food. Shantou, today I went to the restaurant on the second floor to eat? It’s really rare.”

Gu Ning is not a celebrity. He can know Gu Ning, either with her classmates or with Gu Yu or Qin.

However, the other party's ‘four classes of Gu Ning’ explained that it was not with Gu Ning’s class, and that the other party was a girl, and naturally it was not possible to be related to Qin.

Then, Gu Ning can almost certainly determine that the other party is related to Gu Yu.

Although Gu Ning did not intend to care about it, he still glanced over the past. Sure enough, the girl who spoke was a good friend with Gu Yu, and Chen Ziyao of Gao San Erban.

Chen Ziyao is also a rich girl, her father is a director of the real estate group, with assets of 10 million.

The company of Chen Ziyao’s father and the decoration company of Gu’s father have cooperated, so they often contact, and the relationship between Chen Ziyao and Gu Yu naturally becomes better.

For the things of Gu Ning and Qin Yu, Chen Ziyao naturally knew it, but because Gu Yu and Qin Yu had explained it, they could not disclose this matter and let Qin Xiao lose face, so Chen Ziyao kept secret.

Gu Ning just glanced at it, and then regained his gaze, ignored it, took Mickey to a vacant seat, and picked up the menu and ordered the dish.

Gu Ning's disregard will be in the eyes of Chen Ziyao. It is only because he dares not refute. After all, they often sneer at Gu Ning, and Gu Ning never dared to say a word.

"It won't be what is going on, it's time to get the money!" The girl with Chen Ziyao echoed the road, a look of awkwardness. I don’t know or think that Gu Ning really got the money, but satirizes Gu Ning’s poor acidity. It’s just money to eat.

However, I was surprised to know that Mi Ning was paying for the money, and he was surprised that the girl had guessed it.

Seeing Mi's expression, Gu Ning said that she was a little bit smirking, but she did not explain it.

Gu Ning quickly ordered the dishes, two soups, one soup, and the name of the dish on the book.

This is not only for Gu Ning, but also the best meal I have ever had in school in the past few years. This is also true for Mitch.

"Gu Ning, will it be a bit too much!" Yu Mixi saw, some distressed, these dishes can be forty or fifty! If you eat at the public restaurant, you can eat forty or fifty dollars a week.

"Nothing, not much." Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning said this, Yu Mi Xi is not good to say anything.

"Hey! I have to see, two poor sour women can eat what is delicious." Chen Ziyao got up and walked toward Gu Ning, a scornful look, which is that Gu Ning and Yu Mixi can't eat anything delicious. I feel that the other party is here to play swollen face and fat, so I want to take the opportunity to mock.

Only the boring people, think of others so boring, swollen face and fat? Gu Ning has any reason and need to do this!

When Chen Ziyao approached, Gu Ning put the list up, got up, and prepared to take it to the boss, directly ignoring Chen Ziyao.

Business 82.

Just, will Gu Ning let her grab it? Obviously not.

Gu Ning just gently avoided, Chen Ziyao grabbed an empty space, which made Chen Ziyao feel extremely no face, then moved to anger Gu Ning said: "Gu Ning, you dare to hide?"

Chen Ziyao’s such a glimpse immediately attracted many people’s onlookers.

Gu Ning didn't care about it before, but the other party hasn't touched her bottom line yet, but now everyone is bullying to come, how can she not care about it!

Gu Ning stayed in the footsteps, and the indifferent eyes looked directly at Chen Ziyao. He asked coldly: "Why don't I dare to hide?"

Chen Ziyao stunned, and couldn’t think that Gu Ning dared to refute.

For Chen Ziyao, Gu Ning, a poor and timid, timid and poor woman, can only be bullied and rebellious, what qualifications are there to resist and refute?

Moreover, her Gu Ning, who has never dared to resist and refute, even dared to resist and refuted her. This naturally made Chen Ziyao feel extremely embarrassed, so she became angry and angry: "Gu Ning, you are a poor family, what is the qualification to resist and Refuting me?"

"What's wrong with poor women? What is wrong with you? You are not my mother, nor my dad, what qualifications are there to control me?" Gu Ning was laughed, this Chen Ziyao, self-feeling is too good. Let's go!

"You······" Such a sharp rebuttal, so that Chen Ziyao almost breathlessly did not come up.

Yes, Chen Ziyao is neither Gu Ning her mother nor Gu Ning her father, she is not qualified to manage her. Therefore, everyone looked at Chen Ziyao's eyes and showed their disdain. He felt that Chen Ziyao was simply a dog with a mouse and nosy.

Chen Ziyao was even more angry when he felt the contempt of everyone.

She also knows that she is neither Gu Ning her mother nor Gu Ning her father, she is not qualified to manage her. However, she was accustomed to Gu Ning's rebellion, so she could not accept Gu Ning's resistance and rebuttal.

Therefore, even if he knows this, Chen Ziyao does not intend to count things like this. His brain turns, his eyes flashed with sorrowful light, and he laughed at Gu Ning: "Oh! Gu Ning, do you have dad? You Mom is just a woman who is unmarried and pregnant, and who is not a shameful woman, and you are a wild species...·····

(End of this chapter)

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