Chapter 15 is not, do you like me?

When I heard that Zhang Qiuhua called Gu Ning to go out, the whole class’s eyes all fell on Gu Ning’s body. There were doubts and sorrows, especially Shao Feifei’s several people. I felt that I was handed over by the class teacher. It’s definitely not for Gu Ning last night. Back to the dormitory thing.

Only Gu Ning was very calm, and guessed that the class teacher told her to go out because of what happened.

"Gu Ning······"

Yumi’s worries were heard.

"Nothing," Gu Ning gave her a reassuring look, then got up and went out.

"Teacher" Gu Ning cried politely.

"Gu Ning, isn't your mother saying that you have a car accident? And you still need surgery, why is it suddenly okay?" Zhang Qiuhua asked, holding a skeptical attitude.

The day before yesterday, Gu Ning’s mother Gu Mancai called her and said that Gu Ning had a car accident and needed surgery, so she was on leave. But today, Gu Ning has appeared in the school, and no one will doubt it!

Therefore, suspected, Gu Ning did not mind, but explained: "It is indeed a car accident, hit the head, coma. After the doctor checked, said that there is congestion in the brain, it must be surgically removed. But the next day I suddenly woke up. After the check, the blood in my head disappeared, so it was fine."

Zhang Qiuhua feels a bit sinister, but there is no doubt. After all, this miracle is not impossible.

"It's okay, but you have to pay attention to your body. If there is any discomfort, just tell me, go back and read it early!" After all, just after the accident, even if nothing happened, but who knows if it will leave behind! Therefore, Zhang Qiuhua is still martyrdom.

"Yes, thank you teacher." Gu Ning said thank you, went back to the classroom.

When Gu Ning returned to the classroom, the eyes of the whole class fell on her. I wanted to see from her face whether she was trained by Zhang Qiuhua.

Unfortunately, Gu Ning looks as usual and does not see anything.

This makes Shao Feifei a very uncomfortable person. Does Teacher Zhang have no lessons for Gu Ning?

Still, Gu Ning is just loaded.

Yes, Gu Ning is definitely installed, how can Teacher Zhang not teach her?

However, he did not see how Gu Ning was sad after being taught. Shao Feifei was somewhat uncomfortable.

"Gu Ning, you are fine!" After Gu Ning was seated, Yu Mixi asked with concern.

"Nothing," Gu Ning laughed.

Seeing Gu Ning is not like something really happening. I was relieved at Mickey. I saw Zhang Qiuhua coming in and rushed to read it carefully.

However, after Mitch’s discovery, Gu Ning seems to be different from before, but in the end it is different! She can't say it at any time.

Gu Ning has always been serious about reading books, one eye and ten lines, the speed is fast, and the content she has seen is deeply imprinted in my mind.

Shao Feifei pays attention to Gu Ning from time to time. Naturally, she saw the speed of Gu Ning's book flipping. The look was full of disdain, and Yang Yulu on the other side said: "Hey! Hey Gu Ning, it is really loaded, the speed of flipping books is so fast. I’m afraid that I can’t see the words clearly, but I’ve put on a very serious look.”

"Yes, it will be installed." Yang Yulu followed the road.

After reading it early, Shao Feifei began to blame.

"Fifi, elegant, I tell you something!" Shao Feifei called Yang Yulu and Wu Qingya, saying that they told them one thing, but this voice is so loud that the whole class can hear it.

Moreover, this yin and yang strange tone, obviously there will be no good words in the next, so let everyone immediately erect their ears and listen.

"What is it!" Yang Yulu and Wu Qingya asked with curiosity.

"I saw a person who couldn't afford to eat even went to the jewelry store yesterday. Because I couldn't afford it, I was despised. I even said that the jewelry on others is fake. You said, is this a hatred? Ah!" Shao Feifei and Yang Yulu Wu Qingya spoke, but their eyes have always looked to Gu Ning, which is obviously to tell everyone that this so-called someone is Gu Ning.

The people did not doubt Shao Feifei's words, so they heard the words and went to Gu Ning to show their disdain.

Although they also have a lot of family conditions, but it is not good, it is much better than Gu Ning, and they have self-knowledge, no money, they will not go to the place where the rich people go.

"Obviously, this is hatred!" Yang Yulu and Wu Qingya said in unison, the words are contemptuous.

Yu Mi’s worried look at Gu Ning, she did not like Gu Ning as much as everyone else, but felt uncomfortable about the behavior of everyone.

In particular, Shao Feifei, a few people, these people are simply too much.

What happened to the jewelry store without money? Who can't go to a jewelry store without money, and you have to buy something when you go to a jewelry store!

However, she is weak and does not dare to refute, even if she is angry, she can only lie in her heart.

"However! Someone looks a little more beautiful, can't afford it, but they can go to the big money and please the big one, maybe they will buy it." Shao Feifei said again.

When the words came out, everyone looked at Gu Ning's look and immediately became weird, as if she had already gone to a big money.

Even Gu Ning himself, his face sank, and the cold eyes looked over, so Shao Feifei was shocked, and his heart actually gave birth to a fear.

However, for a moment, Shao Feifei, who was reacting, suddenly became angry and angry. The poor Gu Yan said: "What do you think! I have no name, if you want to check in, it is your business."

"Oh! I have said that you are talking about me? I am just very curious, why are you always staring at me when you talk. Isn't it, you like me? But you are afraid to be disappointed, my sexual orientation is normal." Gu Ning is a serious nonsense.


"Ha ha ha ha"

When the words came out, I immediately teased the whole class and laughed, but let Shao Feifei’s cheeks burst red, and “smack” slammed on the desk, violently jumped, and a face was angry and distorted. He yelled at Gu Ning: "Gu Ning, what are you talking about? Don't be shameless! My sexual orientation is normal, then talk nonsense, be careful, I will tear your mouth."

Said, a deliberately waiting for the posture.

"Gu Ning, if you don't think your own thoughts are pure, you still have to rely on Yulu, you still have to be shameless!" Yang Yulu immediately helped, and screamed at Gu Ning as if to eat her.

"Yes, Gu Ning, you really shameless." Wu Qingya also echoed the road, but also a look of bitterness.

"Gu Ning·····" Mickey worried about calling, want to stop her, don't fight against Shao Feifei, otherwise it will only be self-defeating.

If I stopped it, I didn’t say it, but I was stopped by Gu Ning’s eyes.

Gu Ning knows that Mickey is worried, she is also moved, but now she is not her former, so she is not afraid of Shao Feifei.

Also, her business, do not want others to intervene, even if it is out of concern.

(End of this chapter)

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