Chapter 14 Yu Mixi

Chu Peihan’s attitude made Qin Qin extremely angry, but her words made him even more vocal. If he said, isn’t it the right seat?

Qin Lan knows that if it is entangled, it will have a bad influence, so Qin Hao does not intend to stay any longer.

Coldly snorted, then smashed Chu Peihan, and then looked at Gu Ning with a complex look, he left.

"Hey! I thought it was so powerful! It’s so boring to think so easily." Seeing Qin Yu so easy to leave, Chu Peihan immediately expressed his lack of interest.

Qin Yu did not go far, and Chu Peihan’s words were obviously to Qin Yu, so the sound is naturally not small, and Qin Hao naturally heard it.

Qin Lan’s body was slightly stiff and burned in anger, but he still resisted.

Although Chu Peihan's reputation is not good, but Gu Ning did not look down on her meaning, but felt that she was quite interesting and very fond of her.

At least, she is real and not artificial.

"Hey! You will look at this kind of goods, your eyes will be worse!" Chu Peihan raised his eyebrows at Gu Ning, his eyes were unrecognized and revealed the color of disgust, but also rudely despised.

Chu Peihan will know the things of Qin Yu and Gu Ning. It is also an accident. On Friday afternoon, she just let her see the scene of Qin Yu and Gu Ning saying that they broke up.

Although she felt guilty and disdainful of Qin’s actions, it was ultimately something else, and she was not interested in nosy.

Today will be in the early days, all because Gu Ning’s words are very close to her appetite.

"Who didn't encounter a few scum when he was young!" Gu Ning said without hesitation.

"Well, what you said makes sense." In this regard, Chu Peihan is in favor, so he did not count in Ning.

"It’s almost time, go to the classroom!" Gu Ning said, and regardless of Chu Peihan, he took the lead.

Chu Peihan immediately followed, and said with great interest: "You just have a few words that are quite classic. I have a good appetite. I remembered it. Later, there was another swearing word."

Wen Yan, Gu Ning couldn't help but pumping her mouth. Does she like to swear?

"With you," Gu Ning did not mind.

"Do you have any classic words?" Chu Peihan asked, a serious look.

Gu Ning couldn't help but twitching her mouth again. Is her full-time job awkward?

"Nothing" Gu Ning perfunctory, because she has a hunch, if she really has any classic swearing sentence, I am afraid that it is entangled by this girl.

Chu Peihan’s disappointing pout, did not say anything.

Chu Peihan is in the second class of Gaosan, Gu Ning is in the third class of Gaosan, on the same floor, on the third floor.

Therefore, the two did not say a few words, they went to the third floor.

When I first went to the classroom of Chu Peihan, I said goodbye to each other and separated.

High three four classes

When Gu Ning entered the classroom, he felt most of his contempt and disappointment, but these eyes did not always follow her, but there were several extremely bad eyes, but they followed Gu Ning.

Gu Ning looked away, just to see Shao Feifei looked at his vicious eyes, and a girl sitting at the same table and on the front table with Shao Feifei, also showed a vicious gaze.

Shao Feifei's same table Yang Yulu, the front table Wu Qingya, the two people with Shao Feifei in the class is the best relationship, no, it should be said that Yang Yulu and Wu Qingya are Shao Feifei's follow-up work is more appropriate, because what they Many times I listen to Shao Feifei.

Shao Feifei looked at Ning is not pleasing to the eye, they will follow her to bully Gu Ning.

Of course, Yang Yulu and Wu Qingya are willing to do Shao Feifei's follow-up, which are purposeful.

Because Shao Feifei is a rich woman, and Yang Yulu and Wu Qingya's family conditions are only general, so with Shao Feifei, they will have good food and drink.

Moreover, they will also know some rich sons, if they are seen by rich people, then they can fly to the branches and become phoenix.

Although Shao Feifei has tens of millions of assets, it is very rich, but in the true sense, it is not a giant.

The giants in the sense are more than 100 million.

Therefore, generally do not have hundreds of millions of assets, do not dare to call the giants.

However, in the eyes of ordinary people, Shao Feifei is already a giant.

The third is just an ordinary high school. There are not a few real rich second generations and two official generations, so it will make these people who are not up to the top.

Seeing Gu Ning Wang, Shao Feifei and others did not dodge, but they were more vicious.

Shao Feifei also hated this yesterday's incident, although she knew that Gu Ning was different, but she did not mean she was afraid of her.

Also, a poor girl with no background in life, why should she be afraid of her!

And Yang Yulu and Wu Qingya are purely rivals with Shao Feifei, even if Gu Ning is not wrong at all.

For Shao Feifei's vicious eyes, Gu Ning did not put it in his eyes.

Gu Ning finds his position by memory and sits down, the third table in the second group.

"Gu Ning, you are here. You didn't come to study alone last night. I thought you had something wrong!" After Gu Ning was seated, he immediately took it with him and was full of worry.

Gu Ning has no friends in school because of her inferiority, and she is only close to Mickey at the same table.

The family conditions in Mihi are not much better than Gu Ning. The mother is sick in bed all the year round and the family is supported by the breakfast shop run by her father.

Although there are seven or eight thousand tens of thousands of monthly income, in addition to paying the rent and water and electricity charges, Mickey’s mother is also required to take medicine and cure the disease. The rest of the money will barely live for Mihi’s study.

At the home of Mi Xi, the relatives were also dismissed by the relatives, and they were ridiculed, so they also created the instinct of Mi Xi’s inferiority. Besides Gu Ning, there are no other friends.

Regarding Mickey’s concern, Gu Ning’s heart flowed through a warmth and explained: “Your body was a little uncomfortable yesterday, so I didn’t come.”

"Ah! That's okay now!" Yu Mixi was surprised and cared.

"It's okay," Gu Ning said.

"It’s okay, it’s fine." Mickey was relieved.

Gu Ning saw that his desk was clean today, and he knew that it was cleaned up by Mi Xi, and he couldn’t help but feel a warmth.

At 6:50, the sound of reading was heard. Gu Ning did not read the sound, just watching it quietly.

After a while, the class teacher came.

Zhang Qiuhua, the class teacher of the four classes, is a woman of forty years old. Because she is rigorous and old-fashioned, she never looked at people with colored glasses. Even if you are a rich second generation, a second generation official, as long as you make a mistake, the punishment will be punishable.

For this teacher, Gu Ning's impression is still good.

Zhang Qiuhua stood on the podium and looked around at the students. Is there any good reading?

When I saw Gu Ning, Zhang Qiuhua screamed and immediately called: "Gu Ning, come out."

Then, Zhang Qiuhua took the lead out of the classroom.

(End of this chapter)

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