Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 11: First bucket of gold

Chapter 11 The First Bucket of Gold

"30,000, Huang, you are a kid to play with! Little girl, I am out 50,000."

"I am out 60,000" and one person is earning a price.





Everyone is embarrassed, 120,000, a string of blue and white porcelain bracelets in the Ming and Qing Dynasties can actually sell 120,000.

Gu Ning was also shocked. She had not touched the antique jade, knew that antique jade made money, but did not know how to make money.

She thought that it would be almost four or five thousand. After all, the aura of this bracelet is very light, indicating that the time is not too long, so it is not very valuable.

120,000, for her life, she can't be less, but for her poor now, it is a huge sum.

In the end, Gu Ning's bracelet was photographed at a price of 120,000.

Although everyone is embarrassed by the high price of 120,000, but the veteran experts know that this blue and white porcelain in the Ming and Qing dynasty is definitely more than 180,000.

Although it is a broken bracelet made of blue and white flowers in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the price is still not low.

Nowadays, a blue and white plate in the Ming and Qing Dynasties can be photographed for several million, so this string of blue and white bracelets will be put on the market, at least 200,000.

Not to mention that Gu Ning is not a connoisseur, I don’t know what the price is. Even if I know that this blue and white bracelet will be sold to the market for more than a million, she will not regret today’s transaction.

Because she currently needs money, there is no time to wait for the seller who can buy the bracelet at the market price.

And she has no channels to get this bracelet into the market.

There is a designated bank in the antique market, and after that, it will go directly to the bank transfer.

Gu Ning did not have a bank card, but he brought an ID card, so he did the card on the spot.

After the money arrived, Gu Ning also gave the Yuan Qinghua bracelet to the other party, and then transferred the appraisers' labor expenses to the appraisers' account.

Labor costs are generally between one thousand and tens of thousands, depending on how much money the other party earns.

Gu Ning earned this point in the antique circle, it was just mosquito meat, and the labor service fee was two or three thousand.

However, Gu Ning did not have any embarrassment, directly gave 10,000, so Gu Ning still has 110,000.

After coming out of the bank, Gu Ning felt that she was being stared.

Also, the antique street is so chaotic, everyone has it, she just made a lot of money, not to be stared at.

Gu Ning did not move, did not stay, and went straight out of the antique street.

Just out of the antique street, away from the crowd, the people who have been tracking Gu Ning have come to Gu Ning, for fear of slowing down and letting her go.

Four men in their twenties, who are sullen, will surround Gu Ning.

The people around him saw it and scared away, and no one wanted or dared to help Gu Ning.

"Take all the money you just got, otherwise, we are not welcome." The Huang Mao man standing opposite Gu Ning threatened coldly.

"Oh! How is it a polite way?" Gu Ning double stunned, a lazy disdain.

Did not see the other party's appearance of fear of begging for mercy, everyone glimpsed.

Is she really not afraid of them? Or is it just calming up? Still think that there will be people around to help her out?

Don't be funny, they have mixed in this area, they already have a name, who dares to care about their business!

"Hey! Don't expect someone to save you, because they don't dare. If you know each other, let's hand it over! Don't suffer from the flesh." Huang Mao continued to threaten.

Seeing the appearance of the people around, she naturally knew that no one would come to save her, but she did not need people to save, these people, she can be knocked down in minutes.

"If you have the ability, you can take it yourself!" Gu Ning provoked.

"You······" was despised, and the few people suddenly became angry.

"If this is the case, then we will blame us for being rude, give it to me." Huang Mao's fierce command.

It was said that two people came to Gu Ning and wanted to catch her.

Just just approaching Gu Ning, she was kicked out by a flying leg, just kicking her stomach. The scream of "ah", the man slammed into the ground.

Then, Gu Ning went to another person and swept his leg. The man also fell down and painfully mourned.

In addition, the two people who stood still on the side did not see it, and they were shocked. I couldn’t think of a girl who was so powerful.

Still not waiting for Gu Ning to shoot, he saw a boy rushing from the side, and then went to the yellow donkey, the yellow hair screamed, the whole person immediately fell to one side.

Another person's conditional reflex turned and ran, but because he was too anxious, he didn't see the road clearly, only ran one meter away, then he slammed into the pole and was thrown to the ground.

This funny scene of "噗嗤" made Gu Ning could not help but sneak out.

At this moment, the boy who flew yellow hair ran to the front of Gu Ning, excited and admired and said: "Gu Ning, it turned out to be you! I just read it because I was wrong! I can’t think of you so much. All of a sudden, I stumbled on two big men."

This boy, Gu Ning, knows that the student of the top class of the top class is called Mu Ke.

Mu Ke has a height of nearly one meter eight and looks handsome in the sun.

She and Mu Ke are in different classes. I know him because he and Qin Qin are in the same class, and they have a good relationship. They know the truth about Qin and her exchanges.

However, Mu Ke and Qin Hao are different from several of his friends. They are just about justice. They once hinted at her and said that Qin Hao is not her beloved.

However, because Gu Ning once had a heart for Qin Qin, how could he hear other people's good words!

Thinking of this, Gu Ning's impression of Mu Ke is still good.

"Mu classmate, what happened just now, thank you." Gu Ning Chao Mu Ke showed a friendly smile, sincere thanks.

Although she does not need anyone to help, but Mu Ke is helping her to be an indisputable fact, so this kind of kindness, she will lead.

Gu Ning looks beautiful, but she usually has no conditions to dress up, and she is not much better.

Despite this, Gu Ning's smile, still let Mu Ke stunned, was surprised, and then his face was red.

"You're welcome, even if I don't shoot, they can't help you." Mu Ke was embarrassed to grab his hair, worried that the other person thought he was nosy.

"But you helped me anyway! So thank you is it." Gu Ningdao.

Mu Ke became more embarrassed, but suddenly remembered something very important, and looked at Gu Ning sharply. His look was full of surprise: "Right, I heard them say that Qin Xiao broke up with you on Friday, and then you If there is a car accident, how are you, you are fine!"

Mu Ke did not deliberately poke the pain of Ning, but was really out of concern.

Because Mu Ke did not come with Qin Hao that day, so he still heard about Gu Ning.

He felt that Qin Hao was too cruel and too unconscionable, but it was a matter of others after all, and he had no right to interfere.

(End of this chapter)

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