Chapter Eighty-Eight: Luo Qi’s Strength! Perona!.

The sea tornado engulfed the golden lion.

The manic currents directly tore the wound on the golden lion’s head. A lot of sea infusion.

In an instant, this old strong man completely lost his life. Rasahi held out his hand.

Five fingers hooked, dragging his body in front of him.

Then pull out both hands

“Sakura Tenwa.”

“Dead wood” two supreme fast knives. Grab the Golden Lion and smash it directly into the island where the Flying Pirates are located! Then he raised his big hand, pointed to the sky, and shouted coldly!

“Lei Ying!!”

Blue lightning converged in the air.

In a few moments, it converged into a huge ball lightning bolt! Under the shock of Stucy, Kalifa, Rakki, Cornish, and Paula, who felt their scalps tingle. Luo Qi single-fingered down, pointing directly to the island where the Flying Pirate Regiment is located!


Ten thousand thunderbolts flickered, and the furious thunder smashed down, mercilessly raging on the island where the Flying Pirate Regiment was located! Luo Qi turned around.

Against the background of the furious thunder and lightning, he smiled indifferently and opened his mouth proudly.

“I said it! Anyone who dares to challenge the authority of the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce will undoubtedly die, and the Golden Lion not only despises the Rashomon family, but also hits the idea to the East Sea, you know, the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce is from the East Sea! ”


“Is this Luo Qi’s strength?”

Stucy swallowed, glad he was on the side of Rorsaki.

“Sure enough, choosing to join the Rashomon family is the most correct choice for CP9!”

Carly’s rule is more stable in her heart, the identity of the double-faced spy, although there is not much pressure, but she has always worried that once discovered, the end will be very tragic.

Now that he had witnessed Luo Qi’s strength, he naturally let go of the boulder in his heart.

“The first time the concubine saw Luo Qi angry, she actually raised her hand to destroy the golden lion that had allowed Kapu and the Warring States to join forces to defeat, and sure enough, the man chosen by the concubine should be so powerful.”

With obsession, Han Cook fell into the posture of a little daughter.

As for Nami, she calmly watched the whole process of Rozaki just now about to ring the thunder fruit. For the first time, I have a new understanding of the natural system I have!

Only Rachy, Cornice, and Aisha, the three who had personally seen Aniru use the Thunder Fruit, now had a deeper reverence for Razaki.

Flipping the fluttering fruit deprivation card in his hand.

Razaki thought about it, and finally chose to slap It on Kalifa’s chest, giving Kalifa the ability to flutter fruit. Although not used to create the third double fruit ability.

But everyone’s second demon fruit, Rozaki, has his own plan. Luo Qi did not want to disrupt all this.

Then, Ryozaki took out the transparent fruit and a bottle of the perfect version of the Demon Fruit Optimization Solution and handed it to Kalifa. Let her eat it.

Because of following Rozaki, Kalifa did not eat the bubble fruit, which also unexpectedly allowed Rozaki to rearrange Kalifa’s ability.

After eating the Transparent Fruit and Demon Fruit Optimizer. Rasaaki directly copied Kalifa’s fruit ability.

True Transparent Fruit: Let yourself and anything you come into contact with go into a state of complete transparency, and you can even hide your breath! 】

Look at the optimized transparent fruit capability. Luo Qi couldn’t help but feel ecstatic.

Fluttering fruit with transparent fruit, I’m afraid even if it invades the other party’s nest, the other party can’t find it! Even if you touch the Holy Land jomaria, launch the lion will roll and drag the whole jomaria into a great catastrophe.

I’m afraid those Draco people can’t find out who did it! 3 days after the State Administration of Taxation.

Joy took Perona with Razaki to join.

Looking at the bound sturdy and motionless Perona. Luo Qi immediately understood.

This one in front of me was nothing more than Perona’s flesh.

As for Perona’s own flexibility, it must still be hidden somewhere on the Romantic. But.

Luo Qi immediately had an idea and carried Perona’s body directly into the cabin. One was thrown on the bed made by The Island Cloud.

Perona’s limbs were firmly tied.

“Stop! You bastard, trying to do something to my body in the room. ”

Behind Luo Qi appeared Perona’s ghost body, huge and terrifying, with teeth and claws dancing towards Luo Qi. But he didn’t think anything of it.

Tear it up! One pulled off Perona’s coat on the bed.

Frightened, this little Lori burrowed directly into her body. Frantically struggling up.

“You stinky hooligan!!!!”

At this point Perona was screaming madly.

Anyway, Luo Qi unceremoniously reached out and put it on her heart, and smiled playfully.


Copy the ghost fruit behind the hand.

Immediately, a negative ghost shot out and passed through Perona’s body.

“I’m sorry, I actually called you a rogue, living is a waste of air, as if you were dead.”


Perona’s negative emotions surged upwards, and the whole person immediately fell into an inferiority complex. Luo Qi smiled.

The reason why Sauron brought the dead soldiers to find Moonlight Moria in the first place.

It is precisely because his own dead soldier can do normal human things like people, but he does not have any emotions, that is, his own dead soldier is, in a sense, the ghost fruit of Keperona.

But even so.

Perona’s abilities were also nearly invincible in The Eyes of Rozaki.

As long as she cultivates well, I am afraid that there is no one in this world except Usopp who is her opponent. But now.


The man who was able to restrain Perona added himself.

Perona herself did not expect that someone in this world could use her Demon Fruit ability. He looked at Luo Qi in a daze.

The next second, this little Lori actually cried.

“Ah! You devil! ”

“Woohoo! Dare to bully me!! ”

It made Luo Qi cry and laugh.

Gritting his teeth, Rozaki gasped towards the palm of his hand and scratched directly into Perona’s creaky nest.

“Woohoo! Oh hehe hehe hehe! ”


“! Oh hehe hehe hehe! ”

For an instant, crying and laughter mingled.

It took a while for her to finally stop speaking.

“Ah! Oh, please, please spare me! ”

Hearing this, Luo Qi stopped moving and smiled at Perona.

“From today on, you’ll be messing with me.”

“Ah! You got me back for this? ”

Perona was stunned, a little confused, the guy in front of him had worked so hard, the purpose was so simple. Luo Qi didn’t speak, just raised his hand and gave Perona a slap.

In an instant, Perona’s face rose red, and all of a sudden it was red to the root of her ear.

“You guy, you’re too rude to me!”

Just after scolding, I saw Luo Qi’s raised hand again, and immediately confessed and expressed my attitude.

“I said yes! I’m messing with you! Don’t hit me! ”

Luo Qi stood up satisfactorily and waved his hand to loosen the rope that bound her.

“Very well, our account, come back and calculate.”

With that, he left the room and commanded Nami on the deck.

“Let’s go! Head to Hydra Island! ”

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