“Mr. Rozaki! Word came from the side of the people scattered outside that the pirate hunter, Loronoa Sauron, had been found, but the guy was not very good-tempered, and his men had taught him a lesson and tied him up. ”

“According to your previous instructions, the news has just been sent back, and the black cat pirate regiment on the other side of the village of Silob has been solved three days ago, and after persuasion, Miss Koya agreed to come and see you!”

“The man who had set out the afternoon before yesterday had joined the men who had captured Sauron, and had given them the course of the village of Cocosia, and should have been able to reach it soon.”

Just as Razaki was figuring out how to bring Nami’s sister, Nochigao, onto the ship.

A dead soldier behind him walked up to Razaki and whispered in his ear.

Hearing this, Luo Qi’s eyes lit up instantly.

Turning to look at Nami, he spoke.

“Nami, I want Aaron and his gang to live in this world for one more second, it is unbearable for you, the old things can be delayed, and now it is the key to let this stone pressed in your heart fall to the ground.”


Nami whispered his name all over the place.

The moment he turned his head to look at Luo Qi, there was no anger in his eyes before, but infinite tenderness.


In this world, the one who knows himself best is the man in front of him!

Holding Rasa’s hand tightly, Nami suddenly spoke firmly.

“Can I also participate in the battle to destroy Aaron’s gang, although I know that I have not yet mastered the fruit ability.”

“Isn’t that a matter of course?”

Razaki replied affirmatively, this time, Nami finally did not hold back and shed tears.

“It’s terrible! How can our navigator shed tears? ”

Gently wiping away the tears on Nami’s face, Luo Qi’s gentle words hid countless killing intentions.

“Go! This time, let out all the pain in your heart! ”


Inside Aaron Park.

The gloomy and oppressive weather made Aaron, who was lying on the recliner, feel very bored.

I always feel that something bad will happen.

Just when he was about to ask his fishmen to go to the villages to check it out.

A thunderclap exploded in the sky!

The dark clouds that had originally floated over the village of Cocosia somehow drifted all the way to the paradise of Aaron.

Frowning, Aaron looked in the direction of the doorway.

The next second.


With a violent roar, the gate of Aaron’s paradise shattered into four pieces as if it had been cut by a knife and fell to the ground.

As the smoke clears.

Introduce Aaron’s eye curtain.

It was the angry Nami, the silent Nochigao, a dozen faces he had never seen before, and countless villagers from the village of Cocosia.

“Nami! Are you going to lead the villagers of Cocosia to rebel? ”

Sinking his face, Aaron asked coldly.

Along with Aaron’s words came out.

All the fishmen looked at Nami with murderous intent.

“Big Brother Aaron! As I said earlier, this’s head is a scourge, and if he stays, he will cause trouble sooner or later. ”

The muscular cartilaginous fishman Croobi said unhappily.

“Isn’t this guy going to buy the village of Cocosia for 100 million Baileys?” I guess her money should have been saved almost, so I simply killed all the people in the village of Cocosia this time and forced her to hand over the money! ”

The disgusting-looking kissing fish man on the side laughed evilly.

“Big Brother Aaron! Didn’t colonel rat make an appointment to meet today? Now that the gate is destroyed like this, will it be looked down upon? ”

Octopus scratched his head and asked, until now, he had not realized the seriousness of the matter.

Accompanied by one merciless word after another.

Nami’s anger is also rising.

The dark clouds above our heads are getting thicker!

However, Aaron did not seem to be aware of the danger coming, stood up and looked at Nami, and asked arrogantly.

“Oh! Anyway, you’re also a member of the Aaron Pirates, and I don’t have much time with you right now to answer my questions! ”

“Nami, are you going to rebel?”


“Go and die! You beasts!! ”


At the moment when Aaron asked for the exit of the last sentence.

Nami could no longer suppress the anger in her heart and roared loudly.

“Thundercloud Meteorology, Ten Thousand Thunder Boom !!!”

An instant.


The lightning that had been suppressed in the majestic dark clouds seemed to tear the sky apart, falling one after another.

It is dense and dense, making the villagers of Cocosia village feel their scalps tingle.

Although not yet skilled in the control of the Demon Fruit.

But this indiscriminate dense thunder and lightning was raging in Aaron’s paradise with full destructive power.

One by one, the fishmen were struck by lightning.

After falling to the ground, from time to time, you have to withstand several lightning strikes again!

As for the fishman who jumped into the pool in Aaron Park, the end was even more miserable!

Countless bolts of lightning struck the surface of the water, blowing up one blister after another.

Huge currents scurried through the pool, and one after another fishmen rolled their eyes and floated to the surface like dead fish.

As for the tall building that squeezed Nami for ten years.

Also in this merciless lightning, it collapsed violently, symbolizing the collapse of the tower of Aaron Paradise.


The clouds cleared and the thunder and lightning disappeared.

Nami fell into Razaki’s arms with some weakness.


“Thank you, Luo Qi, meeting you is the best gift that God has given me.”

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