Chapter 80 Offering a fragrant kiss, Lin Mo who is not shallow in blessing!!

Hanging up the phone, Lin Mo put away the phone, and found that the expressions of Izumi Binai, Izzy and Azi were not very good-looking, it seemed that they were all pessimistic about the noon battle, and felt that it was difficult to defeat Isis, even if they defeated Is, and the big boss of Yak, Ark-Zero, Ark-One, Eden, and Hell Sublimation, these terrible forms or keys are ~ from Yak’s hands, when he decides to end it himself, how strong should it be?

No one can imagine.

Sensing their emotional changes, Lin Mo clapped his palms vigorously and shouted, “All eyes are on me, I announce something!” ”

Hearing Lin Mo’s strange accent, the three women raised their heads one after another, and their little brains were full of big doubts.


“Very good!”

Lin Mo put on a very grand look and said word by word, “Izumi Hina, congratulations, you are about to become Kamen Rider!” ”



Izumi Bina:???

Azi and Izzy turned their heads to look at Izumi Hina.

Then, turning their heads and looking at Lin Mo, the two women took turns asking, “Where did the drive come from?” ”

“Where did you get the key?”

Facing the surprised and curious gazes of the three women, a mysterious smile appeared at the corner of Lin Mo’s mouth: “You guess?” ”

Izumi Bina was originally excited, and when he heard Lin Mo’s words, his fists suddenly tightened, and he really wanted to punch him.

However, Izzy was very cooperative, Willow frowned lightly, and said: “Could it be that it is the drive and key of the Thunder Station of Perdition?” ”

Lin Mo shook his head: “Of course not, the drive of the Destruction Thunder Station is not something that ordinary people can use, and it is too burdensome to the body.” ”

Azmo clenched his chin and blinked with big eyes: “That’s the drive and key of AIMS.” ”

To her surprise, Lin Mo still shook his head.

Izumi Binai’s mouth opened slightly, and he said the last answer: “Isn’t that the belt of the flying electric intelligence?” ”

But as soon as her voice fell, Izzy and Yazi shook their heads at the same time and replied, “Impossible!” ”

Facing Izumi Bina, who looked puzzled, Izzy explained: “The drive of Feiden Intelligence has a hard use requirement, that is: only the president of Feiden Intelligence can use the drive and key of Feidian,”

“This rule was established by the old president to ensure that the president can enter the company, and even if he is the president, he has no authority to lift it.”

“So it is.” Izumi Bina suddenly realized.

Yazi frowned tightly, looked at Lin Mo and said, “It’s not the Destruction Thunder Station, it’s not AIMS, it can’t be Flying Electric Intelligence, can it be said…”

“You and Zaiya have reached a cooperation?!”

Lin Mo smiled at the corners of his mouth and still shook his head.

Seeing that Lin Mo was still shaking his head, Yazi and Izzy were all dumbfounded.

Besides these companies, who else can produce drives and keys?

No more!

Seeing the expressions of the two women, Lin Mo was finally satisfied, laughed, stopped selling guanzi, and gave the answer directly: “The person who just called me was Feidian or someone.” ”

Talking about the phone is Feiden or people, that means that the drive and key are from Feiden Intelligence?!

Azy and Izzy were confused again.

Izumi Bina sighed “ah”, pointed to himself, and asked weakly: “Lin Mo, should you force Fei Dian or people to step down and give me the position of president…”


Hearing Izumi Bina’s words, Izzi and Azi looked at each other, feeling incredible, but if you think about it, there is no other way for outsiders to use the belt of flying electricity.

Izzy was dumbfounded, looked at Izumi Hina, and thought, one phone call, my boss will be replaced?

So should I resign?

It seems that it is not bad to go with the president of the company to be a funny artist.

Izzy was in a mess in his mind, and at this time, Lin Mo laughed and explained: “You have indeed become the president, but not as you imagined. ”

Lin Mo told the three women in front of him about his commotion one by one, “After I moved with affection and knew the reason, finally someone promised to give me his strongest form, that is, the 02 drive and the 02 key. ”

After listening to it, Yazi’s mouth opened slightly, and he looked shocked, and his expression seemed to say: Can there still be such an operation?

Izzy patted his chest and let out a breath: Fortunately, there is no need to resign, and there is no need to be a funny artist After hearing that what Lin Mo won for her was the strongest form of Fei Electric or a person, Izumi Bi Naden was shocked.

After being surprised, her eyes were red, and she stepped forward and hugged Lin Mo.

No amount of moving words can compare to a warm embrace.

Izumi Bina stood on tiptoe and said in Lin Mo’s ear, “I thought. You turn your head and forget it. ”

Lin Mo was stunned for a moment, and also stretched out his hands, clasped Izumi Bina’s bee waist, and replied in a low voice: “This is an agreement between us, how can we forget it?” ”

Izumi Bina’s hands were hard, and Lin Mo’s ribs hurt: “Then you promise me one more thing.” ”

Lin Mo’s face turned red, and he replied with difficulty: “You, you said.” ”

Izumi Bina lowered her voice and said shyly, “You have to keep it. Always been so nice to me. ”

Before Lin Mo could answer, he felt a warm breath sweeping around his ears, all the way down, and then his face was cold, and two petals of softness were pasted.

It’s a fragrant kiss…

Before he could reminisce, Izumi Bina let go of the report and walked away with a red face.

Izumi Binai’s small movements failed to hide from Izzy and Az, but their reactions differed.

Izzy narrowed her eyes slightly, and a fox-like smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, with an “I understand” expression.

Yazi, on the other hand, frowned, tilted his head, and his face was full of puzzlement.

She bumped Izzy with her elbow and asked in a low voice, “Why. Izumi Binai suddenly kissed Lin Mo? ”

As a robot maid who has just awakened to a technological singularity and crossed the artificial intelligence barrier, she is like a child who has not yet grown up, unable to understand the meaning of human kissing.

Azi’s question was really speechless to Izzy, and she wanted to stop talking, but finally failed to answer.

Izzy patted Yazi’s shoulder and said seriously: “Or you are like Miss Izumi Bina, and you also go and kiss Mr. Lin Mo, it just so happens that she kisses the right side, you can kiss the left.” ”

“Maybe after you kiss, you can feel Miss Izumibina’s emotions and feelings.”

Izzy was joking when she said this, but she never expected that Yazi’s eyes lit up after hearing this, and she nodded heavily: “Good way!” ”

With that, she strode forward with her high heels.

At this time, Lin Mo was still reminiscing about what Quan Binai had just said, and he didn’t hear the conversation between the two women at all, let alone react.

In the next second, Yazi reached out to frame Lin Mo’s neck, lifted his toes, and his plump red lips pouted slightly, like a dragonfly dotting water, lightly touching Lin Mo’s left cheek.

Seeing this scene, Izzy was dumbfounded.

Looking at Yazi who was close at hand, Lin Mo was also dumbfounded.

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