Feidian Intelligent Penthouse, President’s Office.

Isis took the flying electricity or people to the 3D printer along with Zeya’s satellite.

“Activate this machine, Feiden or Man.”

Isis pushed the flying electric or man in front of the machine and gave the order.

Feiden or person with complex expressions, take a deep breath, follow the steps, enter voiceprint verification, face verification and eye verification one by one

The printer suddenly came out of the sound:

“Voiceprint verification passed,”

“Face verification passed,”

“Eyeball verification passed,”

“Welcome to you, Feidian or President Ren!”

With the mechanical sound, the supercomputer matching the printer is also turned on.

Isis pushed away the flying electric or person, took out a USB flash drive and inserted it into the computer, his hands flew on the keyboard, and he entered instructions.

Seeing this scene, Fei Dian or people couldn’t help but ask:

“What exactly do you want to do with Zeya’s satellite?”

Isis hit enter, and the printer started working, reading the data, ready to start.

He glanced at Fei Electric or the person and said:

“I originally had a perfect background, excellent education, and happy love,” I was

“My fiancée and I are both researchers at nanorobots, I am the project leader, she is the deputy leader, whether it is our life or our project, we have a bright future,” he said

“But 12 years ago, when there was an explosion in Dawn Town, my research team was inside, and the explosion killed my fiancée on the spot, and I was damaged in my spine, paralyzed half-body, and became a waste person who needed to be cared for for all my life.”

Hearing this, flying electricity or people’s hearts tightened

Another dawn town explosion!

His father died in that explosion.

It can be said that the explosion caused many, many tragedies, many people died because of this explosion, many families were broken because of this accident, and even some people became orphans, and their parents died in the explosion….

Fei Electric or people did not expect that Isis’s past was also related to the explosion of Dawn Town!

With an indifferent expression, Isis continued:

“After becoming disabled, I thought about suicide countless times, but in the end I couldn’t muster the courage,” I said

“Later, on the recommendation of the nurse, I joined the mutual aid group, hehe, the so-called mutual aid group, in fact, is a group of unfortunate people confiding in each other, encouraging each other, supporting each other,”

“In the group, I saw more misfortunes, children who were beaten by their parents, people who were disabled from birth, people who were in debt and could not afford to pay it for the rest of their lives,” he said

“Suddenly, one day, I realized that there are far more unfortunate people than happy people in this world,”

he said

“And the misfortune of many people stems from force majeure, they have no right to choose, or even the right to resist.”

Fei Dian or man could understand Is’s words to some extent, so he was silent.


At this time, the printer linking Zeya’s satellite finally finished reading the drawings and began to work.

I saw that on the gray titanium alloy disk, a brand new key began to be born from scratch.

Isis looked inside through the bulletproof glass and continued:

“At that time, I suddenly realized that maybe I could use nanorobots as a technology to give less fortunate people the opportunity to restart their lives, such as myself,” I


“After that, Yazi found me, she said that Yak wants to work with me, it will provide the drive and the key, I will provide the nanobot, with the blessing of these two powers, the unfortunate can restart their lives, and I will lead them to restart this city, this country, and even this world!”

“No, it’s not like that, you’re wrong!”

At this time, the flying electric or the person suddenly yelled

“Nanorobots are indeed an amazing technology, and if this technology is used in medical treatment, it will save many people!”

“But you shouldn’t cooperate with Yak, and you shouldn’t give the drive and key to your believers, it’s a crime!”

“Although this world has a lot of misfortune, there is also a lot of happiness, there are many people who have dreams and are working towards their dreams, and when you restart this world, you are erasing the efforts of those people and erasing their happiness!”


Isis suddenly stepped forward and punched out, knocking the flying electricity or the person away!

His eyes turned red, and he yelled at someone:

“You’re not qualified to say that, Feiden or people!”

“Do you know what it’s like to have debts that you can’t afford to pay off for a lifetime?”

“Do you know what it feels like to be beaten by your parents every day and so painful that you can’t even sleep?”

“Do you know what it’s like to lie in bed every day, without dignity, and to be cared for like a doll?”

He stepped forward, pointed to Youren’s face full of amazement, and said word by word

“You have a grandfather who controls the boss’s company, you can become rich in one step, you can easily have happiness that others can’t have in a lifetime, you are not qualified to educate me, flying electricity or people!”

Feiden or the person’s mouth opened slightly, his pupils, body and mind were trembling

He looked into Isis’s angry eyes and wanted to refute, but couldn’t say anything.


At this time, the printer finished its work and spewed out a large amount of white smoke.

Isis sorted out his clothes, the red light in his eyes faded, ignored the flying electricity or people, and walked to the machine.

The bulletproof glass opened, and on the gray titanium alloy disc, lay a brand new red and black key.

Isis took out the key, and the corners of his mouth hooked:

“Very well, the Hell Sublimation Program Sublimation Key, finally completed…”

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