Absolute Resonance

Chapter 817: Four Flags Gather

Chapter 817
The arrival of Lu Qingmei made Li Hongli's expression even colder. Among the five veins of heaven and dragon, the two women she least liked were in front of her eyes.

I don't like Li Fengyi because of her identity. After all, no matter what, she is the direct bloodline of Longyamai. Her grandfather is directly the head of Longyamai. Her father is in charge of Chiyun Academy. From the perspective of identity and bloodline, in fact, Li Fengyi is taller than Li Hongli.

I don't like Lu Qingmei because the other party's talent is outstanding. Although she is only a person from outside the family, she has gradually become a leader in Longlinmai's generation by virtue of her own talent. Among the five veins of Tianlong, only Qingfeng Li can overwhelm her.

Li Hongli stared at Lu Qingmei who came forward, and said, "What does this have to do with you?"

Lu Qingmei has a face that is not inferior to Li Hongli's, and her temperament is completely different from the latter's. Her short hair, neat black clothes and trousers make her extraordinarily heroic.

"I just want to remind you, don't be seen as a joke here, it's just that we lose face of Li Tianwang's lineage." Lu Qingmei said lightly.

Li Hongli was very annoyed by Lu Qingmei's tone, but in the end she suppressed her temper, snorted coldly, and turned around to enter the golden palace in the middle of the lake.

With Li Hongli's departure, the tense atmosphere here has just eased, and the eyes of many surroundings have also been diverted, but some eyes are still cast on Lu Qingmei vaguely.

Lu Qingmei first looked at Li Fengyi, and said, "Every time she sees you, she seems to have a big reaction."

Li Fengyi pursed her lips, and said: "Could it be that her reaction is small when she sees you? A sensitive and narrow-minded crazy woman."

Li Fengyi and Lu Qingmei obviously knew each other, and their relationship was acceptable. After all, the existence of Li Hongli often caused them to stand in the same camp.

After casually saying a few words, Lu Qing's eyes twitched, and he turned to Li Luo, who was beside him, and said, "Li Luo is the leader of the banner, we meet again."

Li Luo met Lu Qingmei's eyes, smiled, and said, "Speaking of which, I haven't thanked Lu Qingmei for holding back last time. Obviously you won, but you gave me a draw."

Lu Qingmei looked at Li Luo's handsome face, and said seriously: "You are very powerful, but the strength of the Great Sha Palace is able to bring the Qingming Banner to the current level. I think that if you go one step further and step into the If it's in the evil body state, maybe Qingming Qi can squeeze into the top five."

"I'm really looking forward to an unreserved fight with you at that time."

Her eyes became hotter. When the two flags met, although her side won in the end, she could feel Li Luo's potential and the threat it brought.

This threat did not make her feel like a light on her back, but filled her with longing.

Sensing Lu Qingmei's desire for fighting, Li Luoqian smiled. This one has a completely different style from Li Hongli's. That one has a princess temper, but this one has a war-loving personality that makes men ashamed.

"Lu Qingmei, the head of the banner, looked up to me. I relied on the power of Qingming Qi's "He Qi" to narrow the gap between us. If there is no "Qing Ming Banner" , if we fight against each other based on our own abilities, I'm afraid we won't be able to hold on to a few tricks in your hands." Li Luo laughed.

This is not a lie, the current Li Luo is only in the Great Shame Realm, while Lu Qingmei is already in the Extreme Shade Realm, the level gap between them will be greatly reduced in the "Aiki" state, but If it is a real one-on-one confrontation, this gap will not be so easy to make up.

According to Li Luo's estimate, at least he will have to wait for him to complete the accumulation of Earth Sha Xuanguang and truly break through to the Sha Body Realm before he can compete with Deng Fengxian, Lu Qingmei and other top talents alone.

No way, who told him that the pits of the three palaces are too deep
Regarding what Li Luo said, Lu Qingmei was noncommittal. Although what the other party said was true, she always felt that Li Luo hid it very deeply in the previous fights.

This son of Li Taixuan, even though he has spent so many years in Outer Shenzhou, still seems to be a little hidden.

However, the two sides are not familiar with each other at the moment, so Lu Qingmei didn't say anything more, but nodded to them, and then the people with the dragon scale veins went straight into the golden palace in the center of the lake.

Li Luo, Li Fengyi, and Li Jingtao also entered afterward.

Inside the Golden Palace, the lights are even brighter and brighter. Crystal-like lamps are hung in distinct layers, and the light illuminates the spacious hall without the slightest blind spot.

In the hall, there was a lot of voices, and there were many figures, forming many small circles, laughing and chatting with each other.

It's quite a luxurious upper-class scene.

As soon as Li Luo and the others entered the hall, a maid stepped forward and respectfully invited them to the back hall, saying that Qingfeng Li was already waiting.

Li Luo, Li Fengyi, and Li Jingtao looked at each other, and then followed with steps.

A group of people walked through the bright corridor, and under the guidance of the maid, they entered an exquisite and splendid side hall. As soon as they entered here, they saw many figures sitting on both sides of the long table .

Li Luo swept his eyes and saw some familiar faces. Those were all people he had met in the battle between the banners in the Shamo Cave.

Obviously, the heads of the twenty flags are all here.

"Hehe, Fengyi, Jingtao, you've finally arrived, I'll be waiting for you." At this moment, there was a clear laugh.

Li Luo glanced, only to see a young man smiling and speaking at the head of the wide long table, and at the same time his gaze was projected.

The young man was tall and straight, with a handsome face, with swords on both sides of his waist. He spoke in a gentle voice, appearing calm and confident, and when he smiled, he had a sense of nobility that could not be concealed.

The capital of the Twenty Banners was present, and these people could be regarded as the arrogance of all branches, but when facing this young man, the atmosphere in the field was faintly centered on the latter.

Li Luo immediately understood his identity in his heart. Who else could have such power except Li Qingfeng, the leader of the golden blood flag?
This aura is indeed not bad, it is worthy of being the card of the generation of Tianlong Wumai.

Li Fengyi's face was calm when she heard Li Qingfeng's words, she just nodded slightly at him, and took Li Luo and Li Jingtao to their seats.

At this moment, Qingfeng Li's eyes suddenly turned to Li Luo, and he said with a smile, "This is the head of the Qingming Banner, Li Luo, right? Recently, under your leadership, the Qingming Banner has gained a lot of momentum."

Li Luo smiled, and said in a calm voice: "It's just a small fight, it can't compare to Qingfeng Li's golden blood flag."

"It's quite self-aware, as expected of someone who came back from a small place like Outer Shenzhou." Li Hongli, who was sitting on Li Qingfeng's hands, lifted her beautiful eyes and smiled with a hint of sarcasm.

The expressions of many big bannermen present moved. This Li Hongli was quite targeted towards Li Luo.

Hearing that Li Hongli was making trouble against Li Luo again, but Li Luo hadn't reacted yet, Li Fengyi couldn't bear his violent temper. She slapped the table and glared at Li Hongli: "You should be glad that Li Luo just came back now, if he came back sooner How many years, what's the matter with your dragon blood?"

Li Hongli sneered and said: "What a big tone, he came back a few years earlier, can he still overwhelm Brother Qingfeng?"

Li Fengyi wanted to fight back, but Li Luo stopped her. This Li Hongli was also very scheming, always pulling the dragon's blood to his opposite.

At this time, Li Qingfeng also waved his hand, stopped Li Hongli, and said with a smile: "You two, if you meet each other, you will quarrel, but today you have business to discuss, so let's call it a day."

Seeing him speak, Li Hongli hummed softly just now, and withdrew the attack.

Li Qingfeng, on the other hand, looked at the audience with a smile on his face.

"I have invited you here today mainly to discuss something. This matter is about tomorrow's "Xuanhuang Dragon Qi Pool"."

(End of this chapter)

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