Absolute Resonance

Chapter 815 One Sword Intent

Chapter 815

The attic where Li Luo lives, the training room on the roof.

Li Luo sat cross-legged, in front of him, a mottled dragon tooth floated, exuding a faint mysterious light.

On the other hand, Li Luo drove a ray of strength and landed on the dragon's tooth. At this moment, there seemed to be a loud and clear sword chant resounding in his ears. Li Luo was slightly in a trance, and once again concentrated At that time, he found that he had fallen into a vast galaxy of sword intent.

This sword intent galaxy seems to be opened up in the chaos, vast and magnificent, in the flow of the galaxy, even if the stars fall into it, they will be obliterated by the terrifying sword intent.

In this galaxy of sword intent, Li Luo himself was as small as a speck of dust, and the sword intent only needed to radiate a wisp, and it seemed to be able to wipe him out completely.

However, although Li Luo was shocked by the majesty and vastness of the sword intent galaxy, his mind was still calm, because in the past few days, he had felt the oppression of this sword intent no less than a hundred times.

Ever since he got the "Dragon Tooth Sword Formation" that day, Li Luo has put all his energy into it these days.

This feudal marquis technique has a very high upper limit, so its cultivation difficulty is not much higher than that of the "Black Dragon Underwater Banner".

And according to the method of its cultivation, it is necessary to sink the mind into this galaxy of sword intent, feel its horror, and finally collect a wisp of sword intent in the time and time again, and combine it with its own phase nature to successfully condense out Dragon Tooth Sword.

"It is worthy of the so-called "unparalleled potential" feudal art."

Therefore, the Xuanhuang Dragon Qi Pool is even more important to him.

Even those Tianjiao who possess the true ninth grade, can't do it!

Li Luo set a goal for himself, two streaks of black dragon energy are equivalent to [-] streaks of earth evil light, which can fill half of his current huge hole, which will undoubtedly save him a lot of time.

Originally, if there was no "Xuanhuang Dragon Qi Pool", the Four Banners would not be so fanfare, but since the head of the Dragon Bloodline took it as a prestige, they naturally had to go all out.

"What mission?" Li Luo asked curiously.

Li Luo feels that among his peers in Tianyuan Shenzhou, there is probably no one who can bring thirty-five thousand rays of Earth Sha Xuanguang to the Sha Body Realm.

Li Luo led the Qingming Banner to arrive, and the other three banners had also arrived. Tens of thousands of banners gathered, which was quite a spectacle.

Thinking in this way, Li Luo exited the training room and began to prepare for tomorrow's departure.

Under the impact of this sword intent, Li Luo's mind was crumbling and suffering.

This kind of sword intent is too terrifying.

"lets go."

The few words Zhao Yanzhi uttered made Li Luo stunned for a moment, and said in surprise, "There are also some other species appearing in Inner Shenzhou?"

Day two.

It was the Galaxy Sword Intent!
It's just that compared with the vast and terrifying Xinghe sword intent, this trace of sword intent is too weak.

"Take our Dragon Tooth Region as an example. In such a vast territory, there will be cracks in the world in many places, attracting the appearance of alien species. If we don't clean it up early, it will turn into an "abnormal disaster" and cause extremely heavy losses. , we may receive such a task in the future."

Li Luo, who was pressed for time, obviously couldn't afford to wait.

Inside Longya Mountain.

Fortunately, Li Luo's own talent in physiognomy is quite impressive.

Zhao Yanzhi gave him a strange look, and said: "The frequency of the appearance of aliens in the Inner Shenzhou is probably much higher than that in the Outer Shenzhou, and their strength level will be stronger."

But this has brought another problem to Li Luo. The increase in the upper limit of capacity means that his road to filling the hole has become a little longer.

Li Luo wiped off his sweat, and there was some lingering fear in his eyes.

Originally, the three phase palaces in his body could hold [-] Earth Fiend Mysterious Lights, but before that, because his own water and light phase had successfully evolved to the eighth rank, the upper limit of this capacity has been increased. Now his limit is [-].

Now that the old man has won this opportunity for him, he naturally needs to grasp it.

But at this moment, he seemed to have noticed something, and hurriedly observed the body, and then he saw a trace of extremely weak strange energy in a part of the body.


"This time, the Xuanhuang Dragon Qi Pool, no matter what, must occupy a Panlong Pillar and at least two Xuanhuang Dragon Qi!"

He is not interested in that birthday, and because of what happened between his parents, he doesn't have much affection for dragon blood, but the "Yellow Dragon Qi Pool" that will be opened on this birthday is what he has been thinking about recently. night thought.

Li Luo has always been quite curious about the Dragon Tooth Guard, because in a sense, there are real elites from the Dragon Tooth Guard gathered there.

This kind of resistance lasted for an unknown amount of time, but in the end his mind was completely defeated, and Li Luo opened his eyes with an extremely pale complexion.

That trace of energy has extremely familiar fluctuations.

Li Jingzhe glanced across the many figures in the field, and stopped at Li Luo's side for a moment, then he didn't say much, just waved his hand.

And just when Li Luo was thinking this way in his heart, his expression suddenly froze.

A total of [-] pits, according to Li Luo's current practice speed, it will take about a year to fill.

For those with insufficient talent, it would be extremely difficult to realize this ray of sword intent. If they did it forcefully, they would even be backlashed by the sword intent, causing themselves to be injured.

He originally thought that in a place like Inner Shenzhou where there are so many strong people, the aliens should be wiped out.

Li Luo sensed this trace of "sword intent" in surprise. Although this trace of sword intent was very weak, the fierce aura it exuded made him a little startled.

Because in his perception, the terrifying and majestic Sword Intent Galaxy seemed to make a huge roar at this moment, and the sword intent poured into every corner of the world.

This matter is not urgent, after all, he has not yet obtained the "Dragon Tooth Essence", so even if he really collects a ray of sword intent now, it is unlikely to condense the real Dragon Tooth Sword.

His breathing was short, and he felt severe pain in every part of his body, and the cold sweat on his forehead kept sliding down his face.

In front of the Four Banners, there is a giant formation of huge stones, engraved with countless patterns of light, which absorb the energy of heaven and earth.

This is the internal teleportation array of the five veins of the Tianlong, which is rarely opened on weekdays, and only when major or urgent matters are encountered, will they be opened to each other.

After observing for a long while, Li Luofang finally withdrew his mind contentedly. It is true that the painstaking practice of the past few days still has some gains.

And this birthday, there are guests from various forces in Tianyuan Shenzhou. The flags are displayed on the "Xuanhuang Dragon Qi Pool", which can also reveal the level of young people of Li Tianwang's lineage.

Next, we can only wait slowly for the right opportunity to arrive.

While they were talking, before the battle, Li Jingzhe's figure suddenly appeared, and the atmosphere in the audience immediately became quiet.

Li Luo lamented that this galaxy sword intent was much more terrifying than the artistic conception he felt when he practiced the "Black Dragon Dark Water Banner".

But Li Luo still couldn't help being ecstatic, because it showed that he had collected the first trace of sword intent. Although it didn't look like it was enough to refine the "Dragon Tooth Sword", it was obviously a very good start.

This is a rare opportunity, even in this kind of heavenly king-level power, not every generation has the opportunity to enjoy it.

As his voice fell, the large formation behind him was activated immediately, bursting out with great light.

Generally speaking, a normal person should have started to use this ten thousand rays of evil light to attack the evil body realm at this time, but Li Luo still didn't move, because he was still accumulating.

Li Luo calmed down, and observed the Earth Fiend's mysterious light in the Prime Minister's Palace again. Now, the Earth's Fiend's mysterious light in his body has reached about [-] after the last month of painstaking practice.

As he spoke, he wanted to stand up.

That's a pretty scary amount.

Li Luo nodded slightly. It seems that this inner China is not as peaceful as imagined.

He stood up from the training platform, and said to himself: "Tomorrow is the birthday of the dragon blood who is in charge of the mountain range."

The entire Dragon Tooth Mountain Range is a bit noisy. This time, the birthday of Dragon Bloodline Palm Mountain Range Head, which is also one of the five veins, will naturally give enough face. After all, no matter what, Dragon Bloodline Palm Mountain Range Head He is the highest ruler in name of Tianlong Wumai.

Li Luo looked around and asked Zhao Yanzhi, "I don't seem to see Longyawei?"

After these few days of comprehension, although he would be injured by the sword intent at the beginning, as he tried again and again, this terrifying sword intent galaxy was gradually tolerated by him, at least, not It will cause fear.

Behind Li Jingzhe, Li Qingpeng, Li Jinpan and other high-level leaders of Longyamai followed.

But Li Luo still resisted with tenacity and did not give up easily.

Even though he has endured many sword storms these days, it is still unbearable.

"None of the Tianlong Five Guards will show up. They are basically not at the headquarters because they have special missions." Zhao Yanzhi whispered.

"Suppress, eliminate aliens."

This requires extremely high physiognomy talent.

Then the Four Banners took the lead and poured into the formation like a tide. When the energy light burst out, a large number of figures disappeared out of thin air.

When Li Luo felt the distorted space around him, he also took a deep breath, his eyes eager.

"Mysterious yellow dragon energy."

"I am coming."

(End of this chapter)

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