Absolute Resonance

Chapter 812 Puppet Python

Chapter 812 Puppet Python
Inside the Dragon Tooth Cave, the light was dim.

Li Luo walked along the winding path, and not long after, the field of vision in front of him became wider. It seemed to be a hollowed out mountainside with a huge space inside, and as Li Luo walked in, he saw In it, there are stone tablets about ten feet or so standing in it.

These steles are strangely shaped, with sharp tops, protruding from the ground, and there are countless light patterns flowing on them, which is quite mysterious.

Looking at these stone tablets, Li Luo felt that they seemed to be the fangs of a giant dragon piercing through the ground one by one, exuding an inexplicable ominous aura.

Li Luo cautiously approached a stone tablet of dragon teeth, cast his gaze, and saw the light flowing on the stone tablet of dragon teeth, gradually forming many radiant characters to emerge.

"Divine power piercing the sky finger, psychic-level feudal marquis technique, can be cultivated into sky piercing divine power, invincible, one finger can break mountains and rivers, and split the void."

Li Luo stopped for a few glances, then turned to the other dragon tooth steles without much interest.

"Mysterious Ice Dragon Tooth Arrow, a psychic-level feudal marquis technique, is cultivated by combining the power of ice and dragon. If it is supplemented with a bow-type treasure, one arrow will freeze thousands of miles."

Li Luo touched his chin, thinking that this kind of feudal marquis technique is the so-called dragon tooth feudal marquis technique. According to the information he got, these dragon tooth feudal marquis techniques tend to be the ultimate way of attack, so after the attack The body is extremely fierce, which can be regarded as the characteristic of Long Yamai.

After all, isn't the so-called dragon's tooth the place where the giant dragon attacks, so it is considered appropriate.

However, Li Luo is still not interested in the "Xuanbing Longya Arrow". Although he is also good at archery, he does not have the attribute of ice. Although he can use some ice-type strange items to assist him in cultivation, such tossing is also true. waste time.

So Li Luo continued to walk, his eyes flicked over the stone steles of dragon teeth.

"Shenhuo Palm, a psychic-level feudal marquis technique, can cultivate a little bit of Shenhuo in the palm, and when it is released, it will burn thousands of miles of land."

"It's so close to the end of the world, a psychic-level feudal marquis technique, this is a speed-like feudal marquis technique, one step at a time, it's a way to save your life."


Many marquis techniques with different magical effects fell into Li Luo's eyes, which made his heart flutter and his eyes warm.

You must know that in Daxia, when Li Luo went to the school to choose the Marquis Art, it was just a few tricks.

The gap between the two is evident.

And as Li Luo gradually penetrated into the mountainside, the scale of the dragon tooth stele that appeared also became larger, because the feudal marquis technique here has been upgraded to the level of Yanshen.

There are not many Yanshen-level dragon tooth steles, only nineteen, and Li Luo's goal this time is among them.

Of course, if there is really no match, he can only retreat and choose the psychic-level feudal marquis technique. He has already chosen a backup along the way before.

"Xingqiong Yaguang, the god-level feudal technique, tempers dragon teeth with the light of stars, continuously condenses and shrinks them, and finally turns them into a ray of starlight hidden in the eyes. When fighting against people, you can shoot starlight , consume all things."

"Ten thousand gold overlord body, Yan God-level feudal marquis technique, can absorb the energy of ten thousand gold and temper the body. Once cultivated, the flesh and blood will contain the essence of ten thousand gold. Every drop of blood essence can turn thousands of gold lights into an unparalleled sharpness. .”


Li Luo carefully watched every god-level feuding technique here, and then he compared it with the psychic-level feuding techniques he had seen before, and found that the two were indeed of different levels, and the power between the two was mysterious. There are obvious differences in the degree.

If the nineteen god-level conferring techniques here are introduced to Daxia, I am afraid that those powerful marquis masters will be out of their minds.

However, when Li Luo finished watching the last God-level Fenghou technique, he was disappointed to find that there was no technique that suited him very well. This point was completely different from when he first obtained the "Black Dragon Underwater Banner".

"Is it still only possible to get a psychic-level feudal marquis technique?"

Li Luo was a little hesitant. In fact, he could also accept the psychic-level feudal technique. Hou Qiang has never even been exposed to the god-level Fenghou technique.

It's just that now that he finally entered Baoshan, it would be a bit reconciled if he could only settle for second best in the end.

And just when Li Luo was hesitating, a huge shadow suddenly covered the cave from above, and at the same time there was a rustling sound.

The sudden change made Li Luo startled, he raised his head hastily, and then saw a giant black python wrapping around the stalactites above, with faint light flowing in the vertical pupils.

When Li Luo saw this giant black python, he didn't panic, but was stunned, because he didn't feel the breath of life from this giant black python.

"It's the guardian puppet of Longya Cave."

When Li Luo was celebrating with Li Fengyi and the others yesterday, Li Fengyi had told him about the Dragon Tooth Cave, including the so-called guardian puppets.

In the face of this kind of guardian puppet, try not to contact the opponent as much as possible. Under normal circumstances, the opponent will not attack.

So Li Luo shook his head and ignored the puppet python.

But at this moment, the puppet python actually swam down from above, perched on a stone tablet with dragon teeth in front of Li Luo, and spit snake letters at Li Luo.

Seeing this, Li Luo could only look at the puppet python in doubt: "Is there something wrong with this guardian puppet?"


And when Li Luo was at a loss, the puppet python in front of him was actually uttering human words, but the voice was unusually hollow, it should be some kind of established mechanism.


Li Luo was even more puzzled. What's going on?I didn't hear Li Fengyi say that the guardian puppet would speak on its own initiative.

"Certificate." The puppet python continued to spit out the snake letter, and the hollow voice came repeatedly.

Li Luo scratched his head, then took out his gold seal on the head of the Qingming Banner, handed it to the puppet python, and said, "Is this it?"

The huge body of the puppet python leaned forward, and its vertical eyes stared at the golden seal in Li Luo's hand. After a few breaths, it retracted again, stared at Li Luo, and repeated: "Certificate."

Li Luo was a little impatient, the evidence of the ghost, why didn't anyone tell him that the guardian puppet of the Dragon Tooth Cave would come out like this?

So he took two steps back, intending to ignore it.

But the puppet python swam down from the dragon tooth stele and chased after it. Its huge body cast a shadow and covered Li Luo's figure.

"Credentials." The hollow voice repeated.

Seeing the puppet python's reluctance, Li Luo also had a great headache. He planned to retreat first, and then call the gray-clothed old man outside Longya Cave to deal with this problem.

However, just when he was about to leave, his heart suddenly moved.

Then he thought for a while, and took out a black token from the space ball, which was the "Tianwang Token".

"Is it this?" He hesitated for a moment, and handed the Heavenly King Token to the puppet python.

The puppet python spit out the snake letter, rolled up the Heavenly King Token, and then swallowed it into the snake's mouth. Immediately, Li Luo saw that there seemed to be a strange light flowing from its body, and the hollow voice finally stopped.

"It's really useful?" Li Luo was extremely surprised. No one had ever told him about this situation.

Could it be that only those who hold the "Heavenly King Token" can trigger the movement of this guardian puppet when they enter the Dragon Tooth Cave?But what's the use?
While Li Luo waited suspiciously, the puppet python opened its snake's mouth again. This time, the snake letter spit out in two pieces, floating in front of Li Luo.

One of them was the Heavenly King Order that he had swallowed earlier, Li Luo put it away casually, and then his eyes turned to another thing.

It was a mottled dragon tooth about an inch long, and there was a mysterious light flowing on the dragon tooth, and there seemed to be countless words faintly emerging.

Li Luo's heart moved, and he stretched out his palm to hold the mottled dragon tooth. At the moment of contact, he felt a huge amount of information rushing into his mind.

Among them, the most eye-catching words emerged in my mind.

"The Dragon Tooth Sword Formation of All Phases."

(End of this chapter)

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