Chapter 77
The aftermath of the big exam lasted for several days in Nanfeng City, and the enthusiasm still lingered, showing the influence of the big exam.

After the big exam, the students of Nanfeng Academy will have a one-week rest and vacation, and then they will go to the academy again to receive their respective admission quotas and completely end their studies at Nanfeng Academy.

Because of the No. 1 in the final exam, Li Luo's attention in this South Wind City has doubled recently, and he felt quite distressed by this, so he didn't go out these few days, but treated him honestly. In the old house, he practiced physiognomy and researched physiognomy, and in his spare time, he continued to practice the strange light of spiritual water.

It is also leisurely and fulfilling.

In a training room in the old house.

Holding two knives in his hands, Li Luo used all his strength to attack the figure on the opposite side wave after wave.

The person fighting with him was a guard in the old house, whose strength was in the first stage of the physicist, the opening stage, and at this time suppressed his own strength and was training with him.

Practicing with each other, after the Ten Seals Realm, it is the Master Phase.

There are three phases in the phase master realm. The first phase is the seed development phase. It is said that this is to condense the phase force in the phase palace into one ball, and it is born like a seed, so it is called the seed development phase.

The second stage is the raw grain stage. At this stage, the phase force becomes strong, and lines will gradually be formed on the phase species. This type of pattern is called phase pattern, and the name of the raw grain section comes from this.

The third stage is phase transformation stage. When phase power reaches this level, one's own phase will gradually transform, making preparations for the next stage of impact.

If the Ten Seal Realm is just a beginner in Xiangli practice, then the Xiangshi Realm can be regarded as the real beginning to touch the threshold of practice.

The gap between the two is very huge.

And this gap, when Li Luo fought the guard, he also began to clearly feel it.

Although the latter suppressed Xiangli and barely reached about ten seals, Li Luo found that any of his attacks would hardly pose any threat to the opponent, unless he turned his double swords into bows and arrows and unleashed his strongest arrow.

On Li Luo's twin knives, the blue water light swirled at high speed, slashed on the iron rod in the guard's hand, and then a huge force bounced back, shocking Li Luo back a few steps.

He stopped helplessly, and waved at the other party, indicating that it was over.

"Young Palace Master is really powerful. Even though he only has the strength of the eight seals, he can make me feel the pressure." The guard clasped his fists and saluted, then said.

These words were not entirely flattering, because he found that after suppressing Xiangli, Li Luo's attack could indeed bring him a little danger.

Around the training ground, there were other guards of the old house. They also nodded secretly, and looked at Li Luo with something that they didn't have before. It might be said to be a kind of awe and conviction.

Li Luo won the first place in the Tianshu County Grand Examination, which made everyone dare not regard him as the empty-faced person with no potential anymore.

Even if the future Li Luo can't reach Jiang Qing'e's level, no one will underestimate him anymore.

The Young Palace Master of Luolan Mansion is gradually emitting his radiance.

Li Luo smiled and nodded at him, then walked to the edge of the training ground, only to find Cai Wei waiting there.

Today's Cai Wei is wearing a red dress. There are peonies drawn with silk threads on the red dress, which is extremely delicate. And her already exquisite and delicate body is wrapped in the red dress with quite hot curves. As charming as a flower that has just bloomed.

In this sweaty training ground, although many men dare not look directly at them, they cast their dark eyes secretly.

That is a man's instinctive admiration for a woman.

"Sister Cai Wei." Li Luo greeted with a smile.

Cai Wei smiled, and said, "Young Palace Master really worked hard, and even got the first place in the big exam, and practice so hard every day."

"It's just the number one in Tianshu County. It doesn't have much gold content. It is said that in the big exams of some other strong counties, there are even students with ten seals." Li Luo shook his head and said.

What he said was true, Tianshu County was only in the middle of the hundred counties of the Great Xia, so it can be seen that there must be stronger students in other strong counties.

"Sister Cai Wei looking for me?" Li Luo asked.

"Ling Qing is here, there must be something wrong." Cai Wei said.

Li Luo nodded: "Then let's go."

After speaking, he left the training ground with Cai Wei, walked through the corridor, and came to a living room, and then saw Yan Lingqing, who was wearing blue clothes and silver glasses, who looked very intellectual and indifferent.

After taking his seat, Yan Lingqing said: "First of all, I would like to report to you that the performance of Xiyang House has soared recently. This is all caused by the secret method source water you provided. According to the current sales volume, I am afraid that Xiyang House in Tianshu County will continue to grow this year." The real estate branch can reach 100 million pieces of gold, and after excluding various costs, the profit will be around 30."

Hearing this, Li Luo immediately gasped in admiration. You must know that the annual profit of Luolan Mansion in Tianshu County was only 30 pieces of gold, but this year, Xiyang House alone can reach this level. It can be seen that the improvement is huge.

Of course, he also understands that this is mainly because of the source water of the secret method he provided. With his strength reaching the eight seals, the source water he provided is also a little more than before, so now these source water of the secret method are used in After getting the second-grade Lingshui Qiguang, this caused Xiyang House's income to skyrocket.

Then he did the math, if 30 sky-quantity gold were to buy the sixth-grade Lingshui Qiguang, it seemed that he could buy about ten pieces.
A little less.

Li Luo smiled wryly in his heart. At this moment, he understood even more how deep the pit of the acquired physiognomy was.

After Yan Lingqing reported these things, she changed her voice and said, "Did you meet Song Qiuyu in Qingfeng Building a few days ago? There is also a guy named Mo Ling?"

Li Luo was startled, then nodded immediately: "That guy wanted to find trouble, and there was a little conflict."

"Mo Ling comes from the Mo family in Beiqiu County. The Mo family is a big family that specializes in Lingshui Qiguang in the Great Xia. Their family's "Ink House" can be ranked in the top ten in the Great Xia. Its heritage and strength are very strong. .”

"According to the information we got, the Song family may choose to cooperate with the "Ink House" and introduce them to Tianshu County to counter Xiyang House." Cai Wei said softly.

Li Luo frowned. The Song family is looking for foreign aid.

"Song Qiuyu's appearance in Qingfeng Building that day was probably planned by her carefully. It was nothing more than to make Mo Ling and you have some conflicts, so as to promote the cooperation between the two of them."

"This woman is very scheming, and she will do whatever it takes to achieve her goal." Yan Lingqing frowned slightly, obviously not interested in Song Qiuyu.

Li Luo smiled helplessly, this feeling unintentionally became the help of Song Qiuyu, which was never thought of before, and really underestimated that woman.

"Song Qiuyu's return at this time should be for next month's Lingshui Qiguang Festival. There is a high probability that she will compete for the title of Tianshu County's No. [-] Tempering Master, and then create momentum for Songziwu." Yan Lingqing said.

"Sister Lingqing is the signature of our Xiyang House, can we beat her?" Li Luo asked.

"I am an old opponent with her. I have competed many times when I was in Shengxuanxing Academy. Both sides won and lost each other. I don't know the result this time, but I will not underestimate the enemy. I will prepare with all my strength during this time." Yan Lingqing While speaking, the eyes in the silver eye sockets were actually burning with raging flames of war. Obviously, the arrival of Song Qiuyu aroused her fighting spirit.

"Looks like this is sister Lingqing's old enemy." Li Luo joked.

"When you arrive at Shengxuanxing Academy in the future, you will know how wrong I am with her."

Yan Lingqing said, and then said with a pretty face, "But I'm more worried that they will forcefully push out the strange light of the spiritual water in the ink room."

"What is the quality of the strange light of the ink house's spiritual water?" Li Luo asked after thinking about it.

"If the Ink House wants to enter Tianshu County, it should focus on the third-grade and below Lingshui Qiguang. As far as I know, the first-grade product of the Ink House is called Black Star Spirit Water, and its tempering power can reach [-]%. "

"The second-grade product is called Black Moon Spirit Water, and its refining power is also [-]%."

"The third-grade product is called Obsidian Qiguang, and its tempering power is [-]%."

Hearing this, Li Luo raised his eyebrows. As expected of the old brand of Lingshui Qiguangwu, the spirit water released here directly exceeds all the products of Xiyangwu. It can be seen that in terms of formula, Xiyangwu is far inferior The ink house, if he didn't rely on the high-purity secret method source water, he would not be able to compare with the other party.

However, he was not anxious about this. Although he was inferior to the opponent in terms of formula quality, Li Luo believed that the opponent did not have this advantage in terms of secret source water.

Now the source water used in the first version of Xiyang House's enhanced Qingbi Lingshui, in terms of purity, is still at the point where he refined it when he was at the fifth grade of water and light. Therefore, if Li Luo is willing, he can provide The purity of the secret method source water can continue to be improved by a large amount.

But because this purity is enough for use, he didn't say it out, but if the ink house is going to be aggressive at that time, then he can't be blamed for using the purity of the source water to suppress people.

Next, after discussing with Li Luo for a long while, Yan Lingqing left in a hurry, apparently to prepare for the next month's Lingshui Qiguang Festival.

After Yan Lingqing left, Cai Wei took out three glass bottles from her bosom and gently placed them in front of Li Luo.

"This is."

Li Luo stared at the three glass bottles, which were obviously expensive, and there were some faint light lines carved on the body of the bottles. Such a shape design was obviously much more advanced than the strange lights of spiritual water that he had seen before.

And Li Luo also sensed the powerful tempering properties contained in the liquid in the glass bottle for the first time.

"The strange light of the sixth-grade spiritual water?" Surprise appeared on Li Luo's face.

He was still using the remaining fifth-grade spiritual water strange light during this time, but he found that as the water-light phase evolved to sixth-grade, the effect of this fifth-grade spiritual water strange light on him was greatly reduced, so he was always very depressed. He wanted Cai Wei to help him purchase the sixth-grade spiritual water, but he also understood the price of the sixth-grade, so he endured it for the time being, and planned to wait until he went to Daxia City to start purchasing the sixth-grade spiritual water.

But right now, Cai Wei obviously gave him a small surprise.

"Young Palace Master, although I don't know why you keep using a lot of strange lights of spiritual water, I'm not curious about it. Your recent performance proves that these strange lights of spiritual water have gained their due value."

"So, although the transfer of funds is quite difficult, my sister and I still save money and squeezed out three bottles of sixth-grade spiritual water for you. Although it is a little less, it can still be used." Cai Wei smiled. Dao, on the smooth and white oval cheeks, shining brightly under the light.

Li Luo joyfully held the three Qiguang of sixth-grade spiritual water in his hands, then looked at Cai Wei, and said emotionally, "If I wasn't afraid of being beaten by sister Cai Wei, I would have wanted to give you a hug."

Cai Weijiao laughed out loud, gently shaking the flower-tufted cattail fan, winking at Li Luo coquettishly.

"Young Palace Master should save such words for the little girls in your school. To me, these sweet words are not as attractive as your little face."

After finishing speaking, he turned around and left swayingly.

Li Luo looked at her sexy and charming figure, touched her cheek, and sighed.

He's so damn handsome that even Sister Cai Wei can't escape it.

(End of this chapter)

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