Chapter 46

After driving away Yu Lang, Li Luo returned to the room with this document, opened it from the first page and read it slowly.

However, as his eyes swept over, his expression became more serious, because he found a lot of information on it, which was quite predictable.

It seems that Yu Lang really worked hard on this, and he didn't make it up to fool people.

Of course, the one about him, Li Luo, was not included. Regarding the information on that one, except for his good looks, which even he himself couldn't deny, Li Luo didn't admit anything else.

At this time, Li Luo's attention was attracted by a speculation about the top ten winners of the final exam.

No.1, Nanfeng Academy, Lu Qing'er, the seventh-rank ice phase, suspected of being in the Nine Seals, this girl has both beauty and strength, and has never been defeated in Nanfeng Academy.

No.2, Dongyuan Academy, Shi Kong, the seventh-rank thunder minister, suspected of the Nine Seals, this person may be the only existence that can pose a threat to Lu Qinger, and has a chance to win the first place in the big exam.

No.3, Chenxi Academy, Xiang Liang, the lower seventh rank of fire, eight seal strength, this person is a top student cultivated by Chenxi Academy by consuming a lot of resources, his strength should not be underestimated.

No.4, Nanfeng Academy, Song Yunfeng, the seventh-rank Chidiaoxiang, eight-seal strength, in the pre-examination of Nanfeng Academy, his record is close to a complete victory, the only loss is a loss to Lu Qinger, and there is a draw , the instigator was Li Luo from Nanfeng Academy.

No.5, Xiguang Mansion, Chi Su, the lower seventh-rank Ling Poison Vine, and the strength of the eight seals.

No.6, Zhongyang Academy, Zong Fu, the lower seventh grade water phase, eight seal strength.

Li Luo read this information carefully, and immediately couldn't help but sigh in admiration. If you don't read it, you don't know. After a look, you know that there are hidden dragons and crouching tigers in Tianshu County, but it's normal to think about it. Although the other schools in Tianshu County are not as good Nanfeng Academy is deep, but they are also capable of cultivating a pillar. If one day a blind cat bumps into a dead mouse, it may suddenly win the first place in the big exam, and the reputation of the academy will skyrocket. earned it back.

And after looking at it, Li Luo found that the top ten contenders were almost all of the eight seals and above, and obviously they were not weak players.

"It seems that it is not easy to enter the top ten."

Li Luo rubbed his chin. Now he has the strength of Qiyin, which is obviously weaker than the top ten contenders. However, because of the special appearance of water and light, if we really want to fight, the opponent may not be as strong. The advantages.

If the current him meets Song Yunfeng again, there will be no need for the previous competition to end in a draw.

Obviously, in the top ten, Lu Qing'er and Shi Kong are the only ones. These two are the strength of Jiuyin, and they are quite skilled in physiognomy, so they are indeed the most likely to win No.1.

But Li Luo is not very interested in winning the first place, why?Because the strength does not allow it.

Although he is pregnant with the sixth-rank "Water and Light Aspect", Lu Qing'er and Shi Hong also have the upper-level seventh-rank aura. The two have good backgrounds, and the resources they get will not be less than him, the young palace master, so I really think it will be easy. If he beat him by leapfrogging, it would be too disrespectful for him to be a human being.

After all, he wasn't Jiang Qing'e, he directly overwhelmed everyone with a ninth-grade bright phase, so that people didn't even have the courage to fight her.

When Pei Hao came looking for trouble before, he was obviously a late-stage Earth Demon General, but facing Jiang Qing'e, who was only an early-stage Jiang Qing'e, he couldn't get the slightest benefit.

So now Li Luo's goal is to be among the top ten in the final exam, and getting a place is almost enough. As for the first place, he really doesn't have much interest. After those incidents, Li Luo felt that a person should develop in a low-key manner and stay calm.

If conditions permit, Li Luo wants to accomplish a small goal in a low-key manner first, which is to step into the Marquis Realm and stabilize his own life.

After all, the remaining five years of life is really a sharp knife hanging over the head, making people sleepless.

When Li Luo was immersed in the exam materials compiled by Yu Lang, the sky gradually darkened. Zhao Kuo planned to go out for food, but seeing his serious appearance, he didn't say anything to disturb him, but slipped out by himself. , and then I will pack some food for Li Luo and come back later.

"This information is very comprehensive and has a lot of dry goods."

After reading this information thoroughly, Li Luo couldn't help but praise again. At least after reading it, he had some preliminary understanding of the top students from various schools.

And after reading it, he felt that Yu Lang might not have written some of his information on purpose so as not to be targeted. Otherwise, with the information he knew, he wouldn't have written the information in such a vague and unreasonable way. fool.

"It's a mistake to blame this waste."

Li Luo talked to himself, and then he heard the sound of gurgling in his stomach, and then suddenly realized that the sky had completely darkened.

"Why hasn't Zhao Kuo come back? Do you want me to starve to death and monopolize this dormitory?" Li Luo asked suspiciously.

While he was wondering, there was a sudden knock on the door, and Yu Lang's voice came from outside: "Li Luo, your friend Zhao Kuo has been stopped."

Li Luo opened the door, frowned and said, "What did you say?"

Yu Lang outside the door shrugged his shoulders and said, "That guy seems to have clashed with people from Zhongyang Academy. The leader of the opponent is Zong Fu. You should know him after reading my exam materials."

"People from Zhongyang Academy? What do they want to do?" Li Luo asked in surprise.

"Even Zongfu showed up. If it was said to target Zhao Kuo, I don't think you would believe it." Yu Lang analyzed.

"Aiming at me?" Li Luo asked thoughtfully.

"There is a high probability that I want to get your bottom line." Yu Lang said.

"I'm so low-key, why do you still want to touch me?" Li Luo was speechless. That Zong Fu was a strong contender for the top ten, so how could he be following him.

"It seems to be a cautious character, in line with his personality." Yu Lang felt the same way. Li Luo was indeed very low-key. The only outstanding record was that he relied on the mechanism to draw with Song Yunfeng.

"Bullying my brother, no matter who he is, can't bear it!" Li Luo said angrily, and then went straight out of the room.

Yu Lang scratched his head. If you say this, don't you fulfill his wish instead?

On the west side of Bailing Garden, amidst the turbulent flow of people, many people stopped in one place, forming a blockage.

In the crowd, several students from Zhongyang Academy surrounded Zhao Kuo, arguing broke out, and many people around were watching the show.

"What's the matter?"

"I heard that the person from Nanfeng Academy molested a primary school girl from Zhongyang Academy."

"Are you so arrogant? Where is the primary school girl?"

"There, uh, the beauty is so ordinary, are the people in Nanfeng Academy so hungry?"


Amidst all the laughter, Zhao Kuo became more and more impatient, with anger surging in his eyes, he suddenly bumped away the few people who were blocking him, and ran away.

But as soon as he ran, he suddenly felt a powerful force coming from behind, and a somewhat cold palm was pressed on his back. The force of the palm made Zhao Kuo stiff all over, and couldn't help it. Dare to move.

He turned his head, looked at a young man with a gentle and thin face who appeared behind, and said angrily, "What do you want to do?"

Zong Fu heard the words, smiled and said: "Brother, the matter is not over yet. Today's matter, you have to let the people who can talk in Nanfeng Academy come out and solve it?"

"You want to blackmail me?" Zhao Kuo said in a deep voice.

Zong Fu said with a smile: "If Nanfeng Academy doesn't come to someone who is worthy of face, I'm afraid I can only punish you in the end, and seek justice for our elementary school girls."

"Fart, she looks stronger than me, I will tease him?" Zhao Kuo said angrily.

Zong Fu ignored him and just restrained him firmly, allowing more and more people to watch the excitement around him.

The two sides chattered and scolded each other for a while, and suddenly there was some commotion in the crowd, and then Zong Fu's eyes lit up when he saw that Li Luo came out.

"It really came."

Zong Fu was secretly happy, as long as Li Luo showed up, he would have to find out what he said today, to see if he had the real ability or the candle head of the silver gun.

However, before the joy spread in his heart, Li Luo turned his head and shouted to the rear: "Instructor supervisor, here, this guy violated the rules and fought privately, arrest him quickly and deprive him of the qualification to take the big exam. "

The smile on Zong Fu's face froze immediately, and then he saw a mentor wearing a surveillance uniform standing out from behind Li Luo with no expression on his face.


Sven's Zong Fu burst out with a foul language. He didn't expect the young mansion master of Luolan Mansion to be so wild. In the past two days, there have been frequent fights between students from various universities in Bailing Garden, but everyone followed the unwritten rules. Come to solve it, who has seen this kind of person who always reports to the teacher?

Do you want to lose face?
This Young Palace Master doesn't follow the routine at all.

(End of this chapter)

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