Chapter 25

When Li Luo finished reading all the books in front of him, five hours had passed, he let out a long breath, and twisted his stiff neck.

Yan Lingqing and Cai Wei were talking softly at the side, listening to the sound of exhaling, so they stopped talking and looked over.

"That's right, she's quite patient." Yan Lingqing commented lightly, but it could be seen that she was quite satisfied with Li Luo's performance.

To become a phase master, patience is a very important point, because they need to mix many materials together in the running-in again and again, and the dosage must be extremely precise, and the slightest error cannot be tolerated. A little, maybe it takes a long time to practice.

Yan Lingqing stood up, came to the workbench, and waved to Li Luo, who hurried over.

On the workbench, there are many transparent crystal bottles, which contain strange materials.

"Refining Lingshui Qiguang, in simple terms, is to fuse various materials together in perfect doses according to the formula, and use the characteristics of different materials to decompose each other to remove the impurities contained in each other, and the final product is the spirit. Water strange light."

Yan Lingqing took a crystal bottle, which contained a blue flower. There were faint ripples spreading on the surface of the flower: "This is a three-leaf water flower."

She held the crystal bottle with her slender hands, and with a slight shake, the flower was shattered into powder. At the same time, Li Luo saw a blue force rising from her body, pouring into the crystal bottle along her arm. Among them, it finally merged with the powder of the three-leaf water flower.

"When refining, we need to mobilize our own water phase or light phase force to fuse with the material and enhance its inherent characteristics, but we need to grasp the strength of the phase force input. If it is too strong, it will damage the material, and if it is too weak If not, it will also cause the modulation to fail.”

As the power of the water phase poured into it, after a few breaths, the crystal bottle gradually condensed into some dark blue and slightly viscous liquid.

Immediately afterwards, Yan Lingqing prepared in the same way, and quickly mixed about a dozen kinds of ingredients. Finally, she poured them together in a specific order with a very skilled technique.

Half an hour later, these material liquids were thoroughly mixed together, and there was a violent reaction immediately, and even started to boil.

"The next step will be the last step, and it is also an extremely important step. If you want to fuse all these materials together, you need a kind of power to coordinate. This power is to affect the tempering power of the final Lingshui Qiguang." One of the important factors to what extent."

"That kind of power is called source water, or source light."

"In fact, to put it simply, it is the energy formed by highly condensing one's own water phase power or light phase power."

Yan Lingqing took a diamond-shaped spar from the side, and there was a crystal jar hanging under the spar.

She held the spar in her hand, only to see the blue force gushing out and pouring into the spar. The ripples on the spar oscillated in circles. After a while, Li Luo saw a drop of dark blue liquid slowly flowing from the crystal. The sharp part under the stone slowly dripped down and fell into the crystal jar.

"This is the polyphase crystal. Its function is to condense its own phase force to a high degree, and finally form the source water."

Yan Lingqing dropped this drop of source water into the boiling crystal bottle, and suddenly a miraculous scene appeared. The boiling scene subsided instantly, and the chaos inside was also eliminated. Finally, a bright blue light burst out suddenly.

A strange light of spiritual water was successfully released.

Li Luo looked at the blue liquid in the crystal bottle and sighed in admiration.

"It's just a first-grade spirit water strange light, so it's very simple, and it's not troublesome to refine." Yan Lingqing said lightly, she herself is a fourth-grade phase tempering master, and the first-grade spirit water strange light is to her , is indeed just a matter of convenience.

However, Li Luo is very self-aware. Don't look at Yan Lingqing's refining without any mistakes, as smooth as eating and drinking, but he has some understanding of the basic knowledge of tempering masters. After numerous failures.

Li Luo looked at the quenching phase crystal and asked, "The quality of source water and source light can enhance the tempering power of the finished product's spiritual water and strange light, so what depends on their quality?"

Yan Lingqing said lightly: "The quality of source water and source light only depends on the grade of its own water phase or light phase, the higher the grade of water phase or light phase, the condensed source water, source water The light quality will also be better.”

"Thus, people with high-grade water phase and light phase will become tempering phase masters, and their advantages will be higher than ordinary people."

"For example, Jiang Qing'e, if she is willing to become a phase tempering master, then the spiritual water and strange light she will refine in the future will have a tempering power far superior to others, but unfortunately, she has no interest in becoming a phase tempering master. , even if the dean of the Quenxiang Institute of the Saint Xuanxing Academy earnestly begged her for a full year."

Li Luo nodded. Jiang Qing'e was an extremely rare Ninth Grade Bright Aspect, which was indeed a unique condition, but she didn't mean that, and didn't want to be distracted by the Tempering Physiognomy Master.

"Then what if she is asked to condense some high-quality source light for backup? Can it increase the tempering power of the spiritual water and strange light produced by Xiyangwu?"

Yan Lingqing shook her head and said: "Even for people of the same phase, the source water and source light they condense still contain different characteristics and imperceptible personal wills, such as the materials I blended for a long time before, which have It contains my strength, if at this time the source water condensed by another person is added into it, it will cause conflicts and the refining will fail."

"However, there are indeed some secret methods in this world, which can refine some special source water and source light in a special way, so as to improve the tempering power of spiritual water and strange light. It is called the source water and source light of the secret method, but this is almost impossible. It is the top secret of every faction, and our Xiyang House does not have it."

Hearing this, Li Luo couldn't help feeling thoughtful. He was born with an empty appearance. Even though he refined the acquired "water light appearance" later on, the "emptiness" of his empty appearance remained, just like his appearance. The palace can contain the erosion of countless impurities of spiritual water and strange light. The source water and source light he condensed from this should also have this kind of "emptiness" that cannot be contained. Then, can this be provided to other phase masters? use?

Although his "Water-Light Phase" is only at the fifth grade right now, the combination of the Water Phase and the Light Phase, the refinement it possesses is not as simple as one plus one.

Li Luo has self-confidence. If it's just a simple comparison of strength, his fifth-grade water and light phase may not be weaker than the normal seventh-grade water or light phase.

Generally speaking, there are not many phase masters who can possess the seventh-grade water phase or light phase.

But this is not in a hurry, let's wait for him to try it for himself after getting started in the phase tempering master.

When Li Luo's thoughts turned, Yan Lingqing adjusted her silver-rimmed glasses and said, "If you really want to become a phase temperer, come here every day if you have time, and I will teach you some basic things , and when you are able to independently refine a first-grade spirit water strange light, you will be a first-grade phase tempering master."

"Then thank you, Sister Lingqing." Today's goal was achieved, and Li Luo couldn't help laughing, sincerely thanking her.

Yan Lingqing waved her hands coldly, put on her long clothes, and dragged Cai Wei out of the refining room.

In the next period of time, Li Luo's life became dull, full and regular.

During the day, he practiced at Nanfeng Academy, and then went back to the old house to practice some time with the help of the golden house, and then practiced physiognomy, and finally went to Xiyang House, and under Yan Lingqing's guidance, he began to learn how to become a qualified phase master.

And the first batch of the fifth-grade spiritual water strange light he entrusted Cai Wei to purchase was also obtained, so he would spare time every day to absorb and refine some spiritual water strange light.

As time passed, Li Luo could feel that he was getting stronger every day.

It wasn't until the day before the preliminaries at Nanfeng Academy that Li Luo's strength level finally reached the sixth seal as he wished.

(End of this chapter)

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