Chapter 15 Back to School
When Li Luo entered Nanfeng Academy again, even though it was only a week, he had a strange feeling as if he had passed away.

He looked at the stream of people coming and going, the boiling din, revealing the youthful vigor of boys and girls.

However, Li Luo also noticed that among the people passing by, there were quite a few strange eyes staring at him, and he also heard some discussions faintly.

"Isn't this Li Luo? He finally came to the academy."

"Why did the hair change? Is it dyed?"

"He seems to have asked for leave for about a week. It's the last month of the college entrance examination, and he dared to ask for leave like this. Is this a broken pot?"

"I heard that Li Luo might drop out of school soon, and maybe he won't take the college entrance examination."

"Isn't it?"


Hearing those low voices of discussion, Li Luo was also a little speechless. He just asked for leave for a week. He didn't expect the rumors of dropping out of school to spread.

However, he was not interested in making excuses, so he went straight through the crowd and walked quickly in the direction of the Second Courtyard.

When he arrived at the entrance of the teaching ground of the Second Academy, Li Luo's pace slowed down because he saw Xu Shanyue, the tutor of the Second Academy, standing there, staring at him with some stern eyes.

An embarrassed smile appeared on Li Luo's face, and he hurried forward to say hello: "Master Xu."

Xu Shanyue stared at Li Luo, with some disappointment in his eyes, and said: "Li Luo, I know that the problem of empty appearance has brought you a lot of pressure, but you shouldn't choose to give up at this time."

Li Luo quickly said, "I didn't give up."

Xu Shanyue said in a deep voice: "Then you dare to ask for a week's leave at this juncture? Others are racing against time to practice hard, but you are better off, just ask for leave and go back to rest?"

Li Luo was helpless, but he also knew that Xu Shanyue was doing it for his own good, so he didn't make any further excuses, just nodded honestly.

After Xu Shanyue reprimanded him, he finally could only sigh secretly. He took a deep look at Li Luo, turned and walked into the teaching field.

Li Luo hurriedly followed in. The teaching field was spacious, with a platform tens of meters long and wide in the center, surrounded by stone ladders in a ring shape, with layers of heights from near to far.

On the stone ladder, there are stone futons one by one.

On the stone futons, a boy and a girl are sitting cross-legged.

And when Li Luo walked in, he undoubtedly attracted a lot of attention, and then some whispers broke out.

Li Luo, who disappeared for a week, apparently became a topic again in Nanfeng Academy.

Li Luo met those gazes quite calmly, and went directly to the stone futon where he was. Beside him was the tall and burly Zhao Kuo. Seeing him, the latter asked in surprise: " What's wrong with your hair?"

Li Luo took a look at him, and said casually, "It was just dyed, it seems to be called grandma gray, isn't it very trendy?"

Zhao Kuo: "."

Li Luo suddenly saw that Zhao Kuo seemed to have some bruises on his face, and just as he was about to ask something, Xu Shanyue's voice came from the field full of anger: "Everyone, the distance from the university exam is getting closer and closer. It's getting closer, I hope you can all work hard at the last moment, if you can enter a high-level institution, there will naturally be many benefits in the future."

"Here I would also like to praise Zhao Kuo and Yuan Qiu. Now the two of them have reached the Six Seals Realm. If they work harder, they may not be able to hit the Seven Seals before the big exam."

Some exclamations sounded in the arena, and Li Luo also looked at Zhao Kuo who was on the side in surprise. It seems that he is not the only one who has improved this week.

After Xu Shanyue praised Zhao Kuo, he stopped talking and started today's lecture.

Li Luo was staring intently at it. What Xu Shanyue taught was three ways of physiognomy, two low-level and one middle-level. He took the trouble to explain the essence of these physiognomy, and he seemed to be patient when he explained them back and forth.

The grading of Physiognomy is actually the same as that of Guidance, except that the entry-level Guidance has been replaced by low, middle, and high levels.

After these three levels, it is the same general, marquis, and king three levels of physiognomy.

Of course, that level of physiognomy is still too far away for beginners like them who are in the Ten Seal Realm. Even if they learn it, it may be difficult to use it with their own strength.

In the cultivation of physiognomy, Li Luo's comprehension is needless to say. If it is just a comparison of physiognomy, he has self-confidence. There should be few students in Nanfeng Academy who can be better than him.

So it wasn't long after Xu Shanyue explained the three ways of physiognomy, he had a preliminary comprehension and mastery.

"Okay, come here first for today's physiognomy class. This afternoon is the physiognomy class. You have to practice well." Two hours later, Xu Shanyue stopped teaching, and then gave some instructions to everyone, and then announced rest.

Li Luo sat in his original position and stretched his waist. Zhao Kuo leaned over and said with a smile, "Brother Luo, will you give me some pointers on the three physiognomy techniques just now?"

Zhao Kuo was quite aware of Li Luo's understanding of physiognomy. In the past, when he encountered some difficult-to-learn physiognomy, he would ask Li Luo for advice on what he didn't understand.

Li Luo scolded with a smile: "If you want to help, you will know that you call Xiao Luo brother?"

Zhao Kuo smiled innocently, but when he laughed, he pulled the bruise on his face and grinned in pain.

"What's the matter with you?" Li Luo asked.

Zhao Kuo frowned, and said, "It's that guy from the First Academy, Bei Kun. He's been out of his mind for the past few days, and he's been troubling the people in our Second Academy. In the end, I couldn't see it and fought him a few times. .”

He pointed to the bruises on his face, and said with some pride: "That guy is quite aggressive, but I didn't let him please, and almost smashed his little white face."

At this time, some people from the Second Academy gathered around, and said indignantly: "That Bei Kun is simply hateful, we obviously didn't provoke him, but he always comes here to provoke trouble."

"Fortunately, there is Zhao Kuo, otherwise no one would be able to control him."

Zhao Kuo waved his hand to drive these people away, and then asked in a low voice, "Have you offended that guy Bei Kun recently? He seems to be targeting you."

Hearing this, Li Luo suddenly remembered that when he left the academy, Bei Kun seemed to have sent him a message through Tifaqing, asking him to go to Qingfenglou to hold a banquet, but of course he just took it as a joke, it's hard to tell. Could it be that this idiot really went to Qingfeng Building and waited for a day?
And he didn't come to the academy this week, so Bei Kun blamed the people in the Second Academy, so why did he come to cause trouble?

Li Luo smiled, patted Zhao Kuo on the shoulder, and said, "Maybe it is true, it seems that you have taken a few times for me."

"I don't care. If it wasn't for the few games I played with him, maybe I wouldn't be able to break through to the sixth seal."

Zhao Kuo shrugged his shoulders, and immediately said: "But now that you are at the academy, he will come to you for the strength class in the afternoon."

He thought for a while, patted his chest and said, "Let me show up at that time, and see if I can hit the seventh seal a few more times."

Li Luo smiled, Zhao Kuo is straightforward and loyal, he is indeed a rare friend, but it is not his character to let him hide behind and watch his friends go to top the tank for him.

So he just smiled and said, "Let's talk about it later."

In the afternoon, the class of fighting strength.

To the north of Nanfeng Academy, there is a vast dense forest. The dense forest is lush and lush. When the wind blows past, it seems to set off layers of green waves.

And in the middle of the dense forest, there is a huge tree standing majestically. The color of the giant tree is dark yellow, it is about 200 meters high, and its dense branches extend like a huge tree net.

The branches of the giant tree are thick, and the most peculiar thing is that each leaf on it is about two meters long, wide, and about a foot thick, like a platform.

This is the phase tree.

Xiangli tree does not grow naturally, but is made of many strange materials, like gold but not gold, like wood but not wood.

Inside the Xiangli Tree, there is an energy core, which can absorb and store a huge amount of energy from heaven and earth.

And those wide leaves of the Xiangli tree are like training platforms, each leaf can provide a student to practice.

This kind of phase tree is a must for every school, but the scale is strong or weak.

In a sense, these leaves are like the golden house in Li Luo's old house. Of course, in terms of single effect, the golden house in the old house must be better, but after all, not all students have such cultivation conditions .

On the Xiangli tree, the leaves of the Xiangli tree are divided into three levels, distinguished by gold leaves, silver leaves, and copper leaves.

But if you look at it from a distance, you will find that more than [-]% of the area of ​​the Xiangli tree is the color of copper leaves, and of the remaining [-]%, the silver leaves account for [-]%, and the golden leaves only about [-]%.

The golden leaves are all concentrated at the top of the Xiangli tree, and the number is scarce.

Of course, you don't need to think about it, the effect of practicing on the golden leaves is naturally stronger than the other two kinds of leaves.

However, most of the golden leaves are occupied by the First Academy, which is understandable, after all, the First Academy is the face of Nanfeng Academy.

The whole second courtyard, hundreds of people, only had ten pieces of golden leaves in their hands, and as for the third and fourth courtyards behind, they were not eligible to enjoy it. This shows how rare the golden leaves are .

The Xiangli tree is only opened for half a day every day. When the big bell on the top of the tree rings, it is time to open the tree. And this moment is what all the students look forward to the most.

But at this moment, amidst the reverberation of the bell, many students were already full of excitement, pouring into the dense forest like a tide, and finally climbed up the giant tree along the wooden ladder that was winding like a python.

Li Luo also followed the flow of people to the top of the Xiangli tree, and then he looked at the ten golden leaves above him, feeling a little embarrassed for a while, one of the ten golden leaves in the second courtyard belonged to him before, after all, according to his strength In terms of division, he is second only to Zhao Kuo in the Second Court.

But later, because of the empty appearance, he took the initiative to give up the piece of gold leaf that belonged to him, which led to the fact that he now seems to have no place. After all, he is also embarrassed to ask for the gold leaf that he gave away before return.

"Forget it, let's make do with it first."

Li Luo thought for a while, then walked towards a silver leaf in the second courtyard.

When Li Luo walked towards Yinye, in the area above the Xiangli tree, some eyes stopped on him with various emotions.

(End of this chapter)

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